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Change Your Outfit, Change Your Outlook

Adding pops of color to your look can totally change the color of your mood ring
Color us surprised: The hues you surround yourself with can have a serious effect on your mood, creativity and even strength. Something as simple as swiping a new color on your nails can help you solve problems, get energized and maintain your health. Don't believe it? We found the proof to back up these color claims.

Spike Creativity With Green

Going green doesn't just mean saving water and recycling -- it can also mean a boost in your creativity. In one study, participants who gazed at a green screen were consistently 20 percent more creative than those who were shown other colors. Incorporate green into your surroundings by slipping on a pretty emerald ring or by painting on Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Jaded or Mojita. And when your boss asks why you're staring at your nail beds instead of brainstorming, you'll have a scientific justification.

Energize With Red

Instead of chugging coffee when you're feeling weary, reenergize by surrounding yourself with shades of red. Research shows that when humans see the color red, they actually become physically stronger, faster and more forceful. It's also shown to increase attention to detail and memory. Wear Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in All Fired Up or add a red scarf to an otherwise neutral outfit when you need to be on your A-game, whether it's vying for a raise at the office or finding the motivation to exercise after-hours.

Find Calm With Blue

To get to your happy place, try blue on for size. Blue has been shown to slow respiration and heart rate, so turn to colors like Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Batbano Blue when the pressure starts to creep up. Instead of stress-eating that chocolate cake, invest in some bright blue arm bangles. Having the blues has never felt so peaceful.
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