The Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Dry, itchy skin can be more than just an annoyance—it's a cry for hydration. Our favorite Naturium lotion is top-rated for turning rough patches into smooth comfort. This article is your guide to finding relief with the best body lotions tailored for thirsty skin. Keep reading and quench your skin's thirst today!

Understanding Dry Skin

Moving on from the basics, let’s dive into what dry skin really entails. Dry skin happens when your body can’t retain enough moisture. This can be due to weather changes, hot showers, harsh soaps, and other lifestyle habits.

Your skin may feel tight, look flaky, or even become itchy and irritated. To manage this condition effectively, it’s essential to choose a moisturizer that caters specifically to dry skin needs.

The best lotions for dry skin work by locking in moisture and repairing the natural barrier of your skin. Dermatologists often recommend ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid because they replenish lost hydration and promote healing.

For women dealing with dryness linked to acne or aging, selecting products that hydrate deeply without clogging pores is vital. Always check for lotions tailored to these specific concerns at outlets like Target or Amazon, as they offer curated collections that meet your skincare needs.

Top Picks for Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin

Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Moisturizing Body Lotion

Soft and supple skin

Ideal for providing long-lasting moisture without a greasy residue.
Best Overall

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Ideal for providing long-lasting moisture without a greasy residue.


  • Includes omega fatty acids, shea butter, B vitamins, and sodium PCA for intense hydration

  • Provides deep nourishment without a greasy feel

  • Restores skin’s lipid barrier for long-lasting moisture

  • Unscented formula is gentle on sensitive skin

  • Generous 14 fl oz size offers lasting value

  • Manufactured in the USA by Naturium for quality assurance

Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Moisturizing Body Lotion emerges as a standout in our search for hydration heroes, especially for women battling dry skin. The grease-free formula is a game-changer; it locks in moisture without leaving that slippery feel behind. Imagine slathering on the richness of shea butter and immediately dressing up without any sticky mess – that’s the convenience this lotion promises. It’s packed with omega fatty acids and B vitamins, which work tirelessly to nourish parched skin back to radiance.

For those who are keen on products safe for their body as well as the environment, Naturium hits all the right notes with its clean formulation policy – think cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan glory without compromising effectiveness. This moisturizing body lotion doesn’t just sit on your skin; it delves deep to rejuvenate your body’s natural barrier, making soft and supple skin an everyday reality. And if you’re ever unsatisfied? Their quality guarantee offers peace of mind with a 30-day money-back offer.

We place this product at pole position because not only does it tackle dryness head-on, but it also respects sensitive noses by being fragrance-free. No more worrying about overpowering scents or irritation! Plus, its biocompatible ingredients mean that you’re getting both nature’s best and scientific innovation working in sync for your skin’s health. With Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Moisturizer topping your skincare routine, embracing hydrated and happy skin becomes effortless.


  • Restores skin’s natural barrier for soft and supple-looking skin

  • Provides all-day moisture without leaving a greasy residue

  • Formulated with omega fatty acids, shea butter, B vitamins & sodium PCA

  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free and non-toxic


  • Fragrance-free may not appeal to those who prefer scented lotions

  • Some users with very dry skin might find the moisturizing effect insufficient

  • The 14 oz size may be too large for individuals looking for a more travel-friendly option

Are you looking for a clean and non-toxic body lotion that provides long-lasting moisture without leaving a greasy residue? Look no further than Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Moisturizing Body Lotion! Perfect for those with dry skin, this formula is packed with natural ingredients and advanced science to nourish and replenish your skin effectively. Try it now and experience soft, supple, and hydrated skin with every use.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Intense Repair Body Lotion

Fabulous brand

Intensely hydrating lotion for dry, sensitive skin.
Runner Up

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  • Contains ceramide for intense repair

  • Cream formula for easy application

  • Unscented for sensitive skin

  • Made in France by La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ stands out as a hydrating powerhouse for women struggling with dry, rough skin. Infused with Shea Butter and Niacinamide, this intense repair body lotion delivers moisture deep into the layers of your skin, offering immediate relief and long-lasting comfort. It’s more than just a quick fix; it rebuilds the skin’s barrier over time, making it resilient against harsh elements that strip away natural oils.

What sets this product apart is its sensitivity to delicate skin types. Free from fragrances and parabens, it’s been rigorously tested by dermatologists for safety on sensitive skin. Imagine applying a rich cream that absorbs without leaving an oily residue – La Roche-Posay makes that a reality. As you use it regularly, you might find yourself marveling at how soft and supple your once-dry elbows or knees feel.

