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20 Texture Sprays to Perfect the I Woke Up Like This Hair Look

Piecey, second-day hair has never been easier to achieve
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Once upon a time, the biggest challenge we faced once we pulled ourselves out of bed was to coiffe our hair so perfectly it looked almost professionally done. But that was then. Those days of perfect, blown-out hairstyles worn to work day in and day out are gone. Now it's all about achieving the rolled-out-of-bed, perfectly imperfect hairstyles that scream "I woke up like this." Where the goal was once to be smooth and frizz-free, now it's all about letting your frizz work for you, amping up the texture and looking just messy enough that it's considered a seriously trendy fashion statement. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, believe it or not, it actually take a bit more precision than you might think. Or, rather, the right products. To help you achieve your new go-to 'do, ahead we share our favorite texture sprays, as well as a couple non-spray texture must-haves for good measure.

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If you're looking for a salt-in-the-air type texture typically reserved for days spent at the beach, look no further than this lightweight texture spray that mists on for an instantly windswept look.

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Oftentimes texture can be equated with volume for the simple fact that it makes strands look thicker, but this spray is formulated to actually pump up volume, while adding intense shine, too. Yup, your hair will definitely deserve a trophy when it's all said and done.

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Drybar Triple Sec, $26
Ugh, we're absolutely in love. This can truly offers a blowout in a can. We're not talking the super slick, shiny blowout from the salon, but rather the next-level height. Spritz a bit here and there at your roots and you'll look like you've just spent hours with your blow dryer crafting your gorgeous, lived-in look.

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Ask any beauty junkie and Oribe is on the list. In fact, many see it as the be-all, end-all of texture sprays. What's more, it offers oil-absorbing benefits usually reserved for dry shampoo, too.

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