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6 Fitness Apps That'll Get Your Lazy A$$ in Gear

Run faster, cycle longer, and downward dog better with these go-get-'em apps
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iTreadmill, $1.99 (iPhone only)
Hoping to squeeze in those 10,000 steps a day? Unlike a lot of other pedometers that need to be strapped on, iTreadmill works even if your phone is in your pocket or purse (way less nerdy).

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Charity Miles, Free (Android only)
You'll get an extra dose of feel-good endorphins after your workout with this app, which earns money for charity every time you run, walk or bike. Corporate sponsors pledge funds and the app tracks your workouts, so you can earn up to 25 cents for every mile you log. And it all goes to a good cause. Not that rock-hard abs aren't a good enough cause already ...

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C25K -- 5K Trainer Pro, free (iPhone and Android)
Just starting to run? This app is filled with easy-to-follow workouts and tips aimed at getting you ready for a 5K race in just eight weeks. It's also integrated with Twitter and Facebook, so you can meet new running buddies for even more support.

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Cyclemeter GPS, free (iPhone and Android)
If you're serious about working out and want a sophisticated app that tracks just about everything you do, this is the one. You can see stats for your runs, walks and bike rides, including heart rate, speed and more. The app also lets you "compete" with your previous workouts or other users.

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FitnessBuilder, $6.99 after a one month free trial (iPhone and Android)
This one little app offers scads of inspiration for your workout. The Plus version has more than 6,000 exercise images and videos, plus coaching and stats to track your progress. You can also create daily or weekly fitness routines, so you never waste a minute wondering what move to do next.

Before smartphones, life was tough. If you wanted to keep track of your workout, you had to use this thing called a "pen" and write it all down. Now there are fitness apps that do it all for you.

And if you got bored with your usual routine, you'd have to research new moves online or buy a workout DVD. Now, there are fitness apps that do it all for you.

And if you needed some motivation, you had to find a friend to join you or hire a personal trainer. Now, well, you get the idea ...

There are fitness apps for just about every workout and skill level, whether you're starting from square one with zero exercise experience or you're a bench-pressing fitness buff. We did the legwork for you, plowing through tons of mediocre software to find the best of the best fitness apps for iPhones and Androids.
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