The Best Shampoo For Oily Hair

Dealing with oily or greasy hair can be frustrating and challenging. Thankfully, there are plenty of shampoos that are highly effective in cleansing oily hair and a dry scalp. When searching for the ideal shampoo, it's important to consider key factors like efficiency, formula, and scent. We’ve already examined these criteria and compiled a list of the best shampoo for oily hair online. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite options.

Maple Holistics Shampoo

Clear your head

This formula is packed with natural botanicals to soothe your strands.
Best Overall

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Maple Holistic’s formula is infused with natural essential oils, including jojoba, rosemary, and lemon. These ingredients help moisturize and cleanse your hair roots and scalp. Plus, it also can combat dandruff flakes or even hair loss without the need for any additives. Most generic shampoos are more one-dimensional and are used to tackle one hair concern. The unique formula demonstrates how Maple Holistic’s shampoo serves multiple needs, including preventing hair loss, oily roots, or a dry scalp.


  • Serves as potent hair cleanser and moisturizer
  • Can be used for dry scalp, hair loss, oily hair, and more
  • Rinses away the flakes in your hair and cleanses your roots


  • Isn’t designed to make hair softer

Biolage Cooling Mint Scalp Sync Shampoo

Sensational scent

This shampoo features mint leaf for a remarkably refreshing effect.
Best Scent

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If you’re looking for a shampoo that offers an irresistible scent, this option from Biolage is your best bet. Not only does it provide your hair with a fresh minty smell but it also serves as a highly efficient cleanser and moisturizer. The anti-bacterial mint leaf formula removes any scalp debris, excess oil, and impurities to give you a healthy-look scalp. Additionally, it offers a cooling relief which is very beneficial for an irritated or itchy scalp. Plus, this shampoo is super effective on all different hair types including straight, wavy, and curly.


  • Fresh minty scent improves the smell of your hair
  • Highly efficient formula removes oil, scalp debris, and impurities
  • Mint leaf cooling relief is super helpful for combatting scalp irritation


  • Not ideal for dealing with dandruff

Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Shampoo

Care for your hair

This pick will hydrate your hair without weighing it down.
Most Moisturizing

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This weightless formula from Nexxus nourishes and cleanses your hair without weighing it down. Plus, it’s produced with high-quality ingredients such as deep-sea minerals to provide your hair with deep hydration while retaining its natural movement. And since your hair will maintain its natural feel, this shampoo is ideal to use before light conditioning. Also, the deep moisture and hydration help to remove any oil and grease from your roots and scalp. Last but not least, the hydra-light formula gives your hair long-lasting lift and strength.


  • Hydra-light formula provides hair with long-lasting lift and strength
  • Weightless feel cleans and hydrates your hair without weighing it down
  • High-quality ingredients remove excess oil from your hair and cleanses scalp and roots


  • Not the best for frizzy hair

Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo

Silky smooth

The option effectively manages frizz and softens your hair.
Best For Thick Hair

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This shea butter formula creates smooth and sleek hair while also managing frizz. The smoothness offered functions even on the most tangled and thick hair. Additionally, the paraben-free formula provides your hair with moisture and hydration, which allows you to style and brush your hair with ease. Finally, it also works great to treat damaged hair or dry scalps.


  • Ideal for thick or unruly hair
  • Paraben-free formula moisturizes and hydrates your hair
  • Leaves your hair with a gentle and soft feel


  • The cap isn’t that tight, so it can leak

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Balancing Shampoo

Rise and shine

This pick gives you high-quality hydration and a sweet shine for a great price.
Best On A Budget

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For an oil-fighting solution that won’t break the bank, look to this pick from L’Oreal Paris. The clay formula purifies your roots, scalp, and dry ends leaving your hair looking silky smooth. Plus, it also gives your hair a nice lift and shine. Not to mention the sweet scent it gives off, allowing you to smell fresh all day long. It even functions on damaged or colored hair. Lastly, it’s one of the most long-lasting shampoos as it can hydrate your hair for up to two days straight.


  • Hydrates your hair for up to two days
  • Clay formula purifies oily roots and dry ends
  • High-quality moisturizer leaves your hair with a nice lift without flattening or weighing it down


  • The fragrance is a bit strong

Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are in the shampoo to get rid of oil or grease?

Shampoo is generally made up of a surfactant and a co-surfactant mixed in water. Surfactants are compounds that ease the tension between liquids and can serve as detergents. The most commonly used surfactant in shampoos is sulfate. The sulfate ingredient functions as a high-quality soap that traps any oil or grease, which helps clean out your hair.

If my hair is oily, how often should I wash it?

We would recommend washing your hair daily if you are dealing with oily hair. Keep in mind you should use a mild shampoo along with a quality conditioner to moisturize your hair and scalp. If daily washing dries out your hair, cut down to two or three times per week.