The Best Pedicure Colors

Choosing the perfect pedicure color can sometimes feel like a dizzying task with endless options. Shades like bold reds and soothing nudes are stealing the spotlight on toes everywhere. Our guide is here to simplify your selection process, pairing you with colors that flatter and trend-setting polishes that last. Dive in for happy feet year-round!

Choosing the Right Pedicure Color

When choosing the right pedicure color, it’s important to consider your skin tone and the occasion or season. Different shades complement different skin tones, so finding the perfect color for you is key.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Picking the perfect pedicure color starts with knowing your skin tone. If you have a lighter complexion, soft whites or pastel shades like periwinkle and lilac might complement your skin beautifully.

For medium tones, milky neutrals can add an understated elegance to your look. Those with olive skin could try electric purples or deep blues to really make a statement.

For darker skin tones, the rich contrast of bright green or cobalt blue brings out a vibrant energy in every step. Warm undertones shine with hues such as coral or Aperol orange, while cooler undertones get elevated by midnight blue and black licorice shades.

Embrace the full spectrum from bright reds for striking flair to sheer nudes for timeless grace—there’s a color out there that’s perfect for highlighting your individual beauty.

Occasion and Season

Choosing the perfect pedicure color isn’t just about your skin tone; it also hinges on what you’re doing and when. For a summer 2023 beach vacation, splash out with bright greens or an Aperol orange that pops against the ocean’s blue.

At winter holiday parties, metallics like chrome or a deep midnight blue add sparkle to your festive attire. Fall calls for earthy tones—imagine walking through autumn leaves with nails in shades of dark chocolate or warm denim.

Seasonal shifts inspire new trends; keep an eye on pedicure colors fall 2023 will bring, such as electric purple and black licorice which can make a bold statement under cozy layers.

For year-round elegance at any event, classic French tips or sheer nudes are always in style and work seamlessly from business meetings to weddings. Your toes can be a fun expression of the time of year and occasion without ever saying a word.

The Best Nail Polish for Pedicures

LONDONTOWN Illuminating Nail Concealer


Perfect for bold and fun pedicure colors with a flawless finish.
Best Overall

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  • Provides a brightening effect for natural-looking, flawless nails

  • Conceals imperfections and discoloration on the nails

  • Acts as a base coat to protect and strengthen the nails

  • Vegan, cruelty-free formula

  • Easy to apply with a smooth, even coverage

  • Promotes long-lasting wear for any nail color

Brighten up your nail care routine with the LONDONTOWN Illuminating Nail Concealer. This innovative product is a game-changer for anyone looking to achieve a polished, natural look without the hassle of frequent salon visits. Infused with nourishing elements, it not only conceals imperfections but also fortifies your nails with each application. The subtle pink hue adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy that complements all skin tones beautifully.

With its easy-to-apply formula, this concealer goes on smoothly for an instantly more uniform nail surface. It’s perfect for those moments when you want your nails to look their best swiftly—whether you’re heading out for an impromptu meeting or prepping for a last-minute event. Its illuminating effect captures light, giving your nails a healthy-looking glow that stands out even among top pedicure trends.

We have handpicked LONDONTOWN Illuminating Nail Concealer as our number one choice because it delivers both aesthetics and health benefits in one chic bottle. Customers rave about how it helps hide chips and discoloration while promoting stronger nails over time—a testament to its high-quality formulation based on user experience and expert evaluation alike. Trust in this luxurious blend of beauty and care to step up your at-home manicure game effortlessly, ensuring stunning results every time.


  • LONDONTOWN Illuminating Nail Concealer conceals imperfections on the nails for a smooth, flawless look.

  • The illuminating formula brightens and evens out the nail bed for a natural-looking finish.

  • It helps to strengthen and protect the nails with its enriched botanical blend.

  • The quick-drying formula makes it convenient for busy individuals.


  • May require multiple coats for full coverage

  • Some users report chipping after a few days

  • Limited color options available

If you’re in search of the perfect pedicure color, the LONDONTOWN Illuminating Nail Concealer Pink is a must-have for any nail enthusiast. This product is best suited for those who love to experiment with fun and bold colors while also providing a flawless and smooth finish. Give your nails the ultimate pop of pink with this illuminating concealer – add it to your cart today.

