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15 Beachy Beauty Picks for Your White Sand Vacation

Get ready to soak up the sun
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Summer is here — and all your favorite beauty brands are celebrating by launching special collections and covetable new products. From Rihanna's exciting Beach Please collection to all of the lovely new summer fragrances, there are certainly a lot of great beauty buys to choose from.

So, whether you're prepping to jet-set yourself to a white sand beach or just want to cultivate those summer vibes at home, read on: these beach-themed beauty picks will have you feeling the sun rays and smelling the sea breeze no matter where you are. Grab your favorite sunscreen and run — don't walk — towards the beckoning summer horizon.

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Bright, fruity and tropical, this scent somehow manages to marry fun and sophistication. The complexity of the different notes (cherimoya fruit, passion flower, pear and more) adds a luxurious feel to this youthful, fun-loving cologne. And get a load of that neon packaging!

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With bronze-y neutrals mixed in with summery pops of deep teal, this stunner of a palette has you all set for lounging by the seaside, mai tai in hand. All the shades are gorgeous: Champagne-gold Blaze makes for a great glowy base and the rich peacock Plunge perfectly captures the hypnotic shade of the Pacific.

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Alas, the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Body Lavas are already sold out — but you can still get the Fairy Bomb if you act fast. It's glorious: cuter than cute can be, so soft and surprisingly substantial. And that rose gold shimmer pretty much can't be beat.

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Were you a fan of Sun-In back in the day? Well, Ouai has brought back your favorite with a slick 2018 makeover and just about the punniest name ever. Lemon and pineapple juice (as well as some hydrogen peroxide) work together with the sun to lighten your hair for a no-fuss, sunkissed look, while coconut water helps keep your strands healthy.

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