Picking this balm as our No. 2 choice was no small decision—it earns its spot because of its exceptional formulation backed by La Roche-Posay’s commitment to high-quality skincare science. Users report not only improved hydration but also ease in dealing with eczema flare-ups due to its soothing properties. This lotion doesn’t just moisturize; it transforms troubled skin into a canvas of health and vitality.


  • Intensely repairs and moisturizes dry and rough skin

  • Formulated with shea butter and niacinamide to nourish the skin

  • Safe for sensitive skin types

  • Long-lasting hydration


  • May feel a bit greasy upon application

  • Some users may find the fragrance to be too strong

  • Packaging is not travel-friendly

The La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Intense Repair Body Lotion is perfect for those with dry, rough, or sensitive skin looking for a moisturizing solution. With shea butter and niacinamide, this lotion provides intense hydration to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Say goodbye to dryness and try it now!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Intensely hydrating

Ultimate solution for dry, cracked skin.
Best Ointment

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  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment, made in the USA, is an unscented balm

  • This skin-nourishing ointment by Aquaphor boasts a unit count of one

  • Water-free formula to create a barrier to dryness

Aquaphor Healing Ointment emerges as a game-changer for women battling dry skin. This advanced therapy skin protectant, packed in a generous 14-ounce jar, goes beyond the superficial promise of mere hydration. It stands out for its ability to tackle severely parched and cracked skin with finesse. When lotions fall short, this water-free ointment steps up, creating a breathable barrier that promotes healing while oxygen flows freely to rejuvenate compromised tissue.

We’ve ranked Aquaphor as the third must-have item because it’s not just another moisturizer; it’s an all-in-one powerhouse designed to treat more than just stubbornly dry areas. A dab on chapped lips or rough cuticles can work overnight wonders, transforming them into supple surfaces by morning. Users regularly swap their foot creams for Aquaphor, finding relief from the painful splits that come with dehydrated heels and toes.

Ladies who have chosen Aquaphor report remarkable improvements – imagine moving through your day without wincing at every handshake or bracing against the sting of winter winds on raw facial skin. The unscented formula lets you say goodbye to irritation without worrying about fragrance allergies interfering with your comfort or daily routine. If you’re looking for effective results in restoring health to distressed derma, consider adding Aquaphor Healing Ointment as a staple in your skincare arsenal.


  • Creates a protective barrier to soothe and heal dry, cracked skin

  • Ideal for use on hands, feet, and other compromised areas of the body

  • Versatile solution for multiple skin care needs, such as moisturizing lips and healing minor wounds

  • Clinically proven to restore smooth and healthy skin


  • May feel greasy upon application

  • Unscented, which may not appeal to those who prefer scented products

  • Comes in a jar packaging, which can be less hygienic than a pump or tube

If you struggle with dry, cracked skin or minor cuts and burns, Aquaphor healing ointment is the perfect solution for you. As the 2023 Allure Best of Beauty winner, it is ideal for those looking to soothe and protect their skin while creating an optimal environment for healing. Say goodbye to multiple products and make Aquaphor your one essential solution for all your skincare needs. Try it now!

NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion

Affordable pick

Enjoy long-lasting moisture with this nourishing lotion.
Best Value

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  • NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion contains glycerin as its active ingredient for deep moisturizing

  • Ultra-rich formula to get deep into your pores
  • Offers 72-hour moisture after every application
  • Tructed brand beloved by women over the world

NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion comes to the rescue for women struggling with dry, dehydrated skin. Imagine stepping out of the shower and reaching for this rich lotion that promises 72 hours of deep moisture. Its formula, packed with NIVEA Deep Nourishing Serum and Pro-vitamin B5, dives into your skin’s driest crevices to hydrate and repair. The convenient pump bottle dispenses just the right amount without any mess or fuss.

As you smooth it onto your arms and legs, the lotion is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue—just a feeling of intense nourishment. It’s not just an immediate relief; regular use transforms rough spots into soft, supple skin day after day by locking in hydration. Women who have swapped their old lotions for NIVEA notice fewer dry patches and enjoy the comfort of healthy-looking skin even during harsh winters or in arid climates.

With over 130 years under its belt, NIVEA stands as a beacon of trust when it comes to skincare innovation. This body lotion doesn’t disappoint—it doubles as an excellent hand or foot cream, too! If you’re tired of reapplying lotions throughout the day, give NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion a place on your vanity table or bathroom shelf for visibly healthier skin that can tackle any challenge that comes its way.


  • NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion provides deep nourishing moisture for up to 72 hours

  • The convenient pump bottle makes it easy to use at home or in the office

  • It contains NIVEA Deep Nourishing Serum and Pro-vitamin B5 to intensively moisturize and soothe dry, rough skin

  • After just one application, this lotion quickly nourishes and hydrates dry skin


  • May feel slightly greasy upon application

  • Pump may dispense more product than needed

  • Scent might be too strong for some individuals

For the person with dry to very dry skin in need of long-lasting moisture, NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion is the perfect solution. With its deep nourishing serum and Pro-vitamin B5, this lotion provides intense hydration for up to 72 hours. Say goodbye to rough, dry skin and hello to softness after just one application! Try NIVEA today and experience the best body lotion for your dry skin.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

Simple and powerful

Ideal for sensitive skin, providing deep hydration and nourishment.
Best for Sensitive Skin

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  • 32.0 Ounce lotion with aloe barbadensis leaf juice, avocado, and chamomile

  • Unscented for sensitive skin

  • Made in the USA by Alba Botanica

  • Contains soothing cucumber and hydrating glycerin

  • No cetyl alcohol to ensure non-greasy feel

  • Enriched with jojoba and persea for extra hydration

Dive into the soothing embrace of Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion and say goodbye to dry, sensitive skin. This unscented miracle worker, packed with rich botanical emollients like shea butter and avocado oil, delivers deep hydration without a hint of irritation. Imagine your skin drinking in all that moisture from jojoba seed oil—pure nourishment without feeling oily or heavy.

This hypoallergenic lotion understands the daily struggles of dry skin. The blend of aloe, cucumber extract, and chamomile doesn’t just hydrate; it calms and revives your parched skin, leaving it soft to the touch and resilient against the harsh elements. Regular use can transform your dry spots into areas as smooth as silk—a real comfort for those who have battled with flakiness or tightness.

With its commitment to being 100% vegetarian and skipping harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates, Alba Botanica’s 32-oz bottle offers peace of mind alongside its skin-pampering benefits. Gentle yet effective care is what you’ll get from this environmentally-conscious brand that never compromises on quality or ethics—making every application an act of self-love for you and respect for our furry friends.


  • Hydrates and nourishes normal to dry or sensitive skin

  • 100% vegetarian formula without harsh ingredients like parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances

  • Recognized by the Leaping Bunny Program for being cruelty-free and never tested on animals

  • Contains a plant-based hypoallergenic blend of fragrance-free botanical ingredients


  • It may feel too greasy for some users

  • Large bottle may not be convenient for travel

  • Unscented may not appeal to those who prefer fragrance

This body lotion is perfect for individuals looking for a cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free option that will deeply hydrate and nourish their dry or sensitive skin. Don’t compromise on your skincare routine – try Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion today!

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion

Thoughtful recipe

Non-greasy and fragrance-free, this formula offers ultr nourishment to dry skin.
Also Consider

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  • Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion contains active ingredients like cetearyl alcohol and glyceryl stearate to help repair and nourish the skin

  • The lotion is infused with a pleasant scent of Macadamia Nut Oil and Promega, leaving a subtle fragrance on the skin

  • Manufactured in the USA by Adamia, ensuring high-quality standards and reliability

  • This product offers great value with its generous size and effective formula

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion comes to the rescue for women battling dry skin. With its unique blend of macadamia nut oil and promega-7, this lotion goes beyond simple hydration. It absorbs quickly, mimicking your skin’s natural oils without leaving an unwanted greasy feel. Imagine slipping into silk after every use; it’s that smooth sensation that makes your day better.

Think of those moments when you look at your arms or legs and see flaky, dry patches staring back at you. This lotion addresses those worries with a formula designed to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, replenishing moisture where it matters most. You’ll notice how distressed areas become a thing of the past as Adamia soothes them with its dermatologist-recommended ingredients, fostering repair and radiance.

This 16-ounce bottle is more than just moisturizer; it’s peace of mind in a pump for anyone wanting a product free from fragrances, parabens, GMOs, and common allergens. Transition smoothly through seasons or simply manage daily dryness – either way, Adamia is there to ensure your skin feels loved and well cared for without any extra fuss or frills.


  • Penetrates below the skin’s surface to replace depleted oils

  • Non-greasy, fragrance-free, and easily absorbed onto skin

  • Moisturizes distressed skin and treats dry skin, skin tears, and more

  • Contains macadamia oil rich in omega-7 for effective moisturizing


  • Not suitable for those with nut allergies

  • Maybe a bit pricey compared to other lotions

  • Some users may find the lack of fragrance less appealing

Are you tired of dealing with dry, rough skin? Look no further than Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion – the perfect solution for those seeking a non-greasy, fragrance-free moisturizer. Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies, this clinically proven lotion will repair and replenish your skin’s natural oils. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to smooth, hydrated skin! Try Adamia today.