GAOY Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish Set

Safe and stylish

Achieve slick and long-lasting pedicure looks with neutral gel colors.
Runner Up

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  • Non-toxic gel nail polish set

  • Chip-resistant formula for long-lasting wear

  • Glossy and matte finish options are available

  • Lead-free materials for safer use

  • Includes pink nude shades, perfect for all occasions

  • Compact package size for easy storage and travel

The GAOY Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish Set brings the salon to your home with six elegant neutral colors perfect for any occasion. Imagine dressing up your nails with a chic, natural look for work or adding a sophisticated touch to your evening wear. What stands out is the set’s commitment to health-conscious beauty – all polishes are made free from toxic substances and boast low odor, making them safer for you and more pleasant to use.

GAOY’s gel nail kit shines in durability; when applied correctly, these polishes stay chip-free for up to four weeks. Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups! This convenience comes coupled with versatile finish options – go glossy for a radiant shine, or opt for matte if you prefer a subtle velvet effect. Each bottle contains 0.25 fl. oz (7.3ml) of high-quality gel polish that applies smoothly, offering ample product for multiple mani-pedi sessions right at your comfort zone.

This set earns its spot as No. 2 on our list because it doesn’t just provide beautiful color choices; it also excels in user experience thanks to their reliable customer service ready to address any concern swiftly. The GAOY Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish Set delivers not just aesthetics but also practicality and peace of mind, making it an irreplaceable addition to your DIY nail care regimen.


  • Professional after-sale service ensures a trouble-free shopping experience

  • Long-lasting formula lasts around 4 weeks when used with proper nail bed buffing, base coat, and top coat

  • Toxics free with lower odor compared to traditional nail polish, ingredients in compliance with strict regulations

  • Set includes 6 gel polish colors for DIY manicures and pedicures at home


  • Requires UV light for drying

  • Some may find the nail polish not as long-lasting as claimed

  • Limited color options compared to other sets

Looking for a high-quality and long-lasting gel nail polish set? Look no further than GAOY Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish Set! The ideal customer for this product is someone who loves to do their manicures and pedicures at home and values products that are non-toxic and safe to use. With 6 neutral colors to choose from, you can create endless stunning looks with ease. Don’t wait any longer; add this must-have set to your collection today.

Essie Salon-Quality Nail Polish

Shiny and beautiful

Vibrant, eco-friendly nail polish for trendy at-home pedicures.
Best Glossy

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  • Vegan, chip-resistant nail polish for adults

  • Glossy finish and Toluene-free formula

  • Salon-quality Essie nail polish brand

Essie Salon-Quality Nail Polish stands out as a top choice for those seeking a touch of luxury in their nail care routine. The “Caught In The Rain” shade is part of the UnGuilty Pleasures collection, a range that encourages indulgence without guilt. This muted sage green polish with gray undertones offers a calming sense to your style, perfect for women who cherish moments of tranquility in their busy lives.

The vegan formula signifies Essie’s commitment to ethical beauty standards—no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients. Moreover, the easy glide brush design ensures flawless coverage and streak-free application every time you paint your nails at home, creating a salon-worthy manicure with ease and precision. Its high gloss shine and durability place it as our number 3 pick because it promises longevity and elegance between visits to your favorite nail spa.

Moreover, this polish excels not just in color richness but also in promoting nail health when used with Essie’s base coats and topcoats. Pairing Caught In The Rain with nurturing apricot cuticle oil from the same brand amplifies the benefits further by providing an exceptionally holistic approach to nail care—a testament to why this product earns its spot on any list celebrating refined beauty choices for hands and feet alike.


  • Vegan formula with no animal-derived ingredients and no animal testing

  • 8-free nail polish, providing a guilt-free manicure

  • Easy glide brush for quick, streak-free application at home

  • Flawless coverage and glossy shine for salon-quality results


  • Limited color range compared to some other nail polish brands

  • May require 2 – 3 coats for full opacity, depending on the shade

  • Some users may find the price point to be higher than average

The Essie Salon-Quality Nail Polish is perfect for the modern, conscious nail enthusiast who values high-quality products in their beauty routine. With its vegan formula and on-trend shades like UnGuilty Pleasures and Caught In The Rain, this polish is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a flawless manicure at home. Elevate your pedicure game with Essie today.

