Featuring Guest Guru, Jennifer Yen, Creator and CEO of Pur~Lisse
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March 2011 - Featuring Guest Guru, Jennifer Yen
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  Guest Guru
Jennifer Yen, Creator and CEO of Pur~Lisse

Q: What inspired you to start your own skin care brand?
A: I've always been in love with beauty products but what really inspired me was my experience as an actress. My skin became very sensitive from the heavy makeup and lighting, and I couldn't find any skin care products to heal this new condition. During this distressful time, I made the decision to create pur~lisse, an age-prevention solution for sensitive skin, inspired by my grandmother's Asian beauty wisdom and advanced skin-science.

Q: How different is your career now that you've left acting behind?
A: Total paradox: In acting, I was waiting and depending on others for jobs and with pur~lisse, I have to create my own opportunities.
Q: What do you wish someone would have warned you about before you started your company?
A: How capital-intensive having a beauty brand can be, not only for research, development and inventory, but also for education, promotion, PR and marketing.

Q: What are you doing to help differentiate your brand from the sea of skin care products on the market?
A: I partner with our stores [to do] beauty events, because I love to personally put pur~lisse on our customers' faces, tell them about pur~lisse and hear their feedback. We focus on grassroots marketing and rely on recommendations from pur~lisse users.

Q: What's the most important lesson you've learned in your career thus far?
A: You have choices. Who you choose to do business with, spend time with and build relationships with will determine the success or failure of your career or personal happiness.

Q: What skin care trends are you excited about currently -- any plans to work them in to your collection?
A: I'm excited about plant cell research, but I will only fuse this new concept in to pur~lisse when there is more solid, proven, scientific research showing dramatic results on skin and [when it can be done] with no negative environmental impact.

Q: What can we expect to see from pur~lisse in the near future?
A: In the near future, pur~lisse will help create eco-systems by cultivating our own lotus ponds, lotus extracts and seeds in the provinces of Cambodia where lotus ponds are abundant … I want to create more employment opportunities for local farmers. A recent trip to Cambodia gave me this inspiration.

Q: What's your beauty mantra?
A: My grandmother always taught me that moral character and virtues outweigh physical appearance. A person who is wise, intelligent, confident, humble, healthy, compassionate, elegant, natural and who has a great smile, passion and loves life … that's the epitome of beautiful!

Q: We know you use pur~lisse on your skin, but what are a few of your favorite products?
A: I love [the] Alterna Haircare Bamboo collection and Phyto hair products. And I use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.
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