The Top 5 Henna Tattoo Kits

Henna tattooing is an ancient art that has been practiced for well over 5,000 years. Though it's predominantly found in Indian cultures and celebrations, today, people all over the world have adopted this incredible tradition, adorning their bodies in intricate, unique designs. Henna paste comes from a powder that's derived from the henna plant, and this is what's used in henna tattoos (as opposed to traditional ink tattoos). Want to get crafty with an at-home henna tattoo kit? Doing your own henna can be a great way to get comfortable with tattoos if you're thinking of getting a permanent one (henna only lasts a couple weeks), but it's also just a gorgeous accessory on its own. There are tons of DIY henna kits out there, but these are the five best.

Jacknb Temporary Tattoo Kit

High-quality henna for the win

This henna tattoo kit wins out for its ease, efficiency, and elegant-looking stencils and ink.
Best Overall

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Looking to experiment with henna? You’ll want to try the Jacknb Temporary Tattoo Kit, which comes with everything you need to create gorgeous henna tattoos and others as well. The tools include four bottles of tattoo ink, stencils, disposable gloves, a painting cotton swab, and user instructions, so you’ll be well on your way to becoming a henna tattoo artist, in no time. The metal tip of each ink bottle allows you to make delicate, detailed designs, and the color can even withstand some water. Not to mention, the ingredients are sourced from plants and won’t harm your skin.


  • Comes with virtually everything you need: four bottles of ink, self-adhesive stencils, and more
  • You can do both henna and regular tattoos
  • You don’t have to buy an additional applicator bottle
  • Made of all-natural plant extracts; no harmful chemicals
  • The color is waterproof


  • It would be nice if this kit came with just a few more stencils.

Xmasir Henna Tattoo Stencil Kit

Airbrushed to perfection

These tattoos have a distinct airbrushed finish that we just can't get enough of.
Best Airbrush Look

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Perfect for beginners, the Xmasir Henna Tattoo Stencil Kit comes with 16 sheets of superior-quality PVC stencils, which are 100 percent non-toxic and washable—these include a wide variety of cool, henna-specific designs. The look is uniquely airbrushed, and you can even opt to add glitter to the finished product, to make your creations truly sparkle and shine. All that, and this kit comes at a very affordable price point.


  • Comes with 16 sheets of stencils
  • Boasts a gorgeous airbrushed look
  • You can add glitter to the finished product
  • Super affordable price tag


  • They’re just a tad sticky, especially at first

Koogel Henna Tattoo Stencil Kit

Lovely-looking and budget-friendly

No need to break the bank if you're experimenting with henna; just get this Koogel kit.
Best Value

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Get the most bang for your buck with the Koogel Henna Tattoo Stencil Kit, which is available at a very budget-friendly price considering the quality and amount of materials that come in this kit. With 18 sheets of henna stencils (including 8 sheets just for hand tattoos), you can mix and match to your heart’s content. In fact, there are 97 patterns in total. Or, if you want to get creative with it, you can just freestyle your own tattoos. This kit is made from high-grade PVC and other durable, eco-friendly ingredients.


  • Comes with 18 stencil sheets; there are 97 patterns in total
  • Use the stencils or freestyle your own designs
  • Excellent value
  • Made from non-toxic materials


  • Typically comes off after just a few days

Fanrui Henna Temporary Tattoos

Distinctively beautiful and detailed

These designs from the brand Fanrui make us swoon.
Best Delicate Designs

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For the most delicate, intricate designs imaginable, look to Fanrui’s Henna Temporary Tattoos. These eye-catching shapes and patterns are strikingly gorgeous—choose from elaborate flowers, dream-catchers, sea creatures, and more. And, conveniently, these tattoos are made from non-toxic ingredients, are relatively waterproof, and look awesome no matter where you place them on your body.


  • Striking, beautiful designs that run the gamut from flowers to dream-catchers to magical creatures; all of which are finely drawn and detailed
  • Relatively waterproof
  • Non-toxic and easily washable


  • Comes with just six sheets of stencils

Kevinart Temporary Tattoo Kit

Waterproof and worry-free

Perfect for hot days or sweaty workouts.
Best Waterproof

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If you know you’ll be doing some sweaty workouts, post-henna sessions, then it’s probably best to invest in Kevinart Temporary Tattoos. This kit comes with four bottles of ink that, when applied to the skin, are able to withstand sweat, showers, and rain—more so than many other henna tattoos. And, prepare to indulge your inner tattoo artist, because this kit also includes four pairs of disposable gloves and eight painting cotton swabs. You’ll have everything you need in order to create beautiful body art.


  • Ink can withstand sweat, showers, rain; it’s more waterproof than most
  • Also comes with 24 design stickers
  • Kit includes disposable gloves and painting cotton swabs
  • A great way to try out temporary tattoos if you’re thinking of getting the real thing


  • Slightly pricier than other henna tattoo kits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between henna tattoos and traditional ink tattoos?

Henna tattoos are temporary body art, unlike ink tattoos, which are permanent. Henna tattoos are made from the ground-up, powdery leaves of the henna plant; this type of tattooing is most prominent in India or Indian cultures, where it is commonly associated with good luck and health.

How long do henna tattoos last?

Depending on how often you shower and how much you scrub your skin, you can expect your henna tattoos to last anywhere from a week to three weeks. (It’s also worth noting that, the darker the henna is when you apply it, the longer it will last.)

Where do people usually get henna tattoos on their bodies?

Although henna tattoos can be applied all over the body, traditionally, people place them on their hands and feet.