7 Best Lip Moisturizer of 2024

Chapped lips can be a real pain, especially in harsh weather. Did you know Vaseline Lip Therapy is a top pick for soothing dryness? In this blog, we'll guide you through the best lip moisturizers to keep your pout soft and hydrated year-round. Read on for smooth smiles:

What to Look for in a Lip Moisturizer

When looking for a lip moisturizer, it’s important to find one with hydrating ingredients, SPF protection, and a long-lasting formula. These features will help keep your lips hydrated and protected throughout the day.

Hydrating Ingredients

Selecting the best lip moisturizer for dry lips becomes much easier when you know which hydrating ingredients to look for. Shea butter, squalane, and hyaluronic acid are top-notch moisturizers that draw in and lock moisture, keeping your lips soft and supple all day long.

These ingredients work by creating a barrier on the surface of your lips, ensuring that hydration doesn’t escape.

Your chapped lips will thank you for choosing products with vitamin E, petrolatum, or ceramides as well. Dermatologists often recommend these because they effectively repair and hydrate delicate skin.

Each time you glide on a balm packed with these nourishing agents, you’re not just soothing cracks but also protecting against future dryness. Look out for balms like Palmer’s cocoa butter formula or Aquaphor Healing Ointment; their formulas are enriched with elements known to provide deep hydration and relief from discomfort caused by extreme dryness.

SPF Protection

Protecting your lips from the sun is just as crucial as hydrating them. Many people forget that our lips can suffer from sunburn, leading to dryness and even long-term damage. Look for lip moisturizers that include SPF protection to shield against harmful UV rays while keeping your lips soft and smooth.

A good balm with both moisture-rich ingredients and SPF can make a world of difference, especially if you spend time outdoors.

Choose a lip moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 for everyday use, whether you’re heading to work or enjoying a sunny day at the park. The best lip moisturizer with SPF will not only prevent chapping but also help maintain the overall health of your lips.

Now let’s talk about picking a formula that lasts all day without constant reapplication.

Long-Lasting Formula

A long-lasting formula is crucial for lip moisturizers, especially when dealing with dry and chapped lips that need constant care. Look for products that boast of extended wear time to avoid frequent reapplication throughout the day.

Ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil can create a protective layer on your lips, sealing in moisture for longer periods. Ceramides also play a significant role by helping retain water and repair the skin barrier, ensuring your lips stay hydrated even in harsh weather conditions.

Lip balms offering these enduring benefits often save you from the discomfort of cracked lips, providing relief that lasts beyond just an initial application. For busy individuals or those facing cold climates regularly, investing in such formulas means less worry about their lip health as they go about their days.

After considering how well a lip moisturizer maintains its effectiveness over time, take a moment to check if it provides additional advantages like SPF protection to safeguard against UV rays.

Top Recommended Lip Moisturizers and Their Benefits

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

Works while you sleep

Overnight solution for nourished, hydrated and smooth lips.
Best Overall

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  • LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask in the color Rose is suitable for all skin types, including oily, combination, sensitive, dry, and normal

  • The glossy finish of this balm provides a hydrating and nourishing effect on the lips

  • It effectively moisturizes the lips overnight to make them softer and smoother by morning

  • LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask offers a unique blend of ingredients designed to provide intensive care while you sleep

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is like a hydrating hug for your lips, especially if you’re battling dryness. Imagine waking up each morning to soft, supple lips, the kind that feel like they’ve been carefully pampered by healthful ingredients all night long. That’s precisely what this luxurious mask delivers. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, it targets chapped skin head-on, infusing your pout with moisture while you sleep.

Here’s why countless women have made it their go-to lip treatment: LANEIGE understands that overnight is when your skin repairs itself. By applying a generous layer of this 0.7 oz berry-flavored treat before bed, you are setting the stage for maximum rejuvenation. In our quest to find stellar products that rise above the rest in terms of quality and effectiveness, LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask earns its spot at the top because it consistently delivers visible results—think less flaking and smoother lines—which users rave about!

