The Best Korean Makeup

Korean makeup can help you redefine the way you highlight your features, and the result can transform your look. If you want to ditch your current routine and give Korean makeup, we know that it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. There are a ton of amazing products out there ranging from eyeliner to blush to lip tint, so deciding which will work best for you isn't easy. But don't fret — we've got your back. In order to find the best Korean makeup on the market, we asked ourselves three questions: Does this makeup apply smoothly and last throughout the day? Will it complement various skin types? And lastly, does it offer something that other types of makeup can't? Our favorite was Skin Food's Peach Cotton powder, which is not only great for those with oily skin, but also a treat for the nose. That's because its delicious peach aroma comes from real peach extract, and it truly is a delightful scent. How many other types of makeup can make that claim? We also loved Etude House's Face Blur SPF foundation, which contains hyaluronic acid to help give your skin that bright, dewy countenance. We have a few other favorites, so keep on reading to discover why we liked each of them so much.

Skin Food Peach Cotton Powder

Fluffy and light

With the help of this powder, you can expect pillow-soft skin all day long.
Best Powder

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When finalizing your makeup look, you want to make sure your skin is radiant and oil-free, which is why this powder from Skin Food is perfect. As the name suggests, the container’s adorable pink shade is made to emulate the color of a peach, and the powder is even formulated to smell like the fruit itself by using extract from natural peaches. Its blend includes silk powder, which leaves your skin feeling softer than ever without drying out or looking cakey. For a radiant, smooth look for everyday use, we recommend this powder from Skin Food.


  • Aside from its silky smooth feel, this powder offers a novelty that few other products can match: its scent. It really does smell like peaches, and because it comes from peach extract, it’s not an off-putting synthetic smell.
  • If you have big pores, this can really help minimize their appearance. It’s also great at minimizing the appearance of oil on your skin.


  • Unfortunately, the powder has no pigment. Though it’s supposed to be translucent, it tends to leave a white finish that can appear especially pronounced in photographs.

Etude House Face Blur Foundation

Barely there

This one is smooth and airy without a caked-on feel.
Best Primer

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This product is made with SPF 33 to protect your skin from UV rays while making your complexion look completely flawless. The pore-covering formulation is made with a coral base to even out discoloration for an even, dewy finish. Etude House has incorporated five different types of hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin while still providing reliable coverage. As for the texture, this foundation has a smooth, light feel that will make you forget you’re even wearing a concealer in the first place. Keep this makeup on from morning to night as you please, then wipe it clean when you’re ready to remove it.


  • The hyaluronic acid can go a long way in lending your skin a healthy, hydrated look. It can also help minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • If you’d like more robust protection from the sun, the company also offers other options with higher SPF.


  • The floral scent may bother some people, especially those with a sensitive sense of smell.

Etude House Hershey’s Kisses Lip Tint

Smooth operator

This lip tint provides all-day coverage with a touch of sweetness to boot.
Best Lip Tint

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For all of you chocoholics out there, we couldn’t leave out this delicious Hershey’s Kiss-inspired Choco Mousse lip tint. This product is wrapped to resemble a chocolate kiss, making for a fun experience right from the start. Not only is it velvety smooth upon application, but it also gives off a delightful chocolate scent. The finish is a lovely matte look with a soft red color that will last through brunch right through until your post-dinner chocolate dessert.


  • We love the cute packaging, and we also realized that this would make it a great gift for anyone special in your life.
  • If you’ve been struggling to find a high-quality lip tint that has a velvety, matte finish, this is your pick.


  • It is a little bit small, so it may not last as long as you’d like it to.

Colorgram Milk Bling Eyeshadow

Glitter and glam

This glittery look makes you the star.
Most Glittery

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If you’re looking for glamorous eyeshadow, look no further than Colorgram’s Milk Bling eyeshadow, which boasts glitzy sparkles and a light finish. The gel-like blend allows for smooth application and dries within minutes for long-lasting wear. Its product size is perfect to stick in your purse, pocket, backpack, or makeup bag for easy travel use. As for how to rock it, we recommend trying it over your eyelids for a glam look, on the top of your cheekbones for a highlighter effect, or even on your hair for a bit of something extra for your braids or curls.


  • The vivid glitter look helps this unique eyeshadow stand out from much of the competition. If you’re looking for eyeshadow that will deliver a bold look, this is it.
  • We love that this eyeshadow lasts all day without fading or smudging easily. Those of us who’d like our eyeshadow to last during work and afterwards into the evening will really appreciate this.


  • The eyeshadow is gel-like at first before drying, so you’ll have to be extra careful until it sets.

Peripera Ink Black Mascara

Luscious lashes

This mascara provides long-lasting waterproof coverage for bold looks.
Best Mascara

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If you’re looking for a way to get the stunning look of lash extensions but don’t want to spend the money, you’ll want to try this product. This mascara wand has a curved design to add impressive volume while evenly coating each lash for a full, radiant look. No worries if you’re caught in the rain or watch your favorite ugly-cry movie, either, because this mascara is waterproof. And best of all, it lasts from morning to night without drying or flaking.


  • Whether you’re expecting rain, sweat, or tears, this mascara’s waterproof designation makes it less likely to run than other options.
  • Considering the quality of this mascara, we think it’s a steal at this price.


  • Because it’s designed to last so long, it can be a bit difficult to remove. It may take a bit of extra scrubbing to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how long it will take to receive Korean products?

Depending on what item you are looking to purchase, the shipping process can take anywhere from a few days to four weeks. If the product is coming directly from Korea, the shipping process takes a few days for packaging plus a couple of weeks for transport to your country.

When I’m choosing a makeup item, how can I know if it will suit my skin tone?

Most products will include a skin tone chart in the details of the product posting that you may reference. If you’re still unsure, it’s always possible to contact the company directly for guidance. It’s a bummer when your makeup doesn’t match you perfectly, so we recommend taking a look at the descriptors to determine your correct shade before buying.

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