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Get Fresh With Nature: Top 20 Clean, Aluminum-Free Deodorants

No aluminum, no baking soda, no nasties, skin-safe, high-performance natural deodorants
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No, you're not that bad; it's just that you haven't found the one (of) — yet. We wholeheartedly encourage you not to give up on your search for an effective natural deodorant; one that will keep you, at the very least, nodding to yourself and going: "I can live with this.", knowing that you're doing better for yourself and for our planet. We know that many disappointments lead to a lowered bar, in terms of expectations, but natural deodorants available to us now are with little likeness to how they were in their first years. Things move, develop, and happen fast in the beauty industry, but we, as consumers, have also become more demanding — nowadays, the brands are accommodating not just our need for odor-neutralizing, dry-feeling, safe, gorgeous-smelling, natural deodorants, but also our need for Earth-oriented and gender-inclusive products and packaging.

Even if you've been disappointed in your earlier experiences with aluminum-free deodorants, it might be a good time, just as summer is near, to put some fresh (in more ways than one!) and new natural deodorants to your tests. Because everybody sweats in different degrees, from a different body response (stress vs physical activity), and in different circumstances, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and formulation: the only way to know what works best for you, at the present moment, is to try as diversely as you can. Try out different formulations and different ingredients, and take pleasure in discovering which ones your body likes and which ones less so. And isn't a clever way to find what you're looking for — to look for it in the right company?

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Formulated with magnesium to target armpit bacteria that create odor, and corn starch to absorb unpleasant moisture, this new deodorant was made to fight, protect and care. Plant-derived nourishing oils make for an easy glide application with no irritation, even after hair removal. Also, compostable packaging is always a bonus.

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Sol de Janeiro Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant in Cheirosa 40, $16
Not only does this deodorant prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming, but it also nourishes and soothes skin, promotes even tone, fights ingrown hairs, and leaves the underarm area soft and smelling of enchanting notes of black amber, plum and vanilla woods.

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Miles Deodorant in Fresh, $15.98 for 2
Miles is a new beauty brand on the market, and they went where few dare to: into a battle against teen sweat. As they say, puberty stinks, but you don't need to smell it. This natural, skin-safe deodorant is part of a new range of gender-neutral deodorants and antiperspirants with clean ingredients, designed for teens and young adults. It stops sweat and bad smells while gliding on smoothly and feeling comfy.

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Lume Cream Deodorant Tube in Clean Tangerine, $20.44
This cream deodorant is formulated to keep the odor away, anywhere you may need it on the body, and you smelling fresh and feeling confident all day long. With its refreshing clean tangerine scent, you'll enjoy a burst of invigorating fragrance as the cream applies smoothly, leaving no white residue behind.

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