The Best Hair Clippers

Hair clippers provide a convenient and cost-effective way to remain well-groomed. Investing in a set of quality hair clippers means you no longer have to spend hard-earned cash on expensive haircuts or waste precious down time sitting in long queues at the barber.
The hair clipper market is competitive, which means you can purchase top-quality hair clippers at an affordable price. With so many available options, it can be difficult to choose the right set for your hair type and lifestyle; we've compiled a list of our top five hair clippers.

Andis 73000 Envy, Cordless Adjustable Blade Clipper

For Fades and Tapers

The Andis Envy Li cordless clippers provide the ultimate in convenience coupled with a smooth, precise cut.
Best Overall

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If you’re looking for lightweight, comfortable-to-hold clippers, then you’ll love these Andis clippers that weigh fewer than 10 ounces. Professionals are impressed by the outstanding battery power in these clippers—they could cut hair all day. And the unit charges quickly, too. We found that these clippers are perfect for cutting fades, tapers, and multiple lengths due to the adjustable blades that can be zero-gapped. Overall, these clippers are easy to maneuver and nice and quiet.

We loved how these clippers cut; however, we found that the guards are a bit too thin and brittle. Also, these clippers are not the best option for trimming your beard; the edges of the blade are too sharp.

Wahl Model 79467 Clipper and Haircutting Kit

For All Hair Types

Compact, yet powerful, the Wahl Self-Cut Pro is the perfect tool to trim, cut, and style all hair types in the comfort of your own home.
Runner Up

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These hair clippers come with all the bells and whistles; the set includes blade oil, ear-taper guards, cleaning brushes and cloths, blade covers, and twelve attachment guards that snap on with ease. Even though these clippers are small, the motor is powerful enough to cut thick hair. It provides a smooth cut without nicks, and the innovative self-sharpening blades remain sharp for a long time. We also appreciated the extra-long cord and that these clippers are relatively quiet.


Although this set comes with so many attachments, we weren’t impressed with the carrying case. It feels and looks a bit flimsy and plasticky and there’s no internal organizer, so everything moves around. It’s also quite a large case that is not ideal for travel. Some buyers find that the clippers vibrate too much, which makes it a bit uncomfortable to hold.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

For Professional Barbers

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Hair Clipper was crafted for use in barber shops. It has an electromagnetic engine that works at twice the speed of other clippers.
Best for Thin Hair

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When used correctly, it fades right down to the skin without your having to switch to a razor. A detailed user manual is included with the product. It has a lovely retro design and weighs only one pound. The cord is eight feet long, so you can clip with ease around a barber’s chair. The vibration level is low. The accessories include three different attachment combs, a cleaning brush and oil, and a blade guard for when you don’t want to bald.

A carrying case would be a nice addition to the accessories. The blades need to be adjusted more frequently than with other hair clippers. The head of the clipper is wide, making it unsuitable for children.

Wahl Clipper Clip ‘n Trim 2-in-1 Hair Clipper #79900-1501

Two-In-One Clipping Device

The Wahl 2-In-1 Hair Clipper functions both as a clipper and a trimmer. The trimmer is included as a special attachment.
Best Clipper and Trimmer

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It has a lever built in that allows you to position the clippers closer to the skin for detailed work and trimming. The blades on the device are self-sharpening. The length of the cord is seven feet. It comes with 12 different guide-comb attachments, a carrying case, and a detailed user manual in full color. It cuts both very fine and very coarse types of hair. It can be used to trim beards with caution as long as one of the guards is in place. It is made in the USA.

All the combs are black with this model. Color-coded attachments would have been more useful. The power switch on the hair clipper is in an awkward position. Some users find the unit exceptionally loud.

GOOLEEN Hair Clippers IPX7

Waterproof Clipper

These GOOLEEN hair clippers have a stylish and modern design and are 100% waterproof and conveniently cordless.
Best Budget

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We particularly loved all the extras that come with these clippers, such as the barber’s apron, comb, and a full set of attachment guards and guide combs. It comes in a handy, compact storage bag that’s perfect for travel. You can easily adjust the speed and trim length and there’s a convenient LED display. Overall, we found that these clippers cut cleanly and precisely and are great value. And, bonus: you can conveniently charge the clippers via USB port.

Some buyers are disappointed that these clippers do not cut at all levels. They are fine if you want a trim, but the blades don’t cut below 1mm, so if you prefer skin-level cuts, you will not be happy with these clippers.

What Really Matters

Motor Power

Good quality clippers will have powerful motors that remain effective for a substantial amount of time. You want clippers that can cut through thin and thick hair equally well without overheating or getting too loud. Essentially, if you have thick, curly hair, you’ll need clippers with the most powerful motor.


The types of included accessories, such as blades and comb guides, determine the outcome of your haircut. Choosing clippers with different lengths of settings available will allow you to create styles with tapers and fades and offer you the versatility of trimming your head, beard, or stubble. You also need guide combs that are sturdy but snap on and off with ease.


Cordless trimmers are the more convenient option because you can move around freely and trim your hair outdoors, which means less mess to clean up. They are also handier for travel and, if you’re cutting your own hair, easier to maneuver. Corded trimmers are less convenient but are generally more powerful.

What’s in Right Now?

A groomed look continues to be on trend and when it comes to hair clippers, buyers look for products that include extras. Vintage-style clippers remain a popular choice as do clippers with multipurpose functions, such as models that can be used to cut your hair, trim your beard, and remove body hair. Consumers are also price-conscious, so they want clippers that are durable with break-resistant casing.
Some brands include more high-tech features in their clippers, such as digital interfaces with touch screens that allow you to select a precise length from hundreds of options and memory functions that allow you to customize your preferences.


How do you sanitize hair clippers at home?

Unplug the clippers and knock any loose hair into a wastebasket. Use a small cleaning brush to get rid of the remaining small hairs and wipe down the whole product with an alcohol-based wipe. Disassemble the clippers and soak all the pieces in disinfectant, excluding the electrical parts.

What oil can I use to lubricate my hair clippers?

Use oil made specifically for hair clippers, or use a vegetable oil, such as coconut or olive oil (not extra-virgin). Avoid heavy, greasy alternatives. Essentially, you need a low-viscosity oil that can tolerate high temperatures.

How long do clipper blades last?

It depends on how often you use the clippers. If used frequently, you should replace the blades every three months. If you only use the clippers occasionally, replace after six to nine months.