The Best Cosplay Accessories

One of the best things about media is how easy it is to get lost in the worlds we're watching. And let's be honest, sometimes we wish we could be our favorite characters, even if just for a day. Fortunately, with the rise of cosplay, you don't have to wait until the spooky season to get your dress-up on. Nowadays, there are conventions all over the place, all year long, where various fans come together to show off their outfits and geek out about their favorite storylines. But while some costