The Cutest Unicorn Makeup Brushes

If you enjoy makeup, why not make it even more fun by switching up the tools you use to apply it? Bring some magical fun into your everyday makeup routine with unicorn makeup brushes. One look at these things, and your day will be brightened. Oh yeah, and your makeup will be, too. You may find yourself feeling more motivated and inspired to get creative with your makeup and turn it into one of your favorite parts of the day. If you’re not sure where to start in buying unicorn makeup brushes, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up the cutest ones for you to try out.

Ammiy Unicorn Makeup Brushes

The legends are true

Makeup brushes come in all shapes and sizes, but these unicorn-inspired ones are the best.
Best Overall

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There are a few key things you want in your makeup brushes. One is high quality. The last thing you want to deal with is hair falling out of your brushes after just a few uses. This set from Ammiy is made of high-quality nylon hair and will help apply your makeup smoothly and keep it in place. The brushes are all cruelty-free, which we love, and the real magic is in the unicorn handles. Not only are they comfortable to hold, but their twisted unicorn-horn design is coated in an iridescent purple color that we can’t get enough of.


  • Fit for beginners and pros
  • Great for applying, blending, and contouring
  • Easy to clean


  • We wish the nylon bristles held powders a bit better

Rongji Professional Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

Friendly to the animals

Keep your makeup tools safe for you and the animals.
Best Cruelty-Free

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Cruelty-free products are a big deal in the world of makeup, and that’s why these brushes made it on our list. They are made of cruelty-free synthetic fibers that are soft to the touch, with no harm required. The brush material feels silky smooth against your skin and will apply your makeup cleanly. With this set, you get seven different brushes, each able to bring something special to your makeup routine. The handles are made of metal and feature fun, colorful designs, and the unicorn heads at the end of the brushes are a fantastical finishing touch.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Made of synthetic fibers
  • Sturdy metal handles


  • Bristles fall out sooner than expected

Leeron Professional Makeup Brushes Kit

Quality and cuteness

The fun designs aren’t just for kids — adults can enjoy them, too.
Best Professional Set

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When many people think of unicorn makeup brushes, they likely think of a great gift idea for younger folks. But this set from Leeron is intended for professionals. The brushes are made of quality synthetic fibers designed to last through many applications without absorption or shedding. In addition to a variety of brushes for your eyes, this Leeron set also includes a concealer brush, foundation brush, powder brush, and more. No matter what your makeup brush needs are, this kit has you covered. It also comes with a case to keep everything safe and to make traveling with the brushes easier.


  • Sleek storage case
  • Hairs are soft and dense
  • Light and easy to use


  • Not the best choice for full-coverage application

Ruigoon Unicorn Fan Makeup Brush Set

Doing makeup should be fun

Add some sparkle into your day with these makeup brushes.
Most Fun To Use

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Everyone could use some sparkle in their life, and if you’re interested in makeup, these Ruigoon brushes may be just the thing to bring you that extra shine. Not only are the bristles of these brushes bright and colorful, but the stem of the brush features a liquid glitter that moves every time you move the brush. They are much more fun than your average makeup brush, that’s for sure. The clear plastic carrying case is perfect for when you need to take your makeup on the go — each brush has its own groove that it perfectly fits into so your stash stays in place.


  • Gitter handle makes these brushes extra fun
  • The carrying case has grooves for each brush
  • The brush bristles are high-quality and won’t shed


  • The brushes could stand to hold a bit more pigment

Tenmon Unicorn Eye Brush Set

All eyes on you

Give your eyes some extra attention with this comprehensive set.
Best Eye Brush Set

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Foundation and concealer brushes are an important part of your makeup toolbox, but oftentimes eye brushes don’t get the attention they deserve. So, we are giving them proper attention now by sharing this set. Featuring 20 different brushes, you have the tools to create any look when you have this set in hand. The stem’s design is an ombre design of pink, purple, and blue with a geometric touch. And the tips of the brushes are dipped in purple to give them a little something extra. This set is excellent for beginners as well as those who are highly skilled in the art of makeup.


  • Plenty of eye brushes to choose from
  • Strong handles
  • Bristles made to last


  • Does not come with a carrying case

Frequently Asked Questions

Which makeup brush is best for what?
Generally speaking, soft, fluffy, angled brushes are best for bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Angled brushes that have more stiff bristles are ideal for contouring. Soft brushes shaped like a flat fan work best for highlighter or powdered bronzer, and smaller brushes are made for eyeshadow application.

How often should I wash my makeup brushes?
Every couple of weeks, your makeup brushes need a deep clean, as they can get a buildup of makeup that can lead to breakouts and serve as a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to all kinds of skin issues.

What is the best way to wash makeup brushes?
There are makeup brush cleansers made specifically for cleaning your tools, but they aren’t a necessity. The key to cleaning your brushes is to use a gentle cleanser to avoid drying out the bristles. You can even use the same cleanser you use for your face. Make sure to massage the brushes gently with a cleanser, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out any excess water, and form the brush back to its original shape.