Opting for this product isn’t just a choice but an investment in lush lips year-round. The ease of use coupled with transformative outcomes has solidified its place as an exceptional option amidst scores of lip care choices on the market today. No wonder it stands out; It’s not merely about temporary hydration—it’s about nurturing your lips’ overall health so they can withstand whatever comes their way.


  • Nourishes and hydrates lips while you sleep

  • Contains Vitamin C and antioxidants to protect and revitalize lips

  • Lightweight berry-scented formula for a pleasant bedtime experience

  • Provides long-lasting moisture for smooth, supple lips


  • Requires nightly application for best results.

  • Some may find the berry scent too strong.

  • May not be suitable for those with extremely sensitive skin.

Ideal for busy individuals who want an easy and effective solution for chapped lips, LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is the go-to product for anyone looking to wake up with beautifully nourished and hydrated lips. Don’t let dryness get in your way – try it now!

W7 Sweet Dreams Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask

Great for sensitive lips

Hydrating formula for smoother, softer lips now.
Runner Up

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  • Nourishing overnight lip mask designed to hydrate and soften dry, sensitive lips

  • Infused with the sweet scent of strawberry for a delightful experience

  • Delivers a glossy finish for a plump and healthy-looking pout

  • Formulated with moisturizing oils to rejuvenate and restore the lips while you sleep

  • Convenient application in an easy-to-use oil form

Wake up to soft, smooth lips with W7 Sweet Dreams Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask. Specially crafted for those struggling with dry, chapped lips, this lip mask works wonders while you sleep. Infused with hydrating Vitamin E and nourishing Aloe Vera, it deeply moisturizes the delicate skin on your lips. Grape Seed Oil adds an extra boost of hydration, ensuring that by morning, your pout feels replenished and plump.

This strawberry-scented treat is more than just a delightful aroma; it’s a commitment to cruelty-free beauty, as all W7 products proudly carry PETA’s approval. Its professional quality ensures that even sensitive skin finds relief without irritation. By consistently using this lip mask from summer through winter, you’ll notice your lips transforming into their most irresistible state – always ready for your favorite lipstick or simply enjoying the natural glossy finish.

We’ve selected W7 Sweet Dreams Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask as our number two pick because its blend of high-quality ingredients effectively targets the common issue of lip dehydration without compromising on ethical standards. It stands out in its ability to heal overnight – something every busy individual can appreciate. Pop this gem into your nightly routine and see why so many women are waking up with a smile and softer lips every day.


  • Hydrates and nourishes dry and chapped lips with aloe vera and grape seed oil

  • Contains Vitamin E to boost circulation and achieve smoother, softer lips

  • Cruelty-free formula approved by PETA, suitable for sensitive skin

  • Ideal for conditioning lips for a perfect pout or achieving a glossy finish with makeup


  • May not be suitable for individuals with allergies to specific ingredients

  • Some users may find the scent too strong or overpowering

  • The glossy finish may not be preferred by those who prefer a matte look

Ideal for the woman who wants plump, hydrated and irresistible lips all year round. Try W7 Sweet Dreams Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask for a cruelty-free, professional quality product that nourishes with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Grape Seed Oil. Wake up to smooth, kissable lips by adding this to your daily lip care routine!

eos The Hero Lip Repair

Kissable pout

Long-lasting hydration for extra dry lips with natural strawberry flavor.
Best Flavor

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  • eos The Hero Lip Repair is a glossy, clear lip balm specially designed for sensitive skin

  • The balm provides long-lasting moisture and helps to soften and smooth lips

  • It’s enriched with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil

  • This dermatologist-tested formula is paraben and petrolatum-free, making it gentle on the lips

  • The unique spherical packaging makes application easy and fun

  • Made by eos, a trusted brand known for its quality lip care products

eos The Hero Lip Repair steps in as a savior for those struggling with persistently dry lips. This extra dry lip treatment harnesses the power of natural strawberry extract and sustainably sourced Shea butter, delivering a punch of 24-hour moisture that turns cracked, parched lips into smooth, supple smiles. Its hypoallergenic formula is a gentle giant—robust enough to deeply hydrate yet kind enough not to irritate sensitive skin. Plus, its commitment to being Paraben and phthalate-free means you’re nourishing your smile with nothing but goodness.

