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9 Anti-Aging Hacks That Will Have People Asking, "You're How Old?"

Ward off wrinkles and other signs of aging with these lifestyle tricks and tips
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We get it: Sometimes, it's so much easier to just buy a cream or serum that promises magical results, smear it on at the end of the day and hope for the best. While we've got nothing against those products (the proof: our medicine cabinets are stocked with them), they can only do so much. Here, nine low-investment, high-return ways to keep you looking youthful (they're are just as easy as slathering on that miracle serum -- promise).

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Stop Sipping Through a Straw
Pursing your lips repeatedly can bring on premature wrinkles around your mouth. Simply switch to drinking straight from the bottle or cup, and keep those wrinkles at bay for a while longer.

And if you're a smoker, the same logic applies -- smokers tend to develop lines and wrinkles around their mouth (from holding the cigarette butt) and around their eyes (from squinting to keep the smoke out of them). Not to mention, studies have shown that smoking can speed up the aging process of your skin.

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Go Big or Go Home
With your sunglasses, that is. The skin around your eyes is delicate and thin, meaning that lines tend to pop up there first. It's also the area most of us tend to neglect when applying sunscreen. By wearing oversize shades with UVA and UVB protection, you're giving your skin an extra shield of protection. Plus, with sunglasses on, you'll squint less in the bright sunlight -- resulting in fewer forehead wrinkles.

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Spritz On a Grapefruit Perfume
Need an instant anti-aging boost? Studies have shown that women who wore perfume with notes of grapefruit were perceived to be five to 10 years younger than they actually were. Try Commodity Goods Mimosa Eau de Parfum or Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne.

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Always (Always) Wash Your Face
Yes, even if you're past your acne-prone years. As you go about your day, your face picks up environmental debris, like dirt and other pollution-related skin saboteurs. Who wants to sleep with that plus makeup sitting on their face? Not only is it icky to think about, some of these particles can actually get into your pores and speed up the aging process. (You can read more about how pollution affects your skin here.)

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