The Best Ingrown Hair Treatments

The hair removal process is one that unfortunately ends in ingrown hairs for many of us. Ingrown hairs, known by professionals as pseudofolliculitis, occur when a hair curls back into your skin and causes inflammation. Some people struggle with this issue more than others, and at-home treatments have improved as demand has increased over time. There are all sorts of formulas available to help with inflammation, so we've rounded up the best over-the-counter solutions to ingrown hair problems. In our research, we've found that the best ingrown hair treatment should be safe, effective, and versatile enough to be used virtually anywhere on the body. If you suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps, we think PFB's razor bump stopper is an effective tool to have in your arsenal. It's incredibly easy to apply and does an excellent job in reducing dark spots anywhere on the body. We don't always want to be dousing our skin with creams and gels, which is why we love Dylonic's ingrown hair and razor Bump brush. For the best results, we found this brush works the best in the shower right after a shave. All you need to do is gently scrub the affected area. Read on to discover our favorite treatments for ingrown hair.

PFB Vanish Razor Bump Stopper

Roll with the punches

To treat pesky razor bumps and ingrown hairs anywhere you find them, try this convenient roll-on stick.
Best Overall

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Are you looking for an easy way to alleviate your razor bumps? Try this roll-on formula from PFB. It works to treat razor burn and help with ingrown hairs by reducing the appearance of dark spots caused by ingrown hairs, razor burn, and other issues resulting from hair removal. This treatment is suitable to use on your face, neck, underarms, and legs. This method of lightening your skin typically produces results in six to eight weeks and can be used twice a day on dark spots.


  • We love the cooling sensation you feel when you apply this to your skin, as it helps soothe any irritation.
  • Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but this razor bump stopper will last you a long time.
  • Works for all skin types, especially African Americans who struggle with dark spots.


  • It emits a robust chemical-like smell that might irritate those with sensitivities.

Dylonic Ingrown Hair and Razor Bump Treatment

Brush it away

Use this tool to exfoliate your skin and release your ingrown hairs.
Best Brush

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If you’re looking for a chemical-free approach to keeping your skin bump-free, check out this exfoliating brush from Dylonic. It helps clear up hair follicles that would otherwise become clogged with dead skin cells. The brush serves as an exfoliator to dislodge ingrown hairs and leave you with smoother skin that can better absorb your favorite topical products. You can use it on either wet or dry skin, but some find the dry method is a little harsh.


  • We like using this in the shower right after shaving our legs and armpits. With regular use, we’ve noticed a reduction in razor bumps.
  • We found that you can use this brush on sensitive areas as long as you’re gentle.


  • Some might find this brush rougher than expected, so we suggest using it on wet skin.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix Aftershave for Women

Care for down there

This post-hair-removal treatment can help keep ingrown hairs at bay.
Best For Pubic Hair

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Aftershave is a popular product for men, but why isn’t it more popular for women? This aftershave from Shaveworks is formulated especially for women to use after shaving sensitive areas. It is a gel lotion that is antiseptic and free of parabens. After shaving, put on The Cool Fix to immediately calm your skin and cool any razor burn. It works great on your face and your body and is fragrance-free to keep from risking skin irritation. The ingredients include glycolic acid and salicylic acid, both of which help exfoliate the skin, and caffeine to help reduce redness.


  • We found it safe to use on all areas, even the nether regions. If you have been neglecting your bikini wax or still find ingrown hair in that area, you should try this.
  • Those prone to strawberry legs should find some relief; simply apply this to your legs after shaving.


  • It’s a small bottle for such a versatile formula.

Tend Skin Solution

Marvelous multitasker

This classic formula is beloved for a reason.
Most Versatile

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With as many products as you may have to take care of hair, face, and skin, wouldn’t it be great to find one that serves multiple purposes? Well, this treatment from Tend Skin does just that. First and foremost, it is an ingrown hair solution that helps to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. But it is also a facial cleanser that serves as a micro-peel, leaving your skin glowing and also helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time. The best part? This product is cruelty-free and does no animal testing.


  • If you’re prone to razor bumps, you will find relief with Tend Skin and notice your skin smoothing over time.
  • A little goes a long way. If used regularly, you should see a dramatic reduction of ingrown hairs in a matter of days.
  • While this skin solution works well “down there,” it also doubles as a competent facial cleanser. It can help reduce and remove razor bumps and ingrown hairs on the face.


  • The alcohol-based formula may be harsh for some people.

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Aftershave

See what the buzz is about

This formula is infused with naturally derived caffeine to give you a smooth, bump-free finish.
Best Natural

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You may love drinking caffeine in the morning, but did you know that caffeine is also great for your skin? If you suffer from ingrown hair and razor bumps, try this aftershave to help reduce the appearance of redness and any rashes that may result from shaving or waxing. The caffeine in this aftershave serves as a potent antioxidant that may help your skin repair itself. This aftershave also contains aloe and spearmint essential oil to soothe your skin, as well as other safe and natural ingredients. To top it all off, we love the fact that this vegan, paraben-free formula doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances.


  • It may be a small bottle, but a little goes a long way. You’ll be surprised by how long 3 ounces will last you.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, Pacific Shaving Company’s aftershave should be a contender. We found it to be gentle and effective.
  • Those prone to neck bumps and ingrown hairs will see quick results after daily use.
  • We love the refreshing sensation this gives after a good shave.


  • The fragrance-free formula means it’s not the best scent out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an ingrown hair look like?
Oftentimes they look like pimples on your skin in areas where you shave. You may even be able to see hair trapped under the skin.

How do you draw out an ingrown hair?
The first thing you want to do is apply a warm compress to the area to soften the skin. Then, you want to exfoliate the skin where the hair is trapped. You can do this by moving a clean washcloth or brush over the area in a circular motion.

Can I leave an ingrown hair alone?
If you’re able to, you can just leave the ingrown hair alone until the bump and redness disappear. Whatever you do, do not try to pluck the hair out. However, if you can’t wait, the method above or the treatments mentioned here will help.

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