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11 Bust-Firming Serums Better Than a Breast Lift

For when the girls need a little boost
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Firming serums aren't just for your face. There's a whole slew that work below your neck, helping to lift and firm breasts topically, no phone call to the plastic surgeon required. With plunging necklines and breast contouring on the rise (see: Kristen Bell at this year's Golden Globes), there's no better time to maximize what your momma gave you — and these 11 breast-firming creams make it easier (and cheaper) than ever. Whether you want to feel more confident about your bikini bod or just rock killer cleavage, check out these bust-boosting serums.

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It may be made for new moms, but this breast serum will firm and tone your bust even if you haven't just had a baby. Credit a combo of avocado peptides that promote skin elasticity and centella asiatica, an herb that boosts firmness. Plus, thanks to the clear, non-sticky gel formula, you can swipe it on without having to stress about getting it all over your bra or clothes.

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 SiO Beauty SiO SkinPad, $49.95 for 2 reusable pads (30-day supply)
Did you know that constantly sleeping on your side can cause cleavage wrinkles? Yeah, we know, it sucks. Luckily, popping on this reusable pad before you hit the sack can help keep those unsightly crinkles at bay. Think of it almost like a sheet mask for your chest: Stick it on in between your breasts, and the pad (made of medical-grade silicone) will both hydrate and plump skin to smooth away existing lines. So much more comfortable than sleeping in a bra -- and way more effective.

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 Talika Bust Phytoserum, $56
Using a whole host of plant-based ingredients — but no controversial phytoestrogens — this serum can boost volume, firmness, and give you a little lift. Guggul, a resin from an Indian bush, increases breast volume; peptides firm; and mangosteen, quince and sea kelp bioferment encourage fat cells to retain fat (since this is one place in your body you actually want more fat) and improve skin elasticity. All this after just four weeks of use. And it smells good, too. Consider us impressed.

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The signature line of products from Soho House spas offers this lady-lifter, which touts three kinds of micro-algae that tone, help skin tissue regain density, and act like an invisible bra, making breasts look right and tight. It also helps decrease the appearance of stretch marks, which is never a bad thing.

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