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Found: 7 Best Contour Products for Dark Skin

Here are 7 high-performing contour palettes, powders and sticks worth checking out if you have darker skin.
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A well-defined facial structure is a makeup look that doesn't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The trick to achieving it? Contouring — an age-old makeup technique that gained popularity in the beauty community a couple of years ago after celebrities like Kim Kardashian started raving about how they use it to transform their faces temporarily.

As popular as it is, there just aren't enough products on the market with shades deep enough that women of color can use. Remember: In order to properly sculpt any part of your face, you need a complexion product two or three shades darker than your skin. So when there aren't many options out there that are darker than caramel, it's really difficult for women of color to properly sculpt their faces as they please.

All in all, while the pickings are limited for those rich in melanin, there are some high-performing contour palettes, powders and sticks worth checking out if you want to try out contouring if you have darker skin. Ahead, we've compiled a range of them at all price points.

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Made in a range of shades that cover a wide spectrum of different skin tones, this compact cream stick can be used in various ways, including as a contour. It's great for contour experts and novices alike as the formula blends into skin seamlessly so your contour looks flattering, not harsh.

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Kat Von D's Shade + Light contour palettes have a cult following because of their impressive pigment, how easily they blend and their staying power. The cream version, in particular, has three deep shades and some color correctors to cancel out dark marks or to highlight certain parts of your face. It's also refillable so you can replace the colors you use most without having to purchase an entirely new palette.

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A highlighter and contour in one, this duo is really affordable and easy to work with — no matter how skilled you are at doing makeup. Simply swipe the contour end along the parts of your face you want to define and blend it out with a sponge or foundation brush.

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This pencil-like contour stick comes in three different options, but Park Ave Princess 2 and 3 work best for darker skin tones. Since its color payoff is quite forgiving, it's the perfect contouring tool for those new to the technique.

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