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23 Most Iconic Celebrity Cat Eyes, Ranked

Winged liner is basically the look of the century
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How were you first introduced to the cat eye? Was it the first time you saw Kate Moss in your big sister's Vogue? Your first Blondie concert? Or maybe, for younger readers, when Lauren Conrad started wearing the feline flick on the early seasons of "The Hills"? It's a look that's been intermittently popular for decades now -- from Kristen Stewart's recent star turns at the Chanel Paris Fashion Week shows, all the way back to Hedy Lamarr's 1940's glam (or Egyptian queen Cleopatra, if you want to go really far back).

As makeup trends come and go, the cat eye seems like it never goes out of style. Maybe it's the simplicity or the fact that it's almost universally flattering, or maybe it's because it holds a certain retro appeal. Maybe it's all three. But no matter how you cut it, winged eyeliner is here to stay. So, to celebrate the iconic look (and grab some inspiration), let's take a look at 23 of the best celebrity cat eyes of all time.

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Diana Rigg's Undercover Glam Cat Eye
Before she was kicking ass as everyone's favorite "Game of Thrones" grandma, Diana Rigg took names as spy Emma Peel on popular '60s TV show, "The Avengers." Let's just say her winged liner was every bit as sharp as Lady Olenna's signature wit.

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Lauren Conrad's New Millennium Cat Eye
Lauren Conrad doesn't have as much name recognition now as she did back when her multiple hit reality series ruled the world but she did have something of a lasting impact in the beauty department: She's one of the people who first brought the cat eye into vogue in the early 2000s. Some of us (Conrad included) have been rocking the look ever since.

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Jean Seberg's French New Wave Cat Eye
If you saw Jean Seberg's star turn in Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless," you've no doubt envied her timeless style, from the short-short pixie to the striped T-shirts to the -- it almost goes without saying -- winged eyeliner.

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Taylor Swift's Modern-Day Cat Eye
Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Taylor Swift's simultaneously retro-yet-current winged liner/red lip combo is seriously on point. P.S. If there were an award on this list for best post-gym eyeliner, Ms. Swift would most certainly win it.

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