The Best Hair Scissors

Going to the hair salon regularly can get expensive, especially if you have short hair that requires frequent trims. Investing in a high-quality pair of hair scissors allows you to cut your hair at home, whether you want to experiment with a bold look or simply maintain your current style. Trimming hair isn’t as hard as it looks, and with practice, you’ll soon be able to cut your and your family’s hair with ease. We’ve researched some of the top hair-cutting scissors available and compiled them here to help you find the best pair for your needs.

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors

Just a trim

With precise, hand-sharpened blades, these scissors offer complete control.
Best Overall

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Asking for a half-inch trim and receiving a three-inch chop is a nightmare salon situation, but when you cut your own hair, you’re in complete control of the amount you take off. These excellent scissors from Equinox are made out of stainless steel and feature hand-sharpened cutting edges for ultimate precision. The ergonomic handle makes them easy to use and maneuver, giving you a solid grip for a precise cut. Finally, the scissors are equipped with an adjustment screw so that you can easily fine-tune the amount of tension to your desired level.


  • Lightweight design makes the scissors easy to hold for long periods
  • Curved finger rest for maximum comfort
  • High-quality stainless steel with hand-sharpened blade


  • The small size makes them easy to control but can be more challenging to use if you have larger hands and fingers

Coolala Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors

Dynamic duo

This set includes scissors and a comb for a professional cut from the comfort of your own home.
Best Set

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Cutting hair is much easier when you separate small sections with a comb, because it ensures that you get a smooth cut all around your head. It also helps create even length while cutting pixie cuts or men’s hair since you can comb the hair up straight. This two-piece kit includes both sharp scissors and a comb, making it a great basic set for cutting hair at home. The scissors are sharp and strong, and they have a built-in muffler and removable finger padding for secure, comfortable use.


  • Made of high-grade Japanese steel
  • Includes hair comb with two different widths of teeth
  • Padded finger loops make the scissors comfortable


  • The rounded tips are great for blunt cuts, but they can make vertical point cutting more difficult

Tecto Barber Scissors

Just in case

These scissors come with a secure leather case that makes them excellent for travel.
Best For Travel

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For a gal on the go, these scissors are the ideal travel companion. The professional-grade shears have an ergonomic grip design that requires less thumb motion to open and close the scissors, relaxing your wrists and elbows to make longer hair-cutting sessions much more comfortable. The super-sharp blades last a long time without becoming dull, and they provide a clean cut that helps prevent split ends. As a bonus, the scissors come in a leather case that protects the blades and protects your fingers from the sharp edges.


  • Premium rust-proof stainless steel
  • Durable, extra-sharp blades
  • Comes with a sturdy leather carrying case


  • Because the scissors are over 6½ inches, they may not be allowed in carry-on luggage on airplanes

Jason Hair Thinning Scissors

Thin it out

For effortless layers and beautiful bangs, look no further than these thinning shears.
Best For Layers

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Bouncy layers add life and movement to long hairstyles and remove excess hair that can visually weigh down your look. These shears are specially designed with 30 individual teeth to blend away harsh lines left by scissors and produce a soft, layered texture. The blades are concave for crisp, smooth cutting and the teeth have an anti-push edge to prevent hair from sliding out of the blades. Because the blades are at a 45-degree angle, it’s easy to shape your hair without damaging it or creating split ends. Besides adding layers, these shears are excellent for thinning blunt bangs so that they drape over your forehead to create a face-framing look.


  • Effortlessly thins and layers hair
  • Sharp, powerful edge allows both basic and advanced cutting techniques
  • High-precision bearings and adjustable screw


  • These scissors are made specifically for thinning and layering hair, so they do not cut a straight edge

Smith Chu Professional Left-Handed Hair Cutting Scissors

Don't be left out

Specially designed for left-handed users, these scissors offer ergonomic grip with professional-grade blades.
Best For Left-Handers

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If you’re a lefty, you know the struggle of using scissors made for right-handed people. These scissors are specifically designed to be held in the left hand, and they’re exceptionally sharp and durable. They are also very versatile, great for maintaining bangs, removing length, and even trimming facial hair. Finally, the scissors are made from 100% 440C Japanese stainless steel, so the blades hold their edge and can be sharpened as necessary to ensure they last a long time.


  • Designed specifically for left-hand use
  • Precise blades and hand-sharpened edges
  • Ball bearing tension system for smooth cutting performance


  • The finger loops are not padded, which can be uncomfortable after extended use

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I cut hair wet or dry?
On most hair textures, trimming hair while it’s damp is the best way to get an even cut and see what you’re doing. Just be mindful that your hair will shrink up slightly when it’s dry, more if your hair is wavy or curly.

How do I adjust the tension of my scissors?
To tighten the tension, turn the tension knob in the middle of the scissors to the right. To loosen the tension, turn the knob to the left. It is important that the tension is correct — if the blades are too loose, they’ll fold the hair rather than cut it cleanly, and if they’re too tight, it can put unnecessary strain on the scissors.