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Editor Rating: 9.5

Why it's great: "I thought I had been using some pretty high-quality lip glosses ... until I came across this one from Estee Lauder. This stuff is on a whole other level. Every time I go to apply it, I'm taken aback by how stunning it is -- the color is so pigmented and rich and the formula is so glossy, that it puts every other gloss I own to shame. I used to turn to lipstick whenever I wanted to create a dramatic statement lip, but this is officially my new go-to. It's a quick and easy way to get that lip gloss-layered-over-lipstick look all in one step and it makes lips look super luscious. The thicker formula takes a little getting used to, but it makes up for it in staying power. Plus, it feels smooth and moisturizing -- it's not sticky, just show-stopping." -- Erica, Assistant Editor

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Editor Rating: 9

Why it's great: "Some of my beauty routines have fallen out of fashion since I was in 6th grade (I was committed to covering my entire body in roll-on glitter from Bath & Body Works back then), but one product has remained a staple through adulthood. My favorite lip gloss is still Lip Smackers. I like a clear gloss for smoothing on when I don't feel like making up the rest of my face, and for layering on top of lipstick for a glossy touch. Liquid Lip Smacker in Strawberry is my jam. I like that it's not sticky and I love the smell -- just as much for the light strawberry scent as for the nostalgia it conjures." -- Emily, Editorial Assistant

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Editor Rating: 9.5

Why it's great: "My favorite lip gloss hands down is Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil overcoat. I'm really not a big fan of lip gloss because of how sticky it can be, but I always want to add a little shine to my lips. This is the perfect nude gloss. It adds a little natural color and shine without being invasive and goopy like so many lip glosses out there. " -- Claire, Editorial Intern

Photo 10/10
Korres Lip Butter, $12
Editor Rating: 9.5

"This gloss-balm-stain hybrid is my go-to. I have one in every bag in a range of colors from the dark plum to the pale pink. It's incredibly moisturizing, and it feels fantastic on your lips -- never sticky. Plus, the color really lasts. Even after the glossiness is gone, it leaves behind a natural-looking stain. I've even used it on my cheeks when I realized I didn't have any blush in my makeup bag." -- Dawn, NY Editor

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Lip gloss -- it's a staple in everyone's makeup bag (right?!), so the editorial team is obsessed with finding the very best. We've tried a ton -- some even call us lip gloss whores -- and narrowed down the best for you. If you disagree though, please chime in. We'd love to know about your go-to glosses.
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