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Multitasking Body Serums Are Here to Replace Your Boring Old Lotions

Your body needs some TLC, too. Here are 12 body serums that'll get your skin glowing from head to toe.
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We're betting you have at least one facial serum on your vanity right now. Between all the anti-aging potions and K-beauty innovations, you actually may have several serums in your arsenal. But how many body serums do you own?

Most of us will probably answer zero but that needs to change, especially during this boiling summer. The hot weather calls for nongreasy, lighter alternatives to keep our bodies smooth and moisturized. And body serums are up to the task since they're one step above body lotions with concentrated ingredients that aren't diluted like in lotions and creams. Plus, they often boast moisturizing powerhouse hyaluronic acid or other hydration heroes, including jojoba oil.

And just like with facial serums, there's one for every concern and some multitaskers. From simply adding moisture to parched skin to fighting wrinkles, which aren't just reserved for your face, to brightening and even doubling as fragrance when you're in a pinch (or rocking every day since the scented versions smell better than some pricey perfumes).

Ready to show your body some love? Here are 12 body serums to add to your routine for beautiful skin from head to toe.

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Exfoliation isn't just essential for your face. The 10 percent AHA in this body serum means business as it naturally exfoliates with no harsh scrubbing required. Love lotion? The serum's texture resembles your favorite formula with lactic acid and xylitol added for increased hydration. Probiotic extract helps strengthen skin's defense barrier by encouraging cell turnover.

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Kahina Fez Body Serum, $98
While this serum is pretty pricey, its complex blend of steam-distilled essential oils plus argan oil and vitamin E nourish dry skin while soothing redness. It even doubles as a perfume when you rub it on your pulse points with the intoxicating scent of rose, vetiver, cloves and cumin. The serum is also worth the money since the brand donates a percentage of its profits to supporting programs that improve the lives of Berber women. It's a win-win.

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Fight wrinkles all over with help from this body serum. Water lily extract moisturizes and triggers cellular renewal action, getting rid of dry, flaky cells. The concentrated formula restores firmness, smoothness and radiance for younger-looking skin.

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Another bank account-busting option, this body serum boasts some expensive ingredients. Golden silk essence combats loss of clarity, translucence and suppleness, while Japanese pearl will leave your skin satiny smooth. The brightening formula tackles dullness and uneven skin tone with hyaluronic acid to supply tons of moisture. Plus, its natural rose and orchid fragrance will have you smelling fabulous.

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