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15 Body Positive Quotes That Will Make You Proud to Flaunt What You Got

Forget the haters. Get a confidence boost from these celeb quotes
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In some ways we've come a long way in the body image department, but the sad truth is it's still a major issue for many women. And since summer is the season of skimpy clothes and swimsuits, it can also be a terrifying time for anyone who doesn't have Beyoncé's bod -- or body confidence.

While we completely understand what triggers self-loathing (ahem, social media and photo editing apps), the fact that so many women hate on their bodies is just plain bullsh*t. So we're declaring this the season of body love -- with a little help from some of our favorite beauty icons.

While facing body insecurities isn't easy -- especially in the limelight -- these iconic women have the courage to stand up to the mainstream and fight body image stereotypes.

So forget covering up this summer, and flaunt what you got. Here are 15 badass women reminding you that no matter your "flaws," honey, there's a lot more to your self-worth than six-pack abs. And for the record: You look f***ing fabulous.

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Straight from the queen herself.

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Anne Hathaway
Because happiness looks fabulous on you, babe.

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Emma Watson
She's a role model for young women everywhere, and her insights speak volumes of truth.

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Meghan Trainor
Because every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

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