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5 Best Baby Sunscreens You'll Want for Yourself

These supersafe sunscreens might be made for tots, but they're perfect for sensitive skin
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We'd never steal candy from a baby, but sunscreen? That's another story.

Baby sunscreens tend to pack a whole bunch of benefits -- particularly for adults with sensitive skin -- because they're formulated without irritants, potentially harmful parabens or fragrances, according to Dr. Jody Levine, New York City-based dermatologist and National Medical Director of AOB Med Spa.

"There are typically no drawbacks to using a baby sunscreen as an adult, as long as it contains ingredients that protect from both UVA and UVB rays," Levine says. "Because children's skin are far more delicate, it is typically recommended for them to use physical sunblocks or mineral sunscreens containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide and not those that are chemical based."

Of course, you're not going to want to slather yourself with just any baby sunscreen. "Baby sunblocks are often white on the skin whereas adult sunblocks are formulated differently, with micronized zinc for example, to appear more cosmetically elegant on the skin and appear as sheer as possible," Levine adds.

So we put popular baby sunscreens to the test to find out which ones offered the gentle protection we were looking for -- without leaving behind an unsightly ghost-like cast. Read on to discover the ones that made the cut.

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ThinkBaby SPF 50+ Sunscreen, $15.99
This gold standard of baby sunscreens has something to offer adults with sensitive skin too: It's totally non-toxic and wards off both UVA and UVB rays. The not-too-thick lotion took a little bit of muscle to get rid of the initial white cast, but eventually absorbs. And while it does leave a sheen on skin, it doesn't feel greasy. Then there's the smell -- aah the smell. The light, tropical-citrus scent screams pure summer.

Photo courtesy of ThinkBaby

This spray-on mineral sunscreen is a breeze to apply and absorbs immediately, leaving behind nothing but a delightfully fruity fragrance. Formulated with vitamins C and E and other botanical extracts, it fights antioxidant damage and hydrates skin. Sure, you'll pay a pretty penny for this product, but the sleek, black bottle looks way too sophisticated for most kids, making it the perfect addition to any grown woman's beach bag.

Photo courtesy of Soleil Toujours

If you hate the smell of sunscreens, here's your best bet. Virtually fragrance-free, this pure mineral sunblock emits only the faintest, most pleasant oatmeal-like smell. You'll have to spend a little effort massaging this into your skin, but it leaves a remarkably greaseless finish. Void of PABA, parabens and other potential irritants, you can be sure it won't upset even the most delicate skin types.

Photo courtesy of Babyganics

Are you still reminiscing about the '90s? Then you'll love this nostalgic pick. This iconic brand has a scent that will transport you back to your own childhood. What's inside is just as satisfying: It contains protective zinc oxide as well as skin-nourishing aloe. To boot, its liquid-y consistency makes it easy to spread all over your body.

Photo courtesy of Coppertone

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