The Best Refresh Eye Drops

Having dry eyes is not only frustrating but can also cause significant physical irritation and soreness. Even worse, a dry eye can lead to damage to the cells of the eye. Certain medical conditions can predispose a person to dry eyes, and wind, air conditioning, and heating can all take their toll, too. In addition, contact lens wearers and anyone undergoing laser eye surgery should consider Refresh eye drops to provide extra protection against dryness. With a range of eye drops available, we can guide you to the best eye drops for your own needs.

Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops, 50 Single-Use Containers

Best Overall Eye Drops

Refresh Eye Drops do not contain preservatives and can be bought without a prescription. They are formulated to be similar to natural tears, meaning you can apply the drops whenever your eyes feel dry
Best Overall

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Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops is an ideal choice for dry eyes caused by wind, sun, heating, and air conditioning. When the eye is dry, it can feel irritated, sore, or give you a burning sensation. Refresh is preservative-free and contains similar properties to your natural tears, meaning that you can use it as often as you need to. It is even suitable for use
after LASIK and other forms of laser eye surgery. The drops come in single-use vials and are
safe to use with your contact lenses.

The packaging and vials can be difficult to open, which can lead to wastage of the drops. If you are looking for a no-fuss eye drop that requires less dexterity, you might prefer eye drops that come in a larger bottle.

Refresh Optive Gel Drops, 0.33 Oz

Best Refresh Gel Drops

A type of artificial tear, these refreshing gel drops have longer-lasting lubricating properties and help to protect a dry eye from damage. The gel can be used whenever required.
Best Gel Drops

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Refresh Optive Gel Drops can be used as a liquid eye drop, but the gel provides a sheer-thinning effect to spread evenly over the surface of the eye. The gel coats the eye for longer than a liquid drop might, providing prolonged relief during the day or night-time. The lubricating properties of the gel protect the cells of the eye from becoming damaged when the eye is dry. The gel is doctor recommended, and one or two drops can be administered whenever needed.

Gel drops can make your vision seem blurred while the gel spreads across the eye. Once the gel is fully distributed, your vision should return to normal. If using at bedtime, then this shouldn’t be an issue, but for daytime use, you may need to allow a little time for the gel to spread evenly.

Refresh Optive Mega-3 Lubricant Eye Drops

With Natural Oils

With added natural oils, including flaxseed, these drops restore the eye’s natural lipids to prevent tears from evaporating, thus reducing the risk of dry eyes. They can be used as required.
Best Natural Ingredients

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Refresh Optive Mega-3 Lubricant Eye Drops are the only artificial tear to contain a blend of flaxseed and castor oils. Administered using single-use vials, these natural oils work to restore the layer of lipids, and this helps to stop tears from evaporating, therefore preventing the eye from drying out. The drops do not contain preservatives, and the formula results in minimal blurring of vision. The drops can be used for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

The drops can sting a little for some people on administration, however, this discomfort is reported as being short-lived. If you cannot tolerate a short period of stinging, then a different product may suit you better.

Refresh Contacts Contact Lens Comfort Drops

Best Eye Drops for Everyday Use

Refresh Contacts eye drops are ideal if you want to ensure your eyes feel comfortable and moisturized when wearing contacts. They also soothe any irritation caused by prolonged contact lens wear.
Longest Lasting

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Doctors recommend Refresh Contacts Contact Lens Comfort Drops for contact lens wearers. The drops offer comfort by providing a cushion between the eye and the lens. They
prevent the eye from drying out with the presence of a lens and soothe any irritation that does occur during wear. These drops come in a multi-dose bottle and can be used as often
as you feel you need to. The formula is moisture-rich, meaning you can be sure your eyes will feel healthy and fresh in all situations.

The multi-dose bottle is small, and depending on the frequency of use, you may find that you run out of the eye drops fairly quickly. If you are someone who needs or prefers to use eye drops frequently throughout the day, another product may suit you better.

Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

Best Eye Protection

Refresh Tears offer a protective layer to reduce irritation and rid the eye of any bacteria or foreign particles. The drops can be used when required and are safe to use with contact lenses.
Best for Sensitive Eyes

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Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops act as a protective layer that lubricates the eye. It reduces the risk of eye infection by helping to wash out and clear any bacteria and also washes away foreign particles, which could damage the surface of a dry eye. The drops can be used with contact lenses and can, therefore, help to prevent irritation or dryness associated with contact lens use. The surface of the eye is kept clear, and the drops can be used as required to ensure comfort all day and night.

As these eye drops are dispensed in a multi-dose bottle, the size of the drop can seem quite large if you are used to a single-use vial. If you prefer a smaller eye drop, this product may not suit you.

What Really Matters

Comfortable Eyes

If you are trying to find the right eye drops for you, one of the most important factors is whether they will ease the irritation or soreness you might be experiencing. A good eye drop will coat the eye in a liquid that mimics the eye’s natural tears to ensure the eye feels refreshed and can move smoothly beneath the eyelids. For frequent use, you may want an eye drop that causes only temporary blurriness, or no blurring at all, so that you can continue with your daily activities as usual. For night-time use, you may not mind prolonged blurriness so long as the eye drop or gel provides superb comfort all night. While you might be able to tolerate some brief stinging when the eye drop first touches the eye, any prolonged stinging may not feel acceptable if you are trying to soothe irritated eyes. There are many causes of dry eyes, and finding the right eye drop for you is important.

Ease of Administration

It can be tricky to get used to putting eye drops into your own eyes, but with some practice, most people get the hang of it. If you are going to spending money on an eye drop, the last thing you want to do is waste it by either missing your eye or administering more than one or two drops in one squeeze. Simple multi-dose bottles or single-use vials both have their advantages, and finding the right vessel for your requirements is essential. While there are sound medical reasons for using single-use vials, without a medical cause, some people might feel uneasy about the environmental impact of multiple plastic vials being thrown away unless needed for a health reason. Finding the easiest method of administration is vital for ensuring you get the eye drop exactly where it needs to be to begin soothing your dry eyes.

Protection Against Damage

Aside from the discomfort and soreness of dry eyes, eye drops also serve an important protective function. Dryness can damage the cells of the eye through abrasions and ulceration, and a lack of tears also means that the eye cannot effectively clear bacteria or foreign substances. A lack of tears puts the eye at risk of damage and infection. The eye drops you choose should replace the function of natural tears by adding moisture to the eye and preventing the eye from drying out further. Foreign objects, such as contact lenses, can also cause dryness and damage to the eye, and if you use a lens, then you will want to ensure that you take steps to keep the eye well lubricated. Using an eye drop with your lenses will also promote superior comfort and fresh-feeling eyes all day long.

What’s In Right Now?

As with many medical and beauty products, the use of natural components within eye drops is a popular trend. Refresh eye drops aim to mimic the natural properties of tears to produce a substance that cares for your ophthalmological health in a way akin to the body’s natural defenses. The addition of oils such as castor oil is also of benefit, as many substances found naturally can help to prevent evaporation of tears and therefore keep eyes feeling well moisturized.

As the modern world begins to rely heavily on screens and online communication, you may find that your eyes feel dry by the end of the working day or after using your phone or tablet for long periods. Even without a medical cause for dry eyes, it is wise to turn to eye drops to refresh eyes that are tired from screen usage.
Many of us are turning away from glasses and contact lenses in favor of LASIK or other forms of laser eye surgery. Following any sort of eye procedure, your eyes must be well cared for with an excellent lubricating eye drop that promotes healing. Eye drops also ensure comfort, while any healing takes place.


I do not find it easy to administer eye drops. What can I do?

There are lots of options if putting eye drops into your eye is difficult. A larger multi-dose bottle can make administration more comfortable, and with more liquid, in the bottle, you may feel that you have more chances to get the drop to the right place. Some people find using a mirror helps them to get the drop into the right place, while others look directly at the bottle or vial to watch the drop enter. If you are struggling, a relative or friend may be able to help while you get used to using the drops.

I have had several eye infections. Is there any eye drop that would suit me?

To reduce the risk of infections, a single-use eye drop vial is advised. After use, the vial can be thrown away, and a new vial used every time you need to administer the drops. Using a multi-dose bottle can risk contamination and further eye infections, so single use vials is more beneficial if you want to avoid recurrent issues. The great thing about using eye drops is that they help to reduce your risk of eye infections by maintaining your eyes naturally
clear bacteria and debris.

My doctor has recommended that I try Refresh eye drops for dry eyes. What should I try?

Refresh has created a range of eye drops to help with dry eyes caused by a variety of factors. If you are looking for a quick, refreshing drop, a low-blur liquid eye drop will quickly moisturize your eye and allow you to carry on with your activities without delay. A gel may give longer-lasting lubrication but a little blurriness at first. Some drops are ideal for certain conditions such as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or following laser eye surgery. Choosing the right drop will depend on the health of your eye and the symptoms you would like to treat.