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9 False Lashes Looks That Will Give You Beyonce-Level Confidence

Proof positive that false eyelashes can be worn anywhere, anytime. Here, the best lashes for every occasion
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Fake eyelashes are one of those beauty products normally reserved for a girls' night out or a big event. To that we say: Boring. We're here to prove that false lashes can be worn everywhere without looking out of place -- from work to date night to spin class. (Okay, maybe not spin class -- we're not Kardashians, after all.)

Depending on which false lashes you choose, you can create a sultry, come-hither look that will leave your date speechless, or a doe-eyed, wide-awake look that will have your coworkers asking how many hours of sleep you got the night before. ((Joke's on them. We stayed up all night watching "Game of Thrones.")

Here, nine confidence-boosting ways to wear false lashes, ranked from subtle to saucy -- and the best false eyelashes to recreate each look.

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False Lashes Look No. 9: Not-Your-Average Daytime Makeup
Fierce factor: 6

The right falsies up the drama on your daytime rosy-cheeks-and-lips makeup look, without looking OTT for the office. They'll give you that wide-awake look we all desperately need come Monday morning.

Our pick: Kiss Blooming Lash, $4.99. These subtle lashes will make you look like you were born with the world's best genes.

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False Lashes Look No. 8: Bold Lashes and Neutral Lipstick
Fierce factor: 7

Pop on a pair of falsies and a soft, neutral lipstick for an understated look that works both daytime and nighttime. (And if you follow our how to apply false lashes guide, it'll take less time than applying pesky liquid liner.)

Our pick: Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Giselle, $18. These light, natural falsies blend right in with your natural lashes to create a flirty look.

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False Lashes Look No. 7: Strike a Pose
Fierce factor: 7.5

This model-approved way to wear false lashes manages to be at once understated and sexy. Wispy falsies add just enough flair to balance true-red lipstick without competing with it.

Our pick: Benefit Angel Lash, $15. These supercurled lashes will make you look cherubic (even if you're nothing of the sort).

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False Lashes Look No. 6: Smoke Show
Fierce factor: 8 (a 9 if you can master Janelle Monae's sultry stare)

Top your smoked-out eyeliner with a set of falsies for undeniable sex appeal.

Our pick: Sephora Collection Luxe False Lashes in Plume, $17. These medium-length lashes make it look like you've just completed six months of Latisse.

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