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What You Need to Know About Using Avocado Oil for Your Skin

Understand the benefits of this oil before applying it to your skin
If you've ever eaten a great guacamole, you already know the beauty of avocados. You may have even mashed a few to use as a facemask or a hair treatment, but the current trend of using avocado oil for skin will completely change your beauty routine. Read on to discover the benefits of this delicious and healthy oil.

Consider using avocado oil for skin to make it smooth and beautiful

Improve Hydration
The use of avocado oil has been popular in Asia for a while, but it is just now becoming a trend here in the United States. With a high amount of vitamin E, an antioxidant, avocado oil hydrates deeper and more thoroughly than the more commonly used coconut oil.

Repair Damage
In addition, avocado oil may help repair skin thanks to the fatty acids and sterolin. This can help you with your wrinkles, crow's feet and scars. Even if it doesn't repair this damage, you'll still be getting a lot of hydration from the avocado oil for skin.

Treat Skin Disorders
If you suffer from eczema, acne or recurrent blackheads, avocado oil for skin may be your answer. This treatment has been found to reduce these issues as well as lessening skin inflammation and diminishing age spots.

Rub into Your Dry Skin
Avocado oil isn't just for your face. Rub some of it into the cracked skin on your feet or into your loose cuticles, and watch for the softening that will come to these problem areas. Even better, you won't feel like you're covered in grease with avocado oil, which just leads to soft skin rather than an oil pool.

Use as a Makeup Remover
Rather than purchasing expensive makeup-removing products, consider using avocado oil. A quick swipe with a little bit of the oil on a cotton pad will take off your stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and it won't even burn your eyes. The same is true for your foundation or other makeup products. Rub the little bit of avocado oil for skin residue left behind from your removal into your face for added moisturizer.

Cook with Avocado Oil
You don't have to just use avocado as a topical treatment. You can actually cook with it in the same way that you use olive oil. Avocado oil has high levels of the monounsaturated fat, also known as the heart-healthy type of fat. Many nutritionists believe that ingesting avocado oil will lead to stronger skin and a better immune system.

Beauty Aura 100% Pure Avocado Deep Nourishing Oil

Use Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil
The best avocado oil is a cold-pressed avocado oil like Beauty Aura 100 Percent Pure Avocado Oil, $24.99. This is an unrefined avocado oil for skin that will give you more benefits than the more processed options.


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