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Keeping our hair looking and feeling its best takes work, and that effort often doubles if you've got naturally curly or coiled hair. While you may have found an assortment of products that work for you, you may not be getting the full benefits of their use. Thankfully, the new trend in at-home haircare — the hair steamer — is here to moisturize your hair, soothe your scalp, and open up your hair cuticles, ramping up the effect of your favorite products. Plus, most hair steamers these days come with a built-in face steamer that opens up your pores to help cleanse your face and enhance the effectiveness of your favorite skincare staples. Check out our favorite steamy sets below to complete your at-home salon setup.

EZBasics Two-in-One Hair Steamer

Spa day, every day

This lightweight hair and face steamer is perfect for freshening up your look and even has a fragrance function to help you relax.
Best Overall

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No matter the texture of your hair, a hair steamer can make it feel healthier and fuller. From preventing dandruff and split ends to adding extra shine, it’s no wonder everyone’s raging about the benefits of this hot hair process. And now, with an at-home steamer like this great dual-function model by EZBasics, you can treat your hair without spending extra money at the salon. This lightweight steamer fits perfectly on any tabletop and heats up fast to work with your schedule. Once you’re done getting your hair in order, switch to the facial steamer attachment and cleanse your skin, enhancing its absorption capabilities. You can even add your favorite essential oils to the relaxing process, thanks to the fragrance function.


  • Durability is important, especially when you’re investing in a new beauty tool. We love this pick’s sturdy ABS construction that can stand up to frequent use as well as rambunctious kids and pets.
  • This steamer is super easy to use, especially since it comes with a safety manual and full instructions to help us get started. Skin-friendly, hair-friendly, and user-friendly? Sign us up.


  • Some drippage may occur on the neck area, so we suggest using it with a towel.

Kingsteam Two-in-One Hair Steamer

Pamper like the pros

The steam is hotter, faster, and more penetrating with this professional steamer.
Best Salon Quality

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While there are lots of haircare tools out there, there’s a reason we still pay the big bucks for a salon visit now and again. And that reason has to do with the quality of the products available to us — it’s hard to get our hands on the same accessories our favorite stylist uses. Fortunately, the folks over at Kingsteam took care of this problem for us when they designed their salon-grade hair and face steamer. The advanced PTC ceramic heating element vaporizes clean water and produces strong steam faster than most DIY tools out there today. And the water vapor isn’t just fast-heating either; it’s also deeply penetrating, thanks to the ozone-generated ions created by the steamer.


  • We think all busy moms will appreciate the automatic-shutoff function as much as we do. We’ve all had moments where flipping the power switch slips our minds, so we always welcome the extra layer of protection.
  • The included hair care cap and aromatherapy-diffusing option really put this pro-quality unit over the top in our book. At-home spa days have never been easier — or more rewarding.


  • This pick is not adjustable — you’ll have to move your head around to get full steam coverage.

Super Deal Three-in-One Multifunction Hair Steamer

Three functions, one great price

This versatile and affordable steamer can be used as a hair moisturizer, skin cleanser, or even as an interior humidifier.
Best Value

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Taking care of our hair and skin at home definitely saves us money in the long run. But buying the right products and tools can still set us back a good amount if we don’t do our research. That’s why we were so excited when we found this multi-function steamer from Super Deal. Not only will you get a powerful hair steamer for treating dry, brittle hair and a gentle face steamer for opening up your pores, but you’ll also get an interior humidifier that keeps your hair and skin feeling great all day on their own. Instantly switch between all three operations and enjoy this super versatile usage for less cost than other similar dual-function steamers.


  • The finer the vapor, the more easily it can penetrate our skin and hair. That’s why we love this pick’s UV ozone function that increases vapor production to level up our beauty routine.
  • We were surprised to find how well this steamer works as a humidifier. Especially for smaller spaces, it works like a charm. And the best part is that if you do leave it running, it will issue a warning beep when the water level gets too low.


  • The water container can be tricky to clean after use.

Kingdom Cares Large Two-in-One Hair and Facial Steamer

Here, there, and everywhere

Perfect for longer hair, the hood of this versatile steamer is larger to hit more of your hair at once.
Best All-Over Steam

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For ladies with more voluminous coifs, getting good all-over conditioning can be difficult with the majority of hair steamers sold today. That’s why we love this super-sized two-in-one steamer from Kingdom Cares. Forget the annoying process of rotating yourself every few minutes to get every part of your head in the cap — this steamer comes with an extra-large hood to accommodate bigger heads or more glamorous hairstyles. In fact, the hood is so big that you can even use it to warm your towels for a soothing experience after your facial steam.


  • We expected a large-scale option like this one to cost an arm and a leg, but it’s priced comparably to standard-sized steamers. And if you think that means this machine compromises elsewhere, think again — it functions beautifully for facial steaming, hair treatments, and room humidification.
  • This tabletop steamer is incredibly easy to operate. With the push of a single button, you can treat yourself to a salon-style steam session whenever and wherever you like.


  • Water builds up at the back of the hood if it’s used for a long time.

Red By Kiss Two-in-One Ion Facial Steamer with Hair Humidifier

Better hair without the burns

With an automatic off feature and adjustable steam level, this dual-function salon setup will keep you looking fresh while keeping your skin safe.
Safest To Use

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Ok, let’s be honest — looking good takes work. And in the case of hair and face steamers, that work can also be dangerous if the steam gets too hot. But with a safer steamer like this option from Red By Kiss, you can get all the conditioning and pore-opening benefits of hot steam without the seared skin afterward. Each unit is quality tested to work exactly as it should before it arrives on your doorstep. Plus, this baby has several safety protocols built right into the unit itself, including an auto-off feature that stops the steamer when the water gets too low.


  • Fellow clean freaks, rejoice — unlike many other steamers, this one operates with little to no drippage, so you won’t have to worry about putting up with puddles or water splotches every time you use it.
  • While you can’t adjust the temperature of the steamer itself, you can adjust how much steam you allow inside the hood, thanks to the controllable holes on top of the machine — a level of customizability that not every steamer allows.


  • The hood is a bit small for use on longer, thicker hair.

Our Tips and Tricks

Hair steaming works especially well for those of us with low porosity hair, meaning that our hair cuticle is sealed up tight. This is often the case with coarse, curly hair. That texture effectively “locks out” any moisture and nourishment we try to provide with hair products. Instead of soaking into our hair, they sit on top of it, creating a greasy, weighed-down effect that doesn’t leave our strands feeling any more moisturized than they were to begin with. Hair steamers are an excellent way to open up the cuticle so that our favorite products can penetrate our hair more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I steam my hair?

Experts generally recommend hydrating your hair once a month to keep it looking its best. However, if you’re just starting to fix extremely dry or damaged hair, then starting with a steam every seven to ten days is the way to go to get your hair back on track. Just make sure to limit your sessions to 30 minutes or less to avoid overheating your strands.

How often should I use my face steamer?

We suggest steaming your face for about ten minutes once a week to keep your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Doing so more than that may keep your pores from closing up between sessions, which can leave you with irritation.

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