Essie Salon-Quality Nail Polish

Professional level

Bold, long-lasting color for playful and fashion-forward pedicures.
Best Salon Grade

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  • Salon-quality nail polish for adults

  • Vegan and free from animal-derived ingredients

  • Chip-resistant formula for long-lasting wear

  • Glossy finish for professional-looking nails

  • Easy-to-use liquid form by Essie brand

Dive into the vibrant colors of summer with Essie Salon-Quality Nail Polish from their Push Play Collection. This luxurious, cobalt blue shade delivers a salon-perfect look right at your fingertips. Perfect for those who adore making a bold statement, this nail polish ensures you’re beach-ready or party-prepped in no time. The formula is a dream come true for eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts: it’s vegan and 8-free, meaning it steers clear of eight potentially harmful ingredients often found in nail polishes.

Applying Essie is an absolute breeze thanks to its easy glide brush that promises streak-free application—no more uneven coats that take away from the elegance of your pedicure! Moreover, not only does this nail polish lay down rich and creamy color, but also flaunts serious staying power and glossy shine that can withstand sun-soaked days or dance-filled nights without chipping. To maintain the health of your nails after reveling in playful hues, follow up with a nourishing swipe of Essie’s apricot cuticle oil—a little self-care ritual to keep your feet looking as immaculate as they feel.

Whether you’re stepping out in open-toed sandals or kicking back barefoot on the grass, Essie’s striking blue hue will ensure your toes are the highlight of any ensemble. Its professional-quality finish has earned rave reviews across America; women love how just two coats transform their nails into oceanic jewels—proof that quality matters when choosing products designed to celebrate and elevate life’s colorful moments.


  • Essie Salon-Quality Nail Polish is a vegan formula with no animal-derived ingredients and no animal testing, meeting high-quality standards

  • The Push Play Summer 2023 Collection features 6 joyfully saturated shades inspired by the unexpected fun of a perfect summer day, offering over 1000 iconic shades

  • It provides even, professional application with an exclusive easy glide brush for quick, streak-free, and flawless coverage at home

  • The Press Play nail polish offers glossy shine with rich cobalt blue color and red undertones in a cream finish


  • Limited shade range compared to some other nail polish brands

  • May require multiple coats for very dark shades to achieve desired opacity

  • Higher price point than some drugstore nail polish options

Get summer-ready with Essie’s Salon-Quality Nail Polish from the Push Play Collection. Perfect for the playful and fashion-forward individual looking for vibrant, long-lasting color. Embrace simple play and add a pop of blue with this 8-free vegan formula.

OPI Nail Lacquer

Gorgeous hue

Get pearly talons with this shimmery nail polish by OPI.
Best Shade

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  • OPI Nail Lacquer is a vegan product containing no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde.

  • The nail lacquer features a pearl finish

  • This product is free from animal – derived ingredients and suitable for adults.

Discover the vibrant charm of OPI Nail Lacquer in La Paz-itively Hot – a stunning shade that turns your pedicure into a statement. This 0.5 fl oz bottle holds the secret to long-lasting, salon-quality color that dazzles with every step. Made with OPI’s classic formula, it provides a smooth application without streaks and maintains its luster for days on end.

Embrace the high-impact shine and unbeatable wear that only OPI can offer. As you glide this polish over your toes, you’ll notice how each coat offers brilliant coverage—transforming your nails into an accessory fit for any occasion. Whether you’re strutting down a sun-drenched boardwalk or dancing through a lively night out, this lacquer remains chip-resistant, keeping your feet looking impeccably polished.

Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups as this nail lacquer stands up to life’s demands while keeping your toes stunningly adorned in one of today’s most sought-after hues. With OPI’s La Paz-itively Hot on your nails, feel empowered knowing your pedicure is just as bold and beautiful as you are.


  • Provides long-lasting and chip-resistant color

  • Offers a high-gloss finish for a professional look

  • Easy to apply with the ProWide brush for smooth coverage

  • Wide range of vibrant shades to choose from


  • Requires multiple coats for full coverage

  • May chip after a few days

  • Strong odor during application

The OPI Nail Lacquer in La Paz-itively Hot is perfect for the trendy, fashion-forward individual who loves bold and vibrant colors on their nails. Whether you’re getting a pedicure or painting your own toes at home, this classic formula will give you a flawless and eye-catching finish. Treat yourself to the ultimate pop of color with OPI’s La Paz-itively Hot nail lacquer.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

