The Best Scrunchies for Hair

Honestly, what's not to love about scrunchies? Elastic bands pull hair out, sit tight on your wrist, and get lost a lot. Scrunchies, on the other hand, don't do any of these things, and they're super cute so you won't want to take them off. There's a scrunchie for every hair type to keep your curls intact, the frizz down, and to match your outfit. Scrunchies will keep your hair back in a way that won't damage it, and the best part is they come at a great price. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Seven Style Velvet Scrunchies

Soft as Velvet

This huge assortment of colorful velvet scrunchies has something for everyone.
Best Overall

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Sold as a bundle of 60, this set from Seven Style touts a colorful assortment of velvet scrunchies. Aside from being supremely affordable, the huge variety in colors alloys you to find a matching scrunchie for any outfit you plan on wearing. What’s more, if you lose a few of them (or thirty, even), there’s no need to stress – you’ll still have plenty more. Toss some in your purse, keep a few in your desk at the office, and stash a few in the car, and you’ll never have to be stuck without a scrunchie again.


  • Excellent price is affordable for virtually anyone
  • Considering the affordability, the stitches are high-quality
  • The color variety is great, and you’re sure to find one to match your outfit


  • Size may be a bit small for some people

Chloven 45 Pcs Hair Scrunchies

The Ultimate Scrunchie Pack

This option is great for breakage and comes in every color you could possibly hope for.
Best Colors

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This is the ultimate scrunchie pack with 45 color options for an affordable price. They are all velvet which makes them super soft and the elastic is normal size so anyone from a child to an adult can wear these scrunchies. They are definitely stretchy and you can wash them. They stretch out to about 20-25 cm. The best part is if you lose one, you have many more options. When a deal this colorful comes along, we say grab one while you can.


  • So many pieces, you will almost always find something to match your outfit
  • Vibrant colors are long-lasting


  • Machine wash is not recommended

Cotton Hair Scrunchies

Scrunchies for Curly Hair

Don't worry about losing your waves and curls with these scrunchies.
Best Cotton

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We adore this 15 pack of scrunchies with both solid and floral patterns because of the wide variety. The scrunchies are made of cotton and work really well on all types of hair, but particularly on curly or wavy hair. They are 4 inches in diameter and can easily be double-knotted in curly to wavy hair. You won’t have to worry about elastic dents, and you’ll easily be able to pull these out and restyle your hair if needed.


  • Made of cotton, which makes the scrunchies great for curly to wavy hair
  • Sturdy hold ensures the scrunchie does not move around throughout the day


  • Packaging is not very visually appealing, but the products come very well protected

Harlow Designer Velvet Scrunchies

Scrunchies for Thick Hair

Bigger, fluffier, and supportive
Best for Thick Hair

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These scrunchies are big and fluffy and work great with thick hair. Your hair will stay in place if you want a high-pony or a bun and you won’t constantly have to restyle and adust the elastic. This scrunchie is big enough to be double or triple knotted and the colors are beautiful and earthy. The brand offers different packages of colors and quantity.


  • Great for thick hair
  • Secure


  • Pastel colors not offered

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hair scrunchies made of?

Hair scrunchies can be made of one of many materials: chiffon, cotton, satin, and velvet, to name a few. You should select your scrunchies based on your hair type, color preferences, and size preferences. Satin is particularly great for damaged hair, and cotton is particularly great at holding thick and long hair.

Are there different types of scrunchies?

Yes, there are many different kinds. Scrunchies vary in diameter, fabric thickness, color, pattern, and material.