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7 Lipstick Organizers to Showcase Your Full Collection

For the best looking #shelfies ever
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When it comes to lipstick, it's easy to get carried away. With all the gorgeous shades and formulations, we have to try them all. But a major lipstick obsession can quickly get out of hand — with tubes piling up in vanity drawers, handbags and cosmetic cases, it's easy for a favorite to get lost in the clutter. Which is why a good lipstick organizer is required.

While acrylic cubes work wonders for makeup brushes, compacts and endless tubes of mascara, lipstick calls for something special, something a bit more streamlined and designed for maximum showcasing. To help you make the most of your lipstick collection, here are seven life-changing lipstick organizers. Whether you want a swivel stand, a tiered stadium or a luxury display, pro-level #shelfies are just a click away.

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Original Beauty Box Spinning Lipstick Tower with Top Case, $49
Organizes: 72 Lipsticks

Unique Feature: Spinning showcase

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Bino Acrylic The Lipstick Stadium, $9.97
Organizes: 18 Lipsticks

Unique Feature: Tiered design

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The Cosmetic Archive Allie Lipstick Drawer Organizer, $67.99
Organizes: 121 Lipsticks

Unique feature: Designed specifically for every makeup lover's favorite Ikea Alex drawer unit

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Anthropologie Marble Vanity Organizer, $34
Organizes: 3 Lipsticks

Unique Feature: Marble base

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