The Best Spiral Hair Ties

As anyone with long locks knows, getting your hair to stay in place is a daily challenge. But instead of wrestling with stretched out elastic hair ties, why not opt for a better solution? Spiral hair ties are designed to grip your hair tighter, without pulling and tugging, to help you recreate your favorite hairstyles without leaving any creases behind. We've gathered a list of our favorites to help you find the best ones for your hair.

Invisibobble Power Traceless Spiral Hair Ties

The clear choice

These understated hair ties are in it for the long haul.
Best Overall

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Whether you’re going for a run, heading to the office, or going out on the town, these spiral hair ties from Invisibobble are the perfect way to keep your hair right where you want it. They boast a strong grip, thanks to the tightly coiled design and quality plastic material. The Power line is designed specifically to hold thick, hard-to-manage hair through any kind of workout. Still, they’re gentle enough to prevent pulling, tangling, and breakage, making them a reliable choice for everyday use.


  • Clear plastic blends into hair for a more seamless look
  • Stays in place when wet, making it perfect for swimming or high-impact exercise
  • Three hair ties included


  • The tight coil makes for some impressive staying power, but it may be harder to use for some people

DeaLott No-Crease Spiral Hair Ties

A pop of color

This set of thirty ties gives you one in every shade.
Best Colors

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With 30 different shades spanning all the colors of the rainbow, this set is a fun and unexpected way to add a dash of color to your look. The coiled design works well for ponytails, braids, and buns, giving you versatility in how you style your hair. Plus, no matter style you choose, the coiled design will help you avoid the dreaded bump. Designed to be used for yoga, sports, or just to wear around town, these colorful coiled hair ties will quickly become your favorites.


  • The ties come in a set of 30 with many different colors and shades for more variety and style
  • If you soak the ties in warm water, they will tighten back up after use
  • The colorful style can also serve as an accessory when worn on your wrist


  • Most of these colored ties won’t blend into your hair
  • The sticky plastic may tug finer hair

Invisibobble Kids No-Ouch Hair Ring

Sunshine and rainbows

This colorful, coiled plastic won't pull or tug, making this hair tie the ideal option for kids.
Best For Kids

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These sparkly and multicolored hair coils will quickly become any child’s go-to hair accessory. The spiral band is specially made to not tug or pull on hair, making it easier to get your kids ready in the morning with ease. The rainbow colors add a fun pop of color and style, while the extra-small spiral makes it perfect for thin or growing children’s hair. Use them for pigtails, space buns, or a classic ponytail to give your little one a unique, unexpected, and colorful twist on a classic style.


  • Designed to eliminate knots and hair pains to make getting ready an enjoyable experience for both parents and kids
  • The rainbow color will instantly become any child’s favorite
  • The plastic band can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet when it’s not being worn in the hair


  • The smaller size is designed for children only
  • These are a more expensive option than elastic hair ties

TailaiMei No-Crease Coil Hair Ties

Spiral into savings

Get twenty super-versatile hair ties for one impressive price with this value set.
Best Value

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In our experience, hair ties have a way of getting lost before we even use them — and since having kids, that disappearing act has gotten even more astounding. If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, this set of 20 hair ties from Tailaimei is hard to beat. You’ll receive ten black and ten clear coils to make matching them to your outfit of the day a non-issue. And if you think you’ll have to sacrifice quality for quantity, think again — these coils are flexible, durable, and keep hair in place like a charm.


  • Plenty of ties for stashing in your purse, car, or office
  • High-quality TPU material is waterproof and gentle on hair
  • If they stretch out, you can restore them with a blow dryer or warm water


  • Black ties may have less stretch than clear ones

Frequently Asked Questions

Are spiral hair ties good for curly hair?

Yes. The spiral shape of these hair ties helps them to grip the hair more easily — especially more heavily textured hair, like curls. The coils won’t get tangled in your hair or tug as you take it out, making it a great option for any hair type.

Are spiral hair ties bad for your hair?

No. Spiral hair ties are actually better for your hair than the traditional elastic alternative. The coiled design distributes the pressure on your hair more evenly and is less likely to get stuck in your hair, helping prevent damage and breakage.

Do spiral hair ties leave a dent in hair?

No. Spiral hair ties are designed to eliminate a thin pressure point on hair, which is what causes dents. Instead, they spread out the pressure over a wider surface area to help eliminate bumps and leave your hair looking freshly styled.