The Best Professional Face Steamers

Self-care can be important in reducing stress, improving energy, and keeping up with your hygiene. By adding a facial steamer to your regimen, even once per week, you can improve your skin’s health and get results you can actually see. There are so many different benefits to steaming, like detoxing, moisturizing, and stimulating collagen production. With so many facial steamers on the market, it may be tricky to find the right one. So, we put together some of our favorite facial humidifiers designed for your delicate skin.

Microderm GLO Facial Steamer Spa

The hydration station

Give your face the ultimate cleanse at home with this slim steamer.
Best Overall

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Clear, radiant skin can easily become your reality with this misting steamer. It begins working on your pores in under 15 minutes, so you won’t need to spend much time to start experiencing results. The nano ionic mist reduces skin dryness and even improves firmness. Smaller vapor molecules mean they can reach deep down into the layers of your skin. We also love how compact this facial steamer is so that you can get a hydrated glow without a bulky machine taking up valuable counter space.


  • We love the size. Its compact design won’t take up a lot of space in your bathroom closet.
  • After you put the water in, it takes less than a minute for you to start feeling steam.
  • If you have dry skin, this steamer provides immediate relief when applied with your skincare regimen. You’ll find the precision very useful.


  • Because of its compact design, it doesn’t hold much water.

Colorfarm Face Steamer

It’s getting hot in here

Get ready for softer skin when you use this machine even just three times a month.
Best Value

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This facial humidifier can help relieve stress and do wonders for your skin. The water tank has a UV light that helps purify the water before turning it into steam. When steaming your face, it’s important to use distilled water or any water you know is clean. But with this machine, you won’t need to worry about that since it does the work for you using UV light. Its intuitive design guides steam through the neck of the machine and out of the opening, so the steam evenly covers your face. This pick is excellent if you are looking for an affordable, effective facial steamer.


  • For those who are plagued with clogged pores, you’ll appreciate the included pour extractors. They look intimidating but are easy to use.
  • We love the overall look of this steamer. And, despite its compact, narrow design, the Colorfarm emits a generous amount of steam.


  • It may take a bit longer to warm up than some models.

Hangsun Facial Steamer

Purge your pores

Shrink your pores with a facial steamer equipped to purify your skin with various attachments.
Most Versatile

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Steaming your face can be important for detoxifying and cleaning out those pores. Luckily, this steamer is made to penetrate deep into the skin to release built-up oil deep down in those pores. The aluminum lining in the base helps heat the water quickly and keep it hot. And you won’t have to guess how much water is too much, thanks to the measuring cup provided with this steamer. It also comes with a mouth and nose attachment for upper sinus relief, a definite positive for allergy sufferers or those of us who get congested often.


  • While some facial steamers are only equipped with a small nozzle, Hangsun provides a facial funnel, allowing for broader coverage for your pores. Plus, you can control the steam settings.
  • Some people mistakingly add essential oils to their steamer even though it may not be compatible, thus causing unnecessary damage. Luckily, Hangsun’s facial steamer has a built-in compartment specifically for your favorite essential oils.


  • The attachments are flimsy, so don’t place lean into them.

Our Tips and Tricks

If you suffer from allergies or chronic sinus issues, you’re no stranger to the cold medicine aisle at your drugstore. It can be frustrating and expensive to find lasting relief from congestion, sinus headaches, and everything else that plagues the upper respiratory system.  Allergy and cold medications are sometimes necessary, but the cost and the side effects of some of these medicines are not always worth it — especially if you use them frequently. Believe it or not, a facial steamer can provide impressive relief to cold and allergy symptoms. If your nose is particularly stuffed, the steam will actually thin your mucus and stimulate your nasal passages so you can blow your nose.  While a facial steamer is not a cure-all remedy, it’s a safe and effective tool to add to your arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a facial steamer?

Using a facial steamer consistently can have a wide variety of benefits. Increasing blood flow in your face is just one benefit that may be worth your while. Warm steam and perspiration can give you a boost in blood flow so your skin can give off a natural glow. Increased blood flow can help boost collagen and elastin within the skin as well as stimulate oil production to give you immediate hydration. Facial steaming can open up your pores and help loosen any dirt or dead skin cells that may be sitting on top of your skin. It will also increase your skin’s permeability, allowing your favorite topical skincare products can penetrate deeper. So don’t be surprised if you feel as if you got a spa-worthy deep-clean with one of these steamers in the comfort of your home.

How should I clean my facial steamer?

High usage of your facial steamer can naturally result in a buildup of dirt and calcium in the machine. We recommend you clean your steamer monthly. Do this by adding two tablespoons of white vinegar to the water tank and fill the rest with water. Turn on the steamer and allow the machine to steam for a couple of minutes. Turn off the steam and let your machine soak in this solution for 30 more minutes. You will then empty the solution and refill the unit with regular water. Run the machine again for ten minutes with regular distilled water to rinse out the previous vinegar mixture. Wipe down and let it dry. You’re now ready to use your facial steamer again.

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