Fast and glossy

Effortless one-coat perfection for busy girls with quick-drying formula.
Also Consider

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  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish dries in just 60 seconds, allowing you to finish your manicure quickly and get on with your day

  • The polish has a glossy finish for a professional look without the need for additional top coats

  • It is free from formaldehyde, making it a natural and safe choice

  • The “The Queens Velvet” color offers a rich and luxurious hue that complements various skin tones

  • This base type of nail polish provides a smooth and even application, resulting in salon-quality nails at home

  • The trusted brand Sally Hansen ensures high-quality performance and long-lasting wear

Get ready to dazzle with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish, a must-have for busy women everywhere. Picture this: You’re in a rush with no time to spare, but your nails need some love. No problem! The Queens Velvet shade not only adds an elegant touch to your look but also saves the day with its 60-second drying time. Imagine vibrant color at lightning speed without the dreaded smudge—a true lifesaver when you’re on the go.

The magic doesn’t stop there; thanks to Sally Hansen’s innovative 3-in-1 formula, you can skip the base and topcoat hassle. What does that mean for your pedi routine? Efficiency meets elegance as one single coat delivers glossy beauty that lasts longer than you’d expect from such a swift application process. And let’s talk precision – their Swift Precision Brush contours effortlessly around your toenails, ensuring flawless coverage every time.

Say goodbye to those lengthy salon visits and hello to stunning results from home comfort. Swap out dull shades for The Queens Velvet—perfectly paired with sandals or peep-toe heels—and step out confidently, knowing your feet are making a statement all their own. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri makes sure that even in life’s fastest moments, beauty remains within reach.


  • Dries in just 60 seconds

  • One coat application for quick results

  • Built-in base and top coat for extended wear

  • Swift precision brush for easy and perfect application


  • May dry out in the bottle if not properly sealed

  • Some shades may require multiple coats for full coverage

  • Brush can be too wide for some nail sizes

The perfect customer for Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish from The Best Pedicure Colors is someone who values efficiency and convenience in their beauty routine. This fast-drying, all-in-one polish is ideal for busy individuals looking for a high-quality nail color that requires only one coat. Try it now and experience the luxury of a quick and flawless manicure.


Q: What are the best pedicure colors for 2023?

A: The best pedicure colors for 2023 include nude, red, brown, pink, pale pink, and midnight blue.

Q: How do I choose the best pedicure color for my skin tone?

A: It’s essential to consider your skin tone when choosing a pedicure color. For a neutral look, opt for colors that complement your skin tone, such as nude or pale pink.

Q: What are some classic pedicure colors that never go out of style?

A: Classic pedicure colors like nude, red, and brown never go out of style and can complement various looks and outfits.

Q: Are there any trendy pedicure colors to try this season?

A: Yes, trendy pedicure colors for this season include shades like neons, rose gold, and bold colors that add a touch of fun to your toes.

Q: Can you recommend some understate pedicure colors for a subtle look?

A: For a subtle and understated look, consider pedicure colors like nude, pale pink, or muted shades that go well with everything.

Q: What nail polish brands offer a variety of chic pedicure colors?

A: Brands like OPI, Essie, and Deborah Lippmann offer a wide variety of chic pedicure colors to choose from for a stylish look.

Q: How can I make my pedicure color last longer?

A: To make your pedicure color last longer, apply a top coat after the main color and touch it up regularly to maintain a fresh look.

Q: What are the best pedicure colors to transition from summer to fall?

A: To transition from summer to fall, consider pedicure colors like deep reds, browns, and dark neutrals for a seamless and stylish shift.

Q: Are there any specific pedicure colors recommended by nail artists or experts?

A: According to experts and celebrity nail artists, pedicure colors like nude, red, and timeless neutrals are highly recommended for a classic and elegant look.

Q: Can you suggest pedicure colors that look good with any outfit or occasion?

A: Pedicure colors like nude, neutrals, and classic reds are versatile and can complement any outfit or occasion, making them an excellent choice for all purposes.


Step out in style with the perfect pedicure! The LONDONTOWN Illuminating Nail Concealer brightens and conceals imperfections, acting as a protective base coat for strong, flawless nails.

For those who love subtle elegance, the GAOY Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish Set offers long-lasting wear with both glossy and matte finishes. Grab these top picks to keep your toes on-trend and ready to impress at any event or season.

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