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Sleep Deprived? A New Line Is Looking to Lull You Into a Night of Super Slumber

Neom Organics, in association with the Sleep Council, wants you to stop counting sheep and just sleep!
Tranquillity, a new line from British company Neom (one that Kate Moss swears by), has but one thing on its agenda -- to help you catch some much needed Zzzs.

Working with Britain's Sleep Council, Neom has combined the highest legal limits of sleep-inducing lavender, basil and jasmine to help ensure that you slip right off into slumber land, unencumbered by the day's stresses and complications.

"It's well known that better sleep can have positive effects on health and maintain many vital functions in the body," the company says. "And, the fact that lavender has been found to lengthen total sleep time and increase deep sleep, we think now, more than ever, it's time concentrate on one of the basics of health - great sleep."

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Of course, they're in the business of selling their products and, subsequently, have arrived at a three-pronged system (each including one of their products) that's purported to have you nodding off in no time. You can read all about them here -- and, bonus, unlike a lot of British-based businesses, Neom does ship to the U.S. (Just check out the international shipping section of their site.)

Are products, lavender-based or not, required to achieve a good night's sleep? Of course not, though they have been proven to help.

Here, via the are some tips from the Sleep Council about how to maximize your REM time;
  • - Prepare a milky drink or herbal tea before bed - avoid caffeine at all costs
  • - Don't use alcohol to help you nod off - although it helps you drift off initially, it interferes with sleep patterns.
  • - Regular, exercise can help undo the day's stresses. Just don't work out too close to bedtime or you may be too amped up to nod off.
  • - Resolve any arguments before bed. Ongoing conflicts will do anything but put you in the right frame of mind for a restful night.

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    BY AUDREY FINE | SEP 17, 2013 | SHARES
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