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Body Lotion

Packed with vitamin E

Intensely hydrates and soothes itchy, extra-dry skin for 48 hours.
Worthy Mention

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  • 16 Fl Oz of advanced therapy body lotion

  • Contains active ingredients such as vitamin E and panthenol

  • Fresh-scented and non-discontinued formula

  • Manufactured by Lubriderm in Canada

  • Designed with a convenient pump for easy dispensing

  • Enriched with glycerin for moisturizing benefits

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Body Lotion is a game-changer for anyone struggling with itchy, extra-dry skin. Its dermatologist-developed formula delivers immediate relief by deeply moisturizing with vitamins E and Pro-Vitamin B5. The lotion quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy residue, making it perfect for daily use to achieve and maintain soft, resilient skin. Specially designed for sensitive skin types, this hypoallergenic lotion ensures that your comfort doesn’t come at the cost of irritation since it’s free from fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and dyes.

Women dealing with dry skin understand the challenge of finding a non-irritating moisturizer that really works. Lubriderm’s non-greasy feel means you can put on your favorite silk blouse or dress immediately after application—no sticky feelings or waiting around. With 48 hours of proven hydration and a soothing blend that includes Pro-Ceramide to help fortify your skin’s moisture barrier, rough patches soften significantly over time. Whether applied after morning showers or before bedtime routines, users often notice improved texture and less discomfort in areas prone to dryness, like elbows and knees.

This powerful yet gentle lotion serves up potent hydration in a fragrance-free package, ideal if you’re sensitive to scents or prefer your perfume unsullied by competing aromas. Imagine walking through your day feeling comfortable in your well-hydrated skin—Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Body Lotion helps turn that dream into reality for women who’ve long sought solace from dryness without success.


  • Absorbs quickly and leaves a clean, non-greasy feel

  • Intensely hydrates itchy, extra-dry skin

  • Formulated with vitamins E and pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier

  • Clinically-proven 48-hour moisturization


  • May not be suitable for individuals who prefer scented lotions

  • Some users may find the lotion too thick

  • Could potentially leave a slightly sticky feeling on the skin

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Body Lotion is perfect for anyone looking to soothe and hydrate their dry, itchy skin. If you want a non-greasy formula that delivers intense moisture for up to 48 hours, try Lubriderm’s fragrance-free lotion with pro-ceramide, vitamin E, and pro-vitamin B5 today! Say goodbye to uncomfortable dryness and hello to healthier-looking skin.


Q: What is body lotion for dry skin?

A: Body lotion for dry skin is a moisturizing product specifically designed to hydrate and nourish dry and rough skin, helping to restore its natural moisture balance.

Q: How does body lotion differ from body cream?

A: Body lotion is lighter and less greasy than body cream, making it suitable for daily use and quick absorption, while body cream is thicker and provides a more intense hydration for extremely dry skin.

Q: What are the key benefits of using a moisturizer for dry skin?

A: Using a moisturizer for dry skin can help alleviate dryness, nourish and hydrate the skin, protect the skin barrier, and improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin.

Q: Can I use a daily moisturizing lotion for dry skin?

A: Yes, a daily moisturizing lotion for dry skin is specifically formulated to provide long-lasting hydration and can be used daily to maintain moisture levels in the skin.

Q: How can I find the best body lotion for extremely dry skin?

A: Look for body lotions labeled as “for extremely dry skin” or “intense moisture,” containing ingredients such as shea butter, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid for deep hydration.

Q: What are the features of a good body moisturizer for sensitive skin?

A: A good body moisturizer for sensitive skin should be fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic to prevent irritation and provide gentle hydration.

Q: How does using body lotion help protect the skin from environmental damage?

A: Using body lotion forms a barrier on the skin’s surface, helping to protect it from environmental pollutants, harsh weather, and UV radiation, reducing the risk of skin conditions and irritations.

Q: Can daily moisturizing lotion be used on both the face and body?

A: While some daily moisturizing lotions are suitable for both the face and body, it’s essential to use products specifically formulated for facial skin to avoid clogging pores and causing breakouts.

Q: What should I look for in a nourishing body lotion?

A: A nourishing body lotion should contain ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, or natural oils to provide deep nourishment, soothe irritation, and maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Q: How can body lotion help improve the appearance of flaky skin?

A: Body lotion can help moisturize and soften flaky skin, reducing its appearance and texture, while also preventing further dryness and promoting smoother, healthier-looking skin.


Embrace the relief that Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Moisturizing Body Lotion brings to your thirsty skin with its unique blend of nourishing ingredients. Experience the rich, healing properties of La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ and rediscover soft, supple skin without irritation.

These top-tier lotions promise intense hydration and repair for all your dry skin woes. Choose these trusted options today for a transformative skincare routine that delivers results.

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