The Best Long Press-On Nails

Press-on nails have come back in full force and are rocking the beauty world. The cost of manicures can add up quickly, and press-on nails are a great alternative to expensive salon visits. There are all sorts of colors, lengths, and design options for press-on nails, but long ones have a special place in our hearts. If you’re interested in trying out this trend, here are the best long press-on nails to get.

Maitys Extra Long Press-On Nails

Options galore

You’ll have more options than you know what to do with.
Best Overall

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Struggling to decide which press-on nails you want to get? Try this set from Maitys that comes with a whopping 240 nails. That means all sorts of colors and designs to choose from for your next at-home manicure. Choose from almost 30 different pattern options to match any outfit or mood. These nails are made of quality ABS material and are non-toxic, so they won’t hurt your skin. They are coffin-shaped to give you that extra length, but if you prefer them a bit shorter, all you have to do is file them down.


  • Color does not fade quickly
  • Coffin shape allows you options for length
  • Comes with 240 nails


  • The color comes off easily

Morily Almond Press-On Nails

For extra-long nails

If you like your nails like you like your heels, these stilettos are for you.
Best Stiletto

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If a stiletto-style nail sounds like your cup of tea, then consider these press-ons from Morily. You can pick from nine different colors of non-toxic acrylic nails that won’t hurt your hands. Each order comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes so that you can easily find what best fits your fingers. And when it comes time to apply them using nail glue or adhesive tabs, the process won’t take long, thanks to the included instruction card. Then all that’s left is to show off your chic new style.


  • Can be reused with nail adhesive tabs
  • Can last up to two weeks
  • Come in 12 different sizes


  • May discolor quicker than expected

Artquee Long Glossy Coffin Press-On Nails

Learning curve

If you're intimidated by press-on nails, give this beginner-friendly set a try.
Best For Beginners

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Press-on nails can feel intimidating if you’ve never done them before. That’s why you want an easy set to get the ball rolling. And that’s what you’ll find with this pick from Artquee. They are simple to apply and take off, and they come with all you need to get your nails looking fabulous: a mini file, a glass nail file, a wooden stick, an instruction card, glue stickers, and (of course) the nails. You can get a fresh manicure in just 15 minutes, though we suggest allowing yourself a bit more time for your first try at it. Choose from multiple different colors and patterns to turn your nails into a conversation-starting style statement.


  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with all the tools you need
  • Fresh nails in just 15 minutes


  • Gems can fall off easily, so you may need to stick them on again with a long-lasting glue

Vaveah Press-On Coffin Nails

Have fun with your nails

Express your personality with these bright nails.
Most Fun

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For some manicure mavens, getting their nails done isn’t about playing it safe — they want something wild that makes a statement. These fun rainbow-colored ones from Vaveah fit the bill perfectly. Not only do they look great, but they feel nice on your hands, too, as they are made from non-toxic ABS material that won’t mess up your natural nail underneath. This kit comes with 24 nails, glue, and stickers. You can reapply the nails if they fall off to keep your long nail game strong no matter what.


  • Tons of bold styles to choose from
  • Won’t harm your natural nail
  • Can be reapplied


  • Glue is not as strong as hoped, so you may want to use your own

Maitys Extra-Long Matte Press-On Nails

Make mine matte

Shiny nails are great, but matte nails are having a moment right now.
Best Matte Finish

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Try out the matte nail trend with these press-ons from Maitys. With this purchase, you get ten sets of different-colored matte nails, with a total of 240 pieces. Mix and match the colors to get a unique matte look, or stick to one color to have a cohesive and clean appearance. You can choose from a few different color combinations, including light, dark, glitter, gradient, and mixed. They come in a ballerina long coffin style for that extra-long look, but if you’d rather have something shorter, you can file them to better suit you and your nails.


  • Includes ten different sets
  • Won’t scratch easily
  • Non-toxic ABS material


  • Glue is sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Do press-on nails damage your natural nails?
For the most part, press-on nails will not cause damage to your natural nails underneath. Acrylics are known to cause quite a bit of damage to nails if they are left on too long or if they are not taken off properly, but press-ons are a safer option.

How long do press-on nails last?
The way that you apply your nails determines how long they last. Using a primer will help to lengthen the life of your press-on nails. But, if done correctly, they can last up to two weeks. For best results, we suggest avoiding contact with water for at least two hours after applying them.

Is it best to use glue or glue stickers for press-ons?
You have the option for adhesive stickers or glue for press-on nails, and typically the glue works better, but the stickers are easier on your natural nails when you take them off. However, if your nails are taken off correctly, the glue shouldn’t cause any damage or pain. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe removal to keep your nails in tip-top shape.