Imagine braving harsh weather or recovering from a cold that’s left your lips feeling like sandpaper. Swipe on eos’s SuperShield SHEA lip balm and it immediately gets to work, soothing irritation and sealing in hydration with a delightful strawberry flavor that’s more than just pleasing—it’s an experience. That’s why when it comes to the most comforting lip care essentials list, eos The Hero Lip Repair doesn’t just make the cut—it owns spot number three. It balances effectiveness with enjoyment; never before has treating chapped lips felt so indulgent.

Pairing immediate relief with long-lasting protection makes this twin pack an indispensable ally against dryness. Women who have tried countless balms only to find their lips begging for more will understand the relief when their search ends here—at eos The Hero Lip Repair—an essential for anyone craving that coveted veil of velvety moisture without frequent reapplication hassles.


  • Shea butter and strawberry extract for natural, hypoallergenic lip care

  • Multi-benefit formula that protects, corrects, soothes & smooths lips

  • 24-hour moisture to transform extra dry lips into extra moisturized ones

  • Twin pack for double the hydration


  • Limited variety of flavors available

  • Some users may find the texture too waxy

  • May require frequent reapplication for long-lasting hydration

“The ideal customer for eos The Hero Lip Repair is someone who values natural ingredients and wants long-lasting moisture for their lips. This product is perfect for those with extra dry lips and a love for refreshing strawberry flavor. Try The Hero Lip Repair today to experience 24-hour hydration that will leave your lips feeling smooth and nourished.”

Farmacy Lip Smoothie Peptide Lip Balm

Easy to apply

Hydrate and plump your lips with this eco-chic choice.
Best Eco-Friendly

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  • Nourishes and moisturizes dry lips with a peptide-infused formula

  • Offers a glossy finish without any added color

  • Provides long-lasting hydration for smoother, healthier-looking lips

  • Features a clear balm texture that glides on effortlessly

  • Created by the trusted brand Pharmacy for quality assurance

  • Infused with natural ingredients to pamper and care for your lips

Soothe and pamper your dry lips with the nourishing touch of Pharmacy Lip Smoothie Peptide Lip Balm. Designed for those seeking relief and a touch of luxury, this lip moisturizer is packed with upcycled apple extract and mango seed butter to hydrate and soften even the most parched pouts. Its commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at its ingredients; it extends to its recyclable glass jar packaging, ensuring you can care for your lips conscientiously.

The magic in this peptide lip balm isn’t just its environmentally friendly profile but also how it masterfully blends science with nature. Peptides join forces with vitamin C, both revered for their skin-smoothing qualities that work tirelessly to plump your lips, leaving them irresistibly smooth with an apple-scented high gloss finish. Imagine stepping out into the brisk morning air without the sting of cracked lips—as users attest, a single swipe locks in moisture for eight hours solid.

Farmacy’s concoction not only comforts on contact but also offers long-term benefits as 100% of users reported smoother texture and fuller-looking lips after use. Whether layering it beneath lipstick or flaunting a natural shine, these results make Farmacy Lip Smoothie an essential ally in elevating your daily beauty routine to effortlessly achieve enviable softness all day long.


  • Locks in moisture for 8 hours

  • Plumps and smoothens the lips

  • Leaves lips soft and pillowy with a glossy finish

  • Formulated with sustainable, upcycled apple extract and mango seed butter


  • May not be suitable for those with apple or fruit allergies

  • Glass jar packaging may not be travel-friendly

  • Some users may find the glossy finish too intense

This Farmacy Lip Smoothie Peptide Lip Balm is perfect for the eco-conscious individual who wants to keep their lips hydrated and plump. Try it now and give your lips a juicy shine while also reducing lip lines!

Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask

Fabulous ingredients

Intense moisture for softer, smoother lips.
Best Exfoliating

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  • Formulated with apple water and shea butter for intense hydration

  • Designed to exfoliate and soften dry, chapped lips

  • Leaves a matte finish without feeling sticky or greasy

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Comes in a convenient mask form for easy application

Experience the nourishing touch of Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask, a true game-changer for anyone struggling with dry and chapped lips. This lush lip mask harnesses the hydrating power of apple fruit extract and seed oil, delivering a surge of moisture that revitalizes even the driest lips. With an increased concentration of shea butter, it wraps your pout in soothing comfort while Vitamin E acts as a protective shield against environmental stressors.

