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5 Beauty Products Actress Arielle Raycene Can't Live Without

So, that's how she does it
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Although (nearly) half a million Instagram followers speak of a commanding presence and undeniable charisma, influencer-turned-covetable-actress Arielle Raycene is even more striking in her theatrical performances, and those include the most recent Mel Gibson movie inspired by real events, Confidential Informant, Pete Davidson and Peacock's new series Bupkis, and another 2023 film, Kill Her Goats. Fiercely passionate about speaking up about the struggles of people suffering from eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and a general lack of self-love and acceptance, she is quickly becoming an inspiring role model for youth on social media.

Her latest move? We'll be seeing more of Arielle, as she will be the face of the soon-to-launch exciting new platform RealAF, focused on integrating 2D and 3D video technology into users' profiles, removing the option of using filters, thus ensuring they are being their RealAF selves on social networks.

It's a great thing when female role models have healthy standards, own their sexuality, use their voice, and do so in good fashion and taste. When we reached out to Arielle to ask her to share the top 5 beauty products she can't live without, we were curious to see what those are, as she always looks so comfy in her own skin. You'll be glad to know that her picks are no-nonsense, proven performers — and include both skincare and makeup products. So, when it comes to Arielle Raycene's top 5 beauty products, if you want to do as Arielle does, by all means, go ahead — these picks are that good.

Image via Catherine Dzilenski

Available in 7 delectable taste and shade options, this lip treatment has established itself as the lip HG product for many. "I love the jar of goodness for my lips so much. Nothing else can keep my lips soft like it can, it also makes for a perfect gloss too! I don't leave the house without it." — says Arielle.

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A great concealer is a holy thing, and this one won Arielle's devotion because, as she says: "It's the perfect cover-up for under the eyes and blemishes. It's the one cover-up I bring when I head out on the town."

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Busy? So is Arielle. Multitasking products have a special place in our hearts, too, and skin-improving sunscreens even more so. Arielle Raycene picks this one because it's "perfect if you want to wear a light cover-up during the day and moisturize your face."

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Potent ingredient delivery technology will, ahem, deliver professional treatment-like, anti-aging results at home. These wrinkle-diminishing patches are meant to be worn for at least 2 hours or overnight, and Arielle prefers to use them at nighttime: "They don't let the under part of your eyes wrinkle at night. You wake up looking like you got a good night's sleep even if you didn't."

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