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Best Hand Cream No. 2: The Hand Stuff Intensive All Natural Balm, $11.99 average member rating: 9.8*
Why it's great: After using this hand cream for one week, readers claim "you won't believe the difference" the product makes on dry hands. "Cracked skin takes forever to heal, but The Hand Stuff is great because it keeps my hands smooth and prevents cracking," says one reader. Others add that the "fresh and natural smelling" hand cream protects cuticles from harsh and drying conditions and "lasts longer" than other lotions. "Just a little bit went such a long way," writes another reviewer. "My hands and elbows felt so much smoother after just one application."

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*At time of publication average member rating: 9.9*
Why it's great: The rich, buttery texture of this moisturizing hand cream earns it the top spot on our list. Readers love that the formula is "packed with so much goodness," including "honey and shea butters." One fan writes, "This is the best moisturizer for dry, environmentally stressed skin. It doesn't just lie on the surface -- it soaks into the top layers, soothes and softens even the driest skin." What's more? The luxurious feel makes this hand cream a hit during the holiday season. "I always get this ... for my wife as a gift," one reader writes. "She loves it."

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*At time of publication

Quality hand cream might not seem totally necessary -- but with all the typing, styling and high-fiving we do, our hands go through a lot on a daily basis. Still, hand cream usually ends up at the bottom of our list of beauty priorities. We spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging face serums and hydrating masks for our hair, but hands also show signs of aging -- sometimes even more than your face. So in some ways, the best hand creams are some of the most powerful defenses against aging.

Hand cream may not target your crows' feet, under-eye bags and fine lines. But the dark spots, veins and loose skin on your hands are what truly reveal the number of candles on your birthday cake. If you compare your hands to someone 10 years older or 10 years younger, you'll notice a pretty glaring difference. That's why we think -- and dermatologists agree -- that it's high time to show your hands some love. And a highly reviewed hand cream is the perfect place to start.

With the help of our trusty reviewers, we rounded up 11 of the best hand creams that will leave your hands soft and younger-looking.
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