The Best Jeweler’s Loupes

Trying to get up close and personal with your favorite gemstones? A jewelry loupe is a perfect tool for examining your jewels in greater detail. From professional jewelers who need to identify and examine stone inclusions to amateurs who just want to see their favorite jewelry up close, a loupe is a handy tool to have when you need it. Whether you need a higher magnification or want the best of the best, we've rounded up our top picks for you. Explore our favorites to find the best jewelry loupe to meet your needs.

Jarlink Illuminated Jeweler’s Loupe Magnifier

In the loupe

See gems more clearly with this powerful design.
Best Overall

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Available in both black and white, Jarlink’s loupe is perfect for everything from jewelry and gemstones to stamps and coins. The design features two different magnifications — 30x and 60x — to give you even more options to see your pieces up close and personal. The LED light gives you extra illumination, and it even switches sides automatically depending on which lens you are using, making it simple and straightforward to use.


  • The loupe is made from heavy-duty aluminum, so it’s durable and lightweight.
  • If you’re just a casual user, you probably won’t be pulling out your loupe as frequently as a jeweler. We like that it comes with a storage bag, so you can keep it dust-free when not in use.
  • The LED light is bright enough for you to get the right illumination and angle to see any details.


  • The light is powered by a battery, which needs to be changed occasionally.

Amoper 30x Loupe Magnifier

Up close and personal

Use this loupe on flat surfaces for a clean and crisp look.
Best for the Tabletop

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Designed to stand the test of time, this tabletop loupe from Amoper is perfect for professionals and amateurs alike. The hands-free design has an automatic focal length, so you can simply place an object under the glass and see the details clearly. Made from durable zinc alloy, it’s easy to use and is a useful tool for everything from watch repairs to reading to examining gemstones. Simply press the silicone button, turn on the three LED lights, and see every detail with unparalleled clarity.


  • It’s well built. The zinc alloy material is hefty and gives the loupe a substantial weight and durable feel.
  • With a powerful 30x magnification, you can see minute details easily, making it great not just for jewelry but also for card collectors.


  • Because it’s designed for tabletop use, you’ll need to rotate objects if you’re looking at different areas instead of moving the loupe.

Bransio Jewelry Loupe Two-Pack

Twice as nice

This two-pack gives you double the magnifying power.
Best Set

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These loupes from Bransio blend the best of form and function to create an excellent design. Made from durable aluminum alloy and with an acrylic glass lens, it’s easy to carry and easy to use for maximum versatility. Both loupes have a primary and supplementary lens that can be swapped out, allowing you to pick the best option for the object you are examining. A bright LED light also gives you extra flexibility to see items clearly — even at night or dim lighting — for a simple way to conveniently inspect jewelry, coins, stamps, and more.


  • You’ll get two loupes with one purchase, so you can have a backup or give one to a friend or colleague.
  • The LED light casts bright white light to illuminate objects when needed.
  • Batteries are included to power the light, so you don’t need to make a separate purchase.


  • Because you can remove the two lenses, it’s important to secure them properly so that they don’t fall out.

Yoctosun Head Mount Magnifier

A helping hand

This professional head-mount magnifier lets you go totally hands-free for added flexibility.
Best Hands-Free

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Instead of holding your loupe in one hand and the object in the other, this headband-style option from Yoctosun gives you a hands-free magnification solution. The eyeglass style has rubber nose pads for added support and can also be worn as a headband. With five interchangeable lenses made of scratch-resistant acrylic, it’s a powerful way to see your work or objects magnified up to 350% of the original size. From jewelry repair to reading, it’s a comfortable and convenient alternative to a traditional loupe.


  • With non-slip nose pads, side padding, and rubber forehead padding, this magnifier was designed with comfort and convenience in mind.
  • The included five lenses are all made from durable acrylic, which helps reduce the weight.
  • It has powerful LED lights that last for hours to give you the brightness you need.


  • If you wear eyeglasses, this may not be the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of loupe do jewelers use?

Most jewelers have several different loupes depending on their needs. Most have both a 10x and a 30x magnification loupe, which they will use to identify various aspects of the stone, like inclusions and imperfections.

How does a jewelry loupe work?

A loupe is a magnifying glass. It allows jewelers to look at gemstones in higher magnification, typically between 10 and 30 times, to see the stones in more detail. Jewelers sometimes wear loupes around their neck like necklaces for easy access.

Why is it called a loupe?

The term is derived from an old French word that translates in English to “small magnifier.”

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