The thoughtfully designed, vegan-friendly formula slips effortlessly onto your lips with no mess, thanks to the handy spatula included. Perfect for night-time care or as a pre-lipstick primer, this mask ensures smooth application under matte finishes avoiding any flaking or dryness throughout the day. Imagine waking up to softer, more supple lips or gliding your favorite lipstick over a velvety canvas — that’s what Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask offers.

Incorporating this luxurious treatment into your daily routine is like giving your lips an invigorating mini-spa session at home. Users rave about its ability to quickly heal cracks and lines while providing lasting hydration without feeling heavy or greasy. If you’re on the hunt for an effective solution to parched lips that fits seamlessly into both skincare and makeup regimens, look no further than Nooni’s Applebutter Lip Mask—where cutting-edge K-beauty meets indulgent care tailored just for you.


  • Hydrates and moisturizes lips with a high percentage of shea butter, apple fruit extract, and apple seed oil

  • Vegan and cruelty-free formula free from gluten, mineral oil, paraben, sulfate and phthalates

  • Mess-free application with included spatula for easy use

  • Can be worn under matte lipstick for smooth and even application


  • Some users may not like the scent of apple in the lip mask

  • The thicker consistency may be too heavy for some people’s preference

  • A few users might find the price of the product to be on the higher side

Ideal for those looking for a vegan and cruelty-free lip mask that delivers intense hydration to dry lips. This apple butter lip mask is perfect for anyone who wants softer, smoother, and more even-looking lips without any mess. Upgrade your lip care routine with Nooni’s Applebutter Lip Mask now!

Julep 24/7 Lip Treatment


Ideal for 24/7 lip hydration and repair with natural ingredients.
Best 24-Hour

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  • Nourishing 24/7 lip treatment for dry skin

  • Natural sheer brown color with a glossy finish

  • Convenient balm form for easy application

  • Made by Julep in the USA

Keep your lips luxuriously soft with Julep 24/7 Lip Treatment, a versatile favorite tailored to suit the hydration needs of women struggling with dry, chapped lips. This treatment stands out for its nourishing formula infused with Shea Butter and Peptides, promising not only immediate relief but also long-term lip health benefits. The songyi mushroom extract works diligently to heal cracks and damage while boosting natural collagen production.

Slipping into your daily routine effortlessly, this hydrating balm doubles as an overnight lip-sleeping mask for intense moisturization. Wake up to smooth, supple lips ready to face the day’s challenges without worrying about dryness or fine lines. For on-the-go brilliance, swipe on a thin layer of this silky balm; it delivers a delicious vanilla mint scent and a sheer brown shine that complements any look. With Julep 24/7 Lip Treatment in your pocket, every smile is wrapped in moisture-rich protection – because parched lips should never be part of your story.


  • Hydrates and repairs dry, chapped lips

  • Nourishes with shea butter and peptides for softness and elasticity

  • Provides 24/7 protection and moisture for lasting hydration

  • Versatile use as a lip balm, lip mask, and lip treatment


  • May feel too glossy for those who prefer a matte finish

  • Slightly pricier compared to regular lip balms

  • The vanilla mint scent may not appeal to everyone

The Julep 24/7 Lip Treatment is perfect for the busy and health-conscious individual who wants a versatile, nourishing product that can hydrate, protect, and repair their lips around the clock. Order now to experience soft, supple lips with a refreshing vanilla mint scent!

