Featuring Guest Guru, Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist and creator of Mally Beauty
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October 2010 - Featuring Mally Roncal
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Total Beauty Chats with Mally Roncal, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Creator of Mally Beauty

Q: We hear you had a change of heart on your way to becoming a doctor -- what was the impetus for you getting into the beauty biz?
A: My parents are both doctors, so I wanted to be just like them because they are my heroes. Secretly (between you and me) I was obsessed with makeup, so my ultimate goal was to become a dermatologist and then make my own line of makeup. [But] when I was pre-med and I had to start slicing things up, I was like "okay, ew! Don't want to do this; I just want to make the makeup, damn it!"

Q: There are so many makeup artist lines on the market. How do you make sure you stand out?
A: I was so sick and tired of makeup companies lying to me, telling me that their makeup was waterproof, or that it would last all day. I would put it on Beyoncé and then be horrified to see it traveling down her face and then have to defend myself and say, "I'm sorry. Look, it says it's waterproof." So I said I am going to create a makeup line that makeup artists and every woman can trust. I love my customers (who we call the Mallynistas), and I want them to have makeup that they can rely on.
Q: You have a pretty impressive clientele and have even been on Oprah. Who were you most star struck by and why?
A: I'm so star stuck, still to this day -- by everyone. It's so funny because I'm so the anti-celebrity makeup artist. I was at the "Today Show" the other day, and Barry Manilow was there! (On a side note, I happen to be a huge Barry Manilow fan -- don't hold that against me, but, it was part of growing up in a Filipino household. Barry Manilow is like a God.) Every single time I see any of my clients, I'm still 14-years-old. While they are just "regular women," like you and me (except maybe Beyoncé who is perfect), it's still fun. There are so few fun butterfly moments left in this world, so why not embrace them.

Q: We bumped into you working backstage at the Tracy Reese show last month at New York Fashion Week, what are some trends you spotted throughout the week?
A: It was very very seventies-inspired -- the look we did was as well. It was a very sun-kissed, soft bronzy skin and a shimmering brown eye. Lots of mascara. We did a glowing peach on the cheeks and a very high shine peach glossy lip. Some people were calling it coral, but it just sounded more fun to say, "peach is the new pink." It's all about alliteration for me.

Q: What's the best part about your job?
A: Being able to connect with the Mallynistas and customers. I am big on social media. I'm on the Mally Beauty Facebook page and on my Twitter all day, every day.

Q: What's the most challenging aspect of your job?
A: Not being able to be several places at once. I have three baby girls that are also a huge part of my life. And I do find, knock on wood, that I really have a great balance of work and life. Our office is in our home so I'm with them in the daytime. As a matter of fact, while I am doing this phoner with you, I'm actually standing inside my pantry because it's so damn noisy out there.

Q: You seem to have garnered some serious success from selling on "QVC." How has it affected your business?
A: Oh God, it's made our business. I received a lot of opposition when I first said that I wanted to launch on "QVC." My dad had the idea (he pronounces [the show] in his Filipino accent as QBC). He was like, "you must go on QBC and sell your makeup." I had read at one point that Estee Lauder physically touched every single person that she sold makeup to, and I wanted to be like her. But it's impossible unless I get my ass on a bus, and I don't like peeing in a porta-potty so that's not going to happen -- television was the only way to reach a ton of people. And so, launching on ["QVC"] was the best decision I had ever made in my entire life. It really has created who we are. We're not about standing behind a counter. It's about my relationships with the customer. And I get to talk, which is my favorite part -- as you can see.

Q: What is the most important lesson you've learned in your career that you'd like to pass along?
A: You have to remember that it's a business. This is not just you running around and painting people. You have to create invoices and make relationships with your clients and you have to really remember that you are doing this to make money too. You have to eat, right? If you could eat lipstick you'd be fine, but you can't.

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