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Nothing beats changing up our look every now and then to add a bit of excitement to our daily lives. But spicing things up doesn't have to mean a complete makeover; sometimes, it just means a touch of something different. And that's exactly why hair feather extensions are so popular these days. Forget the pricey, damaging process of dying your hair — adding these fun, flirty extensions livens up your locks without the hassle. Plus, if you opt for ones made of genuine feathers, you can even style them just as you would your normal hair so that the fun can go on for longer. To help you choose the perfect extension, we've rounded up our favorite hair feathers on the market today based on the following criteria: material, look, and value. If you're looking for a pretty premium extension, then you can't go wrong with the 100% genuine rooster feathers by Feather Lily that are available in a fun tie-dye look. But if these seem too pricey for you, then opt for any of the different colored packs of synthetic feathers by Sarla that allow you to get the look for less. Check out more of our top plumage picks below.

Feather Lily Feather Hair Extensions

Rock the real deal

Make sure your extensions feel just like the rest of your locks with these genuine rooster hair feathers.
Best Overall

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No matter how much we brush our party-store costume wig, it never seems to look the way it did when we bought it. And more often than not, that’s because these wigs were made from synthetic fiber. The same thing applies to hair feathers. While synthetic feathers may be more affordable, you won’t get the same durability and feel as with a set of real feathers like this 100% rooster feather option by Feather Lily. You can wash, brush, style, and curl these feathers just like you would your real hair for the perfect look every time.


  • You’ll get everything you need to attach your feathers in this kit, including a handful of beads of different colors, meaning they’ll blend into virtually every hair color.
  • We love the difference that real feathers make. These babies can last up to two months in your hair, no matter how much you wash or style them.


  • Some of the feathers in the package are stringier and shorter than pictured.

Sarla Feather Hair Extensions Kit

A bigger beauty bundle

Get more options and less irritation with this super saver set of synthetic feather extensions.
Best Value

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One of the great things about hair feather extensions is that you don’t need to go to an expensive salon to get them done. That being said, there is still a good amount of variability in the value of DIY feather sets available today. We love the Sarla Feather Hair Extensions Kit because it gives you more feathers and tools than any other kit for one low price. You’ll get 100 hairpieces in total, in six different color options, along with 150 beads and a plier and hook tool in this super saver kit.


  • Perfect for anyone with allergies, these hair extensions look just like real feathers but are made with synthetic fibers for irritation-free decoration.
  • Keep your feathers safe and sound with this pick’s resealable packaging that’s perfect for the number of extensions you get in this value pack.


  • The synthetic fibers can’t be heat-styled the same way  asgeniune feather extensions.

Feather Lily Tie Dye Feather Hair Extensions

Color me impressed

For a look that really stands out, reach for these very vibrant hair feathers that won't fade over time.
Best Tie Dye

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Hair extensions are great because you get to play with your hair without permanently changing your hair structure like you would with bleach and hair dye. That’s also why super colorful extensions like these electric tie-dye hair feathers by Feather Lily are so popular these days. You’ll get all the pizazz of a whole new look without the damage. Best of all, the kooky color lasts as long as the 100% genuine feathers do.


  • Designed to work with your particular hair length, these feathers reach up to 11 inches long but are easily trimmed down if you’re sporting a shorter cut.
  • We love how strong these particular feathers are; they can hold up to washing, brushing, and styling with ease.


  • These high-quality hair feathers will cost a bit more than other brands.

Icyang Feather Hair Clips

A quick clip

Perfect for special events, these short hair feathers attach with handy clips to make styling a breeze.
Best Temporary

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While it’s true that feather extensions are an easy way to restyle your hair, they can also be a pain to put in if you’ve never worked with a looping tool before. Fortunately, there’s a set of hair feathers out there that makes application even easier. Icyang’s feather hair clips use a small comb clip at the top of each feather display that lets you decorate your hair in a matter of seconds. And when you’re done with your event, simply unclip them until you want to wear them again.


  • Just because these shorter feathers are easy to attach doesn’t mean they’re any less real than other hair extensions. You’ll get all the same genuine glam as other brands without the fuss of a long-term installation.
  • With three color tones ranging from beige to black, these hair feathers make your natural hair color pop with a bit of boho flourish.


  • You won’t be able to style and curl these like you would with other more permanent hair feathers.

Sexy Sparkles Natural Feathers for Hair Extension

Dress up your tresses

Heighten your natural hair color with this set of feather extensions that comes in a range of beige and brown tones.
Most Natural

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Not everyone wants to rock super brightly colored hair, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the feathery fun. If you prefer a more natural look, you can still benefit from the delicate touch of feathers in your locks with this beige and brown assortment of hair feathers by Sexy Sparkles. Each extension is made of five genuine rooster feathers bunched together with a strong keratin bond to blend in and play up your true colors.


  • Don’t worry about having all the right equipment on hand. These extensions are so easy to apply, you can literally slip the bead through a wet strand of hair and go from there.
  • Even though this particular design bunches several feathers together, you won’t feel any heaviness from the extra weight, so they’re easy to wear all day.


  • Because the feathers used in these hair extensions are natural, some may be shorter than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I attach my hair feathers?

This depends mainly on the length of the feather. If you’ve got a long, slim feather, then you can attach it anywhere on the scalp. The closer it is to your part, the more of it will cascade down with your locks. Alternatively, if you’ve got a shorter, fluffier feather, then you’ll want to attach it lower down on the scalp, maybe even by your ear, so the fluffy bits don’t stick out too much on top.

Can I treat my hair feathers like real hair?

If you’ve got genuine feathers, then yes. These should be able to withstand most of the same things as your actual hair, from washing to brushing and styling. But if excessive heat is part of your styling routine, we recommend applying it to a small section first.

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