Mario Badescu Moisturizing Lip Balm

Upmarket brand

Splash out on this coconut oil lip treatment by one of the top beauty brands.
Best Premium

Find on Amazon


  • Mario Badescu Moisturizing Lip Balm is made with a blend of butters and oils to nourish and protect the lips

  • The balm provides long-lasting hydration, leaving lips feeling soft and smooth

  • It has a satin finish that adds a subtle sheen to the lips without feeling sticky or greasy

  • This lip balm is suitable for normal skin types and comes in an off-white color that complements any look

  • The unique formulation combines oil and balm to provide intense moisture without being heavy or waxy on the lips

  • With the trusted Mario Badescu brand, this lip balm delivers high-quality care for your lips

Mario Badescu Moisturizing Lip Balm is a savior for those struggling with dry, cracked lips. Its rich formula infused with coconut oil and shea butter dives deep to nourish and repair, leaving your lips feeling incredibly soft and smooth. This isn’t just any ordinary lip care product; it’s an ultra-nourishing moisturizer that works tirelessly to transform your chapped lips into a supple smile.

Picture this: you’re about to head out on a cold, windy day, dreading the inevitable discomfort of rough lips. Apply Mario Badescu’s balm before stepping out, and instead of flaking pain, your lips are protected and hydrated throughout the day. It’s not greasy or sticky; it simply glides on with ease for an immediate soothing sensation.

Regular use turns the dream of perpetually moisturized lips into reality. Forget constant reapplications – this lip balm delivers long-lasting hydration. Swap that collection of half-used tubes for this single power-packed container of Mario Badescu Lip Balm. With each application, you’re treating yourself to a mini spa session dedicated solely to pampering your deserving pout.


  • Hydrates and moisturizes dry, cracked lips

  • Infused with nourishing coconut oil and shea butter

  • Helps to restore softness and smoothness to the lips

  • Provides long-lasting hydration for supple, healthy-looking lips


  • May feel greasy if applied too heavily

  • Scent may be overpowering for some users

  • Not vegan-friendly due to the inclusion of beeswax

The ideal customer for Mario Badescu Moisturizing Lip Balm is someone with dry, cracked lips who wants to achieve soft, smooth, and supple lips. This nourishing lip care moisturizer infused with coconut oil and shea butter is perfect for those looking for an ultra-hydrating solution. Say goodbye to chapped lips and hello to hydrated ones by adding this product to your daily routine today!


Q: What is a lip moisturizer?

A: A lip moisturizer is a skincare product specifically designed to hydrate and nourish the lips, keeping them soft and preventing them from becoming dry or chapped.

Q: Are lip moisturizer and lip balm the same thing?

A: Yes, the terms “lip moisturizer” and “lip balm” are often used interchangeably to refer to products designed to provide moisture and protection to the lips.

Q: What are the best ingredients to look for in a lip balm?

A: Some of the best ingredients to look for in a lip balm include beeswax, sunscreen (SPF), moisturizing agents such as shea butter or coconut oil, and soothing agents like aloe vera or vitamin E.

Q: How can I treat dry or chapped lips with a lip moisturizer?

A: Apply a generous amount of lip moisturizer regularly throughout the day, especially after eating or drinking. Avoid licking your lips, as this can exacerbate dryness, and stay hydrated to help keep your lips moisturized.

Q: Can I find tinted lip moisturizers on the market?

A: Yes, there are tinted lip moisturizers available, which provide both hydration and a touch of color for a natural, effortless look for your lips.

Q: Do some lip moisturizers contain sunscreen?

A: Yes, some lip moisturizers are formulated with SPF to provide sun protection for the delicate skin of the lips.

Q: Are there vegan options for lip moisturizers?

A: Yes, there are vegan lip moisturizer options available, formulated without the use of animal-derived ingredients.

Q: How often should I apply lip moisturizer?

A: It is recommended to apply lip moisturizer throughout the day, especially in dry or cold weather, and before going to bed at night.

Q: Can I use lip moisturizer as a lip mask?

A: Yes, applying a thick layer of lip moisturizer before bed can act like a lip mask, providing intensive hydration and repair while you sleep.

Q: Can I use lip moisturizer on other parts of my face?

A: While lip moisturizers are designed specifically for the delicate skin of the lips, some people do use them on other small areas of the face that are prone to dryness, such as around the nose or on dry patches.


Give your lips the care they deserve with LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask and wake up to irresistibly soft, smooth lips. Embrace the sweet dreams only W7 Sweet Dreams Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask can offer as it works magic on your pout through the night.

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