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Fergie's Fragrance Hack Will Change How You Apply Perfume

The singer opens up about her new scent, life with her son Axl and the sneaky way she gets perfume to last all day
In the years following her time as a Black Eyed Pea, Fergie's been busy. She married hottie actor Josh Duhamel, had a baby (Axl, now 2 years old) and created not one, but five fragrances with Avon.

We caught up with the multifaceted singer at the launch party of her latest scent, Outspoken Party! By Fergie, $34, and she filled us in on what she's been up to -- including her upcoming album and what inspires her most.


1) TotalBeauty: This is your fifth fragrance. How has the process of creating a perfume changed for you over the years?

Fergie: I definitely feel like my nose has evolved. I learned that I tend to like fruity florals. That's what I'm drawn to. As with music, you go from the top note to the middle note to the bottom. It's a journey -- an experience that I wasn't as detailed about before. And now I really pay attention.

2) TB: What's the oldest item in your closet you refuse to throw out?

F: I don't know about oldest because I have a lot of vintage. I've got some costumes from when I was on "Kids Incorporated." I've purged some because it was getting out of control, but then I decided to keep one thing. Don't keep 10.

3) TB: Did becoming a mom change your beauty routine?

F: Experiencing anything through [Axl's] eyes is different for me. I have [the fragrances] on my vanity. He gets to pick one, take it down and take the top off. Then, I spray it into the air. I remember the first time I was teaching him about smell. I said, smell with your nose, and of course he blows out. The first time he realized that the smell was coming from that bottle, he just started laughing. It was so cute. And he loves color. I was the girl who thought I was going to have all earth-toned, eco-friendly toys. That was ambitious. We have some and they go with the house and they look great, but I didn't know he'd be so attracted to color.

4) TB: Where do you look for fashion and beauty inspiration?

F: Just seeing the streets of New York is just amazing. The streets of everywhere I am. I go to Coachella and check out people at the concert who love music. I look at people. And of course I look at Fashion Week and get inspiration for videos. I'm going a little nuts because I have so many different looks for my album. Every song has a theme.

5) TB: Do you have any tricks for traveling with fragrance?

F: You can't always take the bottle on the flight, so we have some roll-ons for travel. One trick is to put it behind the knees because fragrance rises. Another trick that I learned from a friend years ago is to spray some in your hair when it's wet -- preferably near the roots, not the ends, so you don't dry them out. When I hug [my friend], she always had the same scent. It stays with her, and she's a club promoter, so that's proof.

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