Featuring Guest Guru, Michael Canalé
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November 2010 - Featuring Guest Guru, Michael Canalé
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  Guest Guru
Michael Canalé, Celebrity Hair Colorist and Owner of the Canale Salons in Beverly Hills and Malibu

Q: What inspired you to become a hair colorist?
A: Seeing the great work of great hairstylists such as Hugh York and John Peterson.

Q: Where did you do your training and how did you get your start?
A: I was trained at Marinello’s School of Beauty in Los Angeles, Calif. I started at MJF [Michael Joseph Furie] Salon in Tarzana.

Q: Where are you from? If you're not from California, then what brought you here?
A: I’m a seventh generation Los Angelian.

Q: When and why did you decide to open your own salon?
A: When my clientele started increasing, I felt it was time to open a place of my own.

Q: How has that changed the way you look at the salon business?
A: It’s more work. Stylists are like herding cattle.

Q: What insight do you wish others would have shared with you before you started your business?
A: That hairdressers are all artists in their own way.

Q: How did you initially get the opportunity to color Jennifer Aniston's hair?
A: A mutual friend referred her to me and I did her hair during the pilot of her hit show, "Friends."

Q: How has creating her hair color changed your career?
A: It’s the most wanted hair color in the world! At least once a day, someone requests her hair color.

Q: Since you and Chris McMillan both are responsible for creating Aniston's iconic hair, it seems so fitting that you would create The McMillan Canale Salon -- what turned that idea into a reality?
A: Chris and I have known each other for years and it was always a dream to combine our forces.

Q: You are regarded as one of the best colorists in the beauty industry. Not that we expect you to reveal your secret formulas with us, but what is it about how the way you color hair that makes you stand out?
A: It’s about controlling the hair color itself.

Q: You have a pretty impressive clientele. Who were you most star-struck by and why?
A: Heidi Klum, she makes me blush.

Q: What are the high and low points of your career?
A: My high point is right now, working with Chris. Low points: none. My life is always getting better and better.

Q: Which hair care products do you swear by and encourage your clients to use in order to keep their color looking great?
A: Kerastase, of course. They have something for everyone. I especially recommend their Age Recharge Masque from their Resistance line. It conditions and revitalizes the hair.

Q: What's your hair mantra?
A: Always enhance what God gave you.

Q: How have you managed to find balance in your life between work and your personal life?
A: I’m a workaholic. I work in six locations, but when I’m at home I enjoy being a good father and husband. I always make time for my family.

Q: What is the most important lesson you've learned in your career that you'd like to pass along?
A: Always make sure you can carry your own weight.

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