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14 Low-Calorie Desserts Better Than Halo Top

Get your sweet tooth on, guilt-free
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Let's not sugarcoat things: Eating healthy is hard. And, if you're like certain Total Beauty editors, vanquishing the sweet tooth is one of the most difficult tasks of all. After all, how can you possibly cut back on calories when you're daydreaming of Sprinkles cupcakes and frappuccinos piled high with whipped cream all day, every day? Luckily, there are some great low-calorie desserts out there to help you keep your meal plans in check; from popsicles made with real fruit juice, to miniature ice cream cones that combine portion control with novelty -- so, you don't have to deprive yourself too much.

Ready to find some lower-calorie alternatives to your regular go-to desserts? Keep on reading to see our favorite healthy desserts.

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Dole Dippers Dark Chocolate Covered Real Strawberry Halves
Come on, who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries? We tend to think of them as an indulgence, but these actually make for a fairly healthy dessert -- plus, they come in super convenient snack packs that are a tidy 60 calories apiece.

Price: $3.62 for 6

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Healthy Choice Fudge Bars
As soon as you taste the delicately chocolate-y, creamy richness that is the Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars, you'll hardly believe that they're only 90 calories a pop (get it?). They're not too sweet, which makes them the perfect refreshing dessert on a hot day.

Price: 18 for $11.89

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Sheila G's Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle
These have all the fudgy flavor of your favorite homemade brownie, but a mere fraction of the calories. The crispy-crunchy texture makes them a lot of fun to eat, while the chocolate chips add a nice decadent touch -- and at 120 calories per serving, they make for a nice mini-indulgence.

Price: 1 lb for $7.99

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Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Black Raspberry Chip Stick Bars
Since they're made with creamy, protein-packed Greek yogurt, these frozen bars still have a satisfyingly rich feel to them, even though they're much healthier (and lower-cal) than regular ice cream -- they're only 100 calories, and they've got an impressive 5 grams of protein as well. They come in just about every flavor imaginable, but we find ourselves partial to the black raspberry chip version.

Price: 4 for $3.92

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