The Best Deep Conditioning Caps

Are you dealing with bleached, frizzy, dull, or altogether unsightly locks? A deep conditioning treatment can help restore much-needed moisture and vitality back into your hair to make your mane really shine. But a deep conditioner alone isn't enough for your at-home haircare session. You'll also need a deep conditioning cap. A deep conditioning cap provides an application of heat straight to your scalp, which in turn helps to open up your hair follicles. This allows your strands to get the most out of your deep conditioning treatment. The result? Hair that looks like you just came from the salon – or stepped off the pages of Vogue. Here are the best deep conditioning caps available to keep your mane looking fresh and amazing.

Debecty Deep Conditioning Cap

Infuse your mane with heat

If you want to really improve your hair health, heat is the key.
Best Overall

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Say goodbye to dry and brittle hair forever when you invest in the Debecty Deep Conditioning Cap, a cordless, portable cap that heats up in under a minute to help create those shiny, silky-smooth locks you’ve been craving. This deep conditioner cap spreads heat and moisture throughout every strand, resulting in very uniform heat distribution, and therefore, very uniform smoothness and vitality. Conveniently, this cap can stretch up to 29 inches, so it fits most hair types and head sizes.


  • Cordless, portable design
  • Heats up in just under one minute
  • Can be used on all types of hair
  • Super-reusable
  • Can stretch easily
  • Offers consistent, even heat distribution


  • You may have to reheat it if you’re using it for longer than 15 minutes

Tifara Beauty Deep Conditioning Cap

Seals in treatment like no other

For the best-fitting cap out available, look no further than this one from Tifara Beauty.
Best Fit

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Silky, healthy, noticeably sleeker hair is in your future when you use the Tifara Beauty Deep Conditioning Cap. This one fits a wide range of head sizes without feeling too constricting (or too loose) thanks to its super-elastic rim. The heat from this cap seals in treatments and relaxes your hair follicles so that your mane is ready to receive all the nutrients and moisture that it needs to look its best. And, handily, there’s no need for an electrical outlet when you use this cap, since it’s cordless and warms up easily in the microwave.


  • One size fits all (truly); this cap has a very stretchy elastic rim
  • Maintains its form after continued uses
  • Non-electric, cordless
  • Super-effective at penetrating your strands, sealing and absorbing treatments like no other
  • You can even use it with hot oil treatments


  • The maximum heating time is 90 seconds, which may not be long enough for everyone

Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Cap

Nourish every single strand

Thanks to its cutting-edge reversible design, the Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Cap takes your conditioning treatment to the next level.
Best Reversible Design

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For the most effective (not to mention cutest) reversible design, the Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Cap is a fantastic pick. This cap is crafted from soft microfiber cotton on the outside, and stretchy nylon on the inside, so you can have a great-fitting cap that perfectly conforms to your head shape and your hair’s volume. The linseed materials help to ensure that heat radiates evenly and gently, resulting in a mane that looks and feels silky and glossy. All you have to do is place this cap in the microwave for thirty seconds and pop it on your head while you watch Netflix, and you’ll reap the benefits almost immediately.


  • Linseed material = even heat distribution
  • It’s made from both high-quality cotton and nylon (it’s a reversible design), which conform nicely to your head without feeling too tight
  • The process is quick and easy
  • Lightweight, portable, and cordless, so it’s great for travel


  • Pricier than most (although, it must be said, it’s worth every penny)

PrimoDiva Deep Conditioning Cap

Save time and money

With the PrimoDiva Deep Conditioning Cap, you'll get salon results without having to pay salon prices.
Best Salon-Quality

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When it comes to salon-worthy hair products, nobody does it better than the PrimoDiva Deep Conditioning Cap. If you want to reduce breakage, tame split ends, increase shine, and banish brittleness, this cap is bound to become your new partner in crime. Achieve professional results with this deep conditioning cap, which you can use with virtually any of your favorite conditioners, oils, or any other treatments. It contains hundreds of gel pearls, a cutting-edge technology that traps heat and then slowly releases it over time. And, unlike with some other caps, this cap also works for cold use, helping to lock in curls without using heat.


  • Use it with any hair treatment
  • You get true salon-grade results
  • Contains the latest in conditioning technology: gel pearls
  • Works for cold use as well as hot use
  • Save money by not going to the salon


  • On the pricey end; may be inaccessible for some

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deep conditioning cap, and how does it differ from a regular shower cap?

A deep conditioning cap is similar to a shower cap, but it’s thicker and is specifically designed to improve the effects of your deep conditioning treatment by using heat. This heat helps allow your conditioner to more deeply penetrate your hair follicles and scalp.

How do I use a deep conditioning cap?

Before starting your at-home deep conditioning treatment, be sure to thoroughly wash your locks and apply your deep conditioner to every inch of your hair, from root to tip. To use your cap, you’ll first need to put it in the microwave to heat things up (read the directions thoroughly before doing so). Then, pop your cap on and let the moisturizing magic begin.