The Best Headbands For Washing Your Face

For folks with long hair, leaning over the sink can be a messy ordeal. If you struggle with your hair getting in the way of washing your face, you may want to consider getting a headband to help with that. There are headbands that are specifically made to keep all the little hairs out of your face so you can focus your skincare routine without interruption. There are a lot of these types of bands on the market, so we decided to whittle down the options to the best of the best. In our search, we looked for four main qualities: a comfortable material, an elastic or adjustable design, a cute style, and a fair price. Our favorite option was the 8-pack from 3 Otters, which proved effective at keeping our hair out of our faces and keeping our style looking fab. But for those that don't care as much about appearances, we recommend the bath wrap from LADES, which has a velcro band for achieving the perfect fit. There's a lot to consider, so read on for more of our in-depth reviews.

3 Otters Soft Coral Fleece Headband, 8 Pack

Cute and functional

This headband will make your life simpler and help in keeping that beautiful face clean.
Best Overall

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It can be frustrating when you’re washing your face and fighting against all your hair getting in the way. Thankfully, we have another solution: this headband from 3 Otters. It’s made of a soft fleece that will keep your hair safe, clean, and out of the way. The fleece is elastic microfiber material, which means it’s both soft and durable. And just to seal the deal, it comes with a cute bow on the top for a nice little touch and won’t shed or hurt your skin or hair.


  • We love how these can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.
  • The adorable design makes you feel comfy and cute during a beauty routine.
  • These work well for extended wear, so they’re not just for washing your face. You can keep them on while wearing face masks and applying makeup, too.


  • Some people may find them tight at first, though they eventually break in a bit and loosen up, especially after a couple of washes.

Hicarer Wash Face Headband, 3 Pack

Pick your favorite colors

These 3-packs come in a variety of awesome color options, so you can wash in style.
Best Color Selection

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If you have a favorite color, you should get yourself a headband to match. Choose from seven different color combinations with these headbands from Hicarer. They are made of microfiber fleece which means they’re soft, washable, and quick to dry as well. The headbands can be stretched quite large so work for all shapes and sizes and feature a minimalist bow that adds a nice little touch to the pieces. You can expect these headbands to last multiple washes in the washing machine and get you through all of your face washing routines for quite some time.


  • These have an extra-plushy feel to them that’s ridiculously comfortable.
  • This is another great option for simply wearing around the house during a weekend spent at home.
  • Considering the price and the premium quality of the material, this pick is a bargain.


  • They have kind of a weird smell at first, but this dissipates quickly.

UMIKU 9 Pack Spa Headband for Women

Be comfy

Your hair will thank you when you opt for this super soft pack of nine.
Softest Material

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You don’t need anything pulling out your hair, especially when you’re trying to wash your face after a long day. Thanks to these headbands from UMIKU, you will feel the comfort of a cloud thanks to the coral fleece fabric. They also work for at-home facials, putting on your makeup, working out, showering, and much more. This pack comes with nine headbands, each with a different cute design and a bow on top. You can expect great elasticity with these headbands as well.


  • These are much more lightweight than other options, and they don’t squeeze your head.
  • This is an excellent option for those with a tight budget since the price is affordable.
  • We like how it comes in a pack of nine, which makes it perfect for group spa days with friends.


  • The bows can slide off in the washing machine, though you can just put them back on again since they’re attached by a loop.

LADES Facial Spa Headband

Keep it simple

Enjoy this functional, minimalist headband to simplify hair-holding.
Best Minimal Design

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Headbands can be fun and colorful, but don’t always have to be. If funky patterns aren’t your vibe, then consider getting these headbands from LADES. They lean towards the minimalist side and come in basic colors. They are no-frills but get the job done, and they get it done well. The material of these headbands is similar to a towel, so you’ll still enjoy their softness.


  • If you’ve been struggling to find a headband that doesn’t squeeze the head or slip off too easily, go with this one. The velcro strips let you adjust it to the perfect size every time.
  • They might not have suede or plush, but they’re still really soft and comfortable.


  • They’re not the cutest, but they are the most functional.

Dreamlover Makeup Headband

Have fun with your routine

Washing your face doesn’t have to be boring when you choose these adorable cat-ear headbands.
Most Fun

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Face-washing can be pretty dull. At least, it’s dull without these cat-ear headbands from Dreamlover. Put some fun in your morning by throwing on this headband and starting your morning routine. The elastic band on the back of these headbands gives them excellent adjustability, so they fit a variety of head sizes. This option comes with three different headbands made of a soft velvet material that promises comfort while wearing.


  • This is another budget-friendly option since you get three headwraps in one pack for a really low price.
  • We like how the width of the band tapers around the back of the head, so it’s only wide where it counts.
  • These are a great choice for those that like to wear their headband around the house since the ears add a cute little flair.


  • The cat ears can sometimes lay flat against the band, so you have to prop them up yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the headbands for washing your face called

This type of headband does not have a specific name. Rather they are just called face washing headbands or terry cloth headbands.

How do you use a face wash headband?

First, you pull the headband over your head and pull it down to your neck. Un-tuck your hair so that it sits on top of the headband. Then, pull the front of the headband up to meet your hairline, and then pull it back, your hair going with it.

How often should you wash your headband?

You can throw your headband in the wash when you wash your towels. So, ideally, this would be one a week. However, if you opt to use your headband for working out or anything else that may get them sweaty, you will want to wash them after every use.

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