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The Best Bath Bomb for Every Occasion

Who knew a bath bomb could do so much? Here, our top 12 picks for de-stressing, energizing, moisturizing and more
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A bath bomb gives your average at-home soak an unrivaled upgrade. If you dare to bathe without one, reconsider -- just pop one of these fizzy, fragrant bath accessories in your tub and it'll instantly fill the water with delicious scents and vivid colors. Um, magical.

Though dermatologist Dr. Barney Kenet, MD, points out that bath bombs aren't actually magical. "The main ingredient is basically baking soda," he says. Like an Alka-Seltzer tablet -- that's what causes all the fizz. (We're still holding out for unicorns and calorie-free ice cream).

Still, a bath bomb can do magical things for the skin -- with one caveat. "They offer essential oils and scents, which can be very moisturizing and soothing," says dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, MD. However, their fragrances and dyes may be too much for some. "People with extremely sensitive skin like eczema or allergies may want to stay away," she warns.

With bath bombs, it's mostly about the sensory experience. "Their fragrances can affect mood, sleep and libido," explains Kenet. "And the fizz can certainly feel sensual."

Enticed? Keep scrolling for our favorite picks for every bath time need -- for chilling out, waking up, getting in the mood and more.

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Best Bath Bomb for Unwinding
"Chamomile helps with stress," says Jaliman. "And lavender is great if you want to sleep." So, naturally, this vegan and cruelty-free Hugo Naturals Lavender & Chamomile bath bomb, $4.99, helps kiss anxiety goodbye. Free of gluten, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors, the stress-zapping bomb is safe for everybody.

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Best Bath Bomb for Going to Your Happy Place
Mixture's Handcrafted Bath Bomb in Orange Vanilla, $7.99, smells exactly like the scrumptious Creamsicles of your childhood summers. If you're in a crappy mood, this fun, nostalgic scent will pick you right up.

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Best Bath Bomb for Focus
In a reflective mood? Studies show a connection between the scent of cinnamon and increased memory function and attention. Jog your brain before a test or presentation with a stimulating soak in Lush's Phoenix Rising bath bomb, $6.95, whose restful purple color and spicy cinnamon fragrance may deliver head-clearing effects.

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Best Bath Bomb for Before Work
Citrus is naturally energizing and, when combined with the refreshing qualities of mint, inspires you to feel uplifted and ready for the day. The ingredients in WoodSprite Organic Body's Fizzing Organic Bath Bomb in grapefruit mint, $12, are 100 percent natural and certified organic -- making your invigorating bath skin-safe, too. Not to mention they leave the skin smelling fresh and natural, so you don't have to walk into the office smelling crazy. (Also, this bath bomb is huge, so you might want to wake up extra early).

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