The Best Snap Hair Clips

I have no problem admitting that one of the parts of parenting I was looking forward to the most was getting to do my children's hair. It might sound silly to some, but it's true. So when my daughter was born bald and remained that way until finally, at nearly age four, she developed some enviable curls, I couldn't wait to board the hair-do train. Right now, it's mostly snap hair clips, but I'll take it. And hey, at least I've become somewhat of an expert in what to look for in the best snap hair clips. Don't take my word for it – scroll down and see if you agree.

Goody Classics Contour Hair Clip

Strong, snag-free, and stylish

Goody holds the top place for stylish, pain-free hair snap clips that won't pull, break, or snag your hair.
Best Overall

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When most of us think of snap hair clips, these Goody Classics are exactly what come to mind, right? That’s because they work for all hair types, come in a variety of colors, and are the perfect medium size for any hairstyle or length. Not only that, but they don’t pull out or break your hair, so you can safely wear these clips without worrying about damage. And because these specific Goody clips are the ones that came to mind for snap clips, you know: they really are classics. Time and time again, they prove to be the top snap hair clips for virtually anybody with any type of hair.


  • Tight closure to really clasp your hair, making them slip-free even on the smoothest hair.
  • Simple, elegant, and durable.
  • Work well for even short pixie cuts.


  • For ultra thick hair, these clips can be a bit on the smaller size.

Funtopia Hair Clips for Girls

Loads of fun for the fashionistas

Don't forget about the kids with these fun and funky hair snaps.
Best For Kids

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This is the set that I couldn’t wait to get for my daughter when she finally had enough hair. While I originally got it for the styles I’d imagined in my mind, turns out it was a great purchase for her, too. Why? Because she doesn’t always like having her hair done. But because she’s got wild, curly hair that often sneaks its way into her eyes, she needs to clip it back. Since these clips are colorful, with a variety of patterns and shapes, she’s always down for a simple clip-back. Plus, they don’t pull out any of that baby-fine hair, they’re comfy, and they’re fun. What more could you want for your mini-me?


  • 100-piece set with vibrant colors, patterns, animals, and shapes.
  • Made of high-quality metal that’ll resist chipping.
  • Great for most types of hair.


  • You’ll want to tease super straight hair a bit prior to clipping these ones in, as they tend to fall out of slippery, straight hair.

Goody Big Oval Epoxy Snap Hair Clips

Unexpected, understated oval snaps

Change it up with these pretty oval hair snaps.
Best Oval

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Straying from the pack of the typical snap hair clip design, Goody does it again with an understated oval. Large and strong enough to clamp onto even the thickest hair, the oval design offers a little somethin’ different. And whereas most snap hair clips are made of metal and even have tiny parts that can pull and break your hair, these smooth clips are covered in epoxy for a virtually painless fasten and release. These oval clips make a statement with a shorter, pixie-style cut, or they’re totally practical for holding back medium- to long-length hair. And because they grip your hair without pulling, these are an excellent option for any of those awkward hair moments when you’re growing out your bangs.


  • Over three inches in length for an ultra stylish look.
  • Can cross two snaps, creating an x, for extra strength in holding back thicker hair.
  • Multiple color options to choose from.


  • When the epoxy coating cracks, it can snag your hair.

KWONG Dofash Snap Hair Clips

Let there be light

Blonde hair people, listen up: these clips are meant for you. No more dark, ultra-visible hair snap clips. These lighter ones will perfectly compliment your hair.
Best For Blondes

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Unless you’re going for the brightly colored kid’s hair snap clips, you’ll mostly find dark clips. If you have blonde or lighter colored hair, and you want snap hair clips that blend in a bit better, you’re mostly out of luck. Enter these snap hair clips. Specifically meant for blonde or light brown hair, this 12-count pack has an ombre effect of colors that all look beautiful with lighter hair. Without compromising quality, KWONG’s inexpensive metal clips are sturdy, professional-level clips that will hold your hair without pulling.


  • Value for price is unbeatable.
  • Light, shiny, and bright, these will even look flashy and fun on darker hair.
  • Small enough (and grip well enough) for fastening your hair tightly when applying a wig.


  • A bit on the smaller side, these clips may not be sturdy enough for people with extra thick or curly hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any tricks for keeping hair snap clips on in particularly slippery hair?

Believe it or not, it helps to tease the hair a bit prior to putting the snap hair clip on. All it takes is a bit of backcombing, and the added bit of texture of the hair should hold it in place. For extra security, spray a bit of hairspray on and around the hair clip as well.

Are hair snap clips healthy for hair?

If they’re properly covered and don’t have any exposed, sharp pieces of metal, snap hair clips are perfectly fine for your hair. When you do remove them, make sure to fully release any hair from the clip prior to pulling the clip out. Hair can easily become caught in the snap hair clip, which can lead to pulling the hair out from the roots or breakage.

What’s the best way to style snap hair clips?

There are so many ways to style your hair with snap hair clips. Because they require very little hair, they even work with pixie cuts. Use them to pull back bangs, create a dramatic side part, or keep wispy hair off the nape of your neck. The options are limitless, so have some fun with them.