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Beauty Wishlist: 8 New Products You'll Definitely Want to Buy This March

A party-ready nail polish, an effective shine-zapper for skin, the coolest new fragrance and lots more. Here's what's topping our beauty wishlist this month.
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The Coolest Fragrance
The ultimate cool-girl fashion brand, Proenza Schouler, just launched its first fragrance and it couldn't be, well, cooler. Arizona, $100, blends white cactus flower (side note: this is the first time it's ever been used in a perfume) with orris for a soft, creamy floral that manages to smell both fresh and sexy all at once.

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If you're the type who inevitably ends up with a midday oil slick in your T-zone, meet your new BFF. H2O+ Rapids Gel to Powder Probiotic Mattifier, $22, is a clear gel that turns into an invisible powder as soon as you rub it on. Smooth it on your nose, forehead or anywhere else you tend to get greasy and the formula's champagne extract, probiotics and special marine-derived mattifying ingredients get to work absorbing excess oil and eliminating pesky shine.

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Party-Ready Polish
For her latest collection, manicurist Jin Soon collaborated with Korean Pop artist Hyang-Sook Yun and his bright, colorful trademark is all over our favorite shade, Jin Soon's Fab, $18. A veritable party in a bottle, it combines multicolored speckles (red! pink! gold! blue!) for an eye-catching polish that's sure to lead to your happiest manicure ever.

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Discreet Deodorant
We're suckers for an adorable product but even we never dreamed deodorant could be cute. Well, we now stand corrected: Secret Freshies, $4.99, is downright awww-inspiring. It's the same top-notch antiperspirant formula you know and love, tucked inside a pretty little pastel orb. Great for travel, the gym or even your office bathroom after a steamy commute, you twist it open, swipe it on and then replace the cap. It's easy, it's effective, and since it looks like a giant lip balm, the only person who'll know you're toting around a sweat stopper will be you.

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Eyeshadow Wardrobe
True to its name, Christie Brinkley Prime Time Day to Night Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $27, is packed with five pretty eyeshadow shades that'll take you from a morning work meeting to an evening out. We love the Cool Rose Nudes version (pictured) which has vanilla and nude shades you'll wear everywhere, plus deeper pink and brown tones that make for a gorgeous soft smoky eye.

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