The Best Purple Shampoo And Conditioner Sets

Keeping your blonde locks looking their best isn't always an easy task. While blonde highlights may start off looking great, lightening your hair may lead to brassy and yellow undertones. Purple shampoo is an easy solution to this problem. As the name suggests, purple shampoo contains purple pigments. These pigments help revitalize natural and color-treated blonde hair, keeping it looking balanced and bright. However, with so many purple shampoos on the market, it's often hard to know which one to choose. To make your search easier, we've rounded up some of the best purple shampoos the internet has to offer.

What to Look For

We asked ourselves the following questions to find the best purple shampoos on the market: Does it provide your hair with nourishing ingredients? Is it free of sulfates and other potentially harmful ingredients? How well does it moisturize hair? The purple shampoo and conditioner set from L’Oreal Paris quickly rose to the top of our list because its hydrating formula effectively balances all types of blonde hair, helping to minimize the appearance of yellow and orange undertones. We were also impressed with the purple shampoo and conditioner set from Natural Riches, which contains natural oils, extracts, and vitamins to help strengthen damaged hair. Keep reading to learn more about our favorites and discover the best one for you.

L’Oreal Paris Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Refresh your look

Perfect your look with this purple shampoo and conditioner set designed to neutralize brassy yellow and orange tones in blonde hair.
Best Overall

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Whether you have highlighted, bleached, or naturally blonde hair, this purple shampoo and conditioner set by L’Oreal Paris can help keep your hair looking its best. This vegan formula contains no harsh salts and is sulfate and paraben free. Moreover, its deep purple pigment helps minimize yellow, golden, and orange tones, leaving hair looking natural and bright. 


  • We love how effectively this shampoo helps remove almost any hint of brassiness from the hair with only a weekly treatment necessary.
  • This product is an excellent value for the price and works as effectively as more expensive brands.


  •  The purple pigment can stain towels, clothing, and furniture.

Natural Riches Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Boost your tresses

Say goodbye to brassy yellow and orange tones with this purple shampoo and conditioner set that leaves hair looking bright and healthy.
Runner Up

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If you’re looking for a purple shampoo and conditioner that nourishes and protects your hair while reducing the appearance of brassy tones, look no further than this set from Natural Riches. This purple shampoo and conditioner were designed to leave color-treated blonde, silver, grey, and platinum hair looking vibrant and healthy. What’s not to love?


  • We especially liked that this shampoo and conditioner remove brassy tones without drying out hair.
  • This product helps blend color-treated hair with natural hair color, improving its tone and leaving it looking healthy.


  • The shampoo stains the skin, so you may have to wash your hands thoroughly to remove it.

Not Your Mother’s Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Fortify your locks

Reach for this purple shampoo and conditioner set to help keep your blonde hair in tip-top shape.
Best For Blonde Hair

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Not Your Mother’s shampoo and conditioner set helps restore blonde hair to its natural brilliance by minimizing the appearance of brassiness and yellow tones. It uses dark violet pigments to brighten natural and color-treated blonde hair and highlights. With regular use, this shampoo and conditioner can help keep your hair in optimal condition.


  • We learned this shampoo helped reduce the appearance of grey roots, allowing them to blend in with blonde hair to create a natural look.
  • Not only does this shampoo and conditioner thoroughly clean and moisture hair, but it also has a pleasant scent that lasts throughout the day.


  • The shampoo is a bit drying, but the conditioner effectively restores moisture to the hair. 

MATRIX Total Results So Silver Color

Brighten your locks

Keep brassy and yellow undertones in check with this purple shampoo and conditioner set that helps keep hair shiny and healthy.
Best Moisturizing

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If you worry about purple shampoos and conditioners drying out your hair, you can set those worries aside when you use this set from Matrix. The shampoo reduces the appearance of brassy and dull yellow tones while adding brightness to blonde hair of any shade. The conditioner really shines when it comes to hydrating dry and brittle hair, leaving it feeling replenished with a high-shine look, making it an excellent option for anyone suffering from dry hair.


  • We were impressed by how effectively this shampoo and conditioner brightened all shades of blonde, leaving hair looking healthy and natural.
  • This shampoo lathers better than many comparable purple shampoos, ensuring hair gets a thorough cleaning.


  •  Some people may find the scent too strong.

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Pamper your hair

This purple shampoo and conditioner set gently cleanses and moisturizes hair, leaving it looking healthy and bright.
Best For Damaged Hair

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Restoring balance is key to repairing damaged hair, and Joico’s purple shampoo and conditioner set can help you do just that. The shampoo’s formula infuses the hair with pigment, attaching to its fibers and helping maintain your hair’s color through multiple washes. That’s not all; the shampoo and conditioner contain nourishing ingredients to help keep your hair healthy and preserve its vitality.


  • This shampoo effectively removes brassy and yellow tones from the hair, with a noticeable effect after the first use.
  • You can leave this shampoo on your hair for longer or shorter periods depending on how much you need to tone down the brassy or yellow tones in your hair.


  • Getting the product out of the bottle is difficult because it doesn’t come with a pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you use purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo works so well that you only need to use it about once a week to keep your blonde hair looking its best. How long you leave purple shampoo on your hair will depend on the shade of blonde. Neutral blondes should wait between one and three minutes, and cool blondes up to ten minutes before rinsing the shampoo out of their hair. To avoid buildup, you shouldn’t leave the shampoo in your hair for longer than the recommended time.

Can purple shampoo turn my hair purple?

Depending on the texture of your hair, you may find that purple shampoo leaves it with a purple tint, especially if you use it too often or leave it on your hair for too long. Dry or porous hair is more likely to end up with a purple tint than other hair types. You can use a clarifying shampoo to help remove unwanted pigment if your purple shampoo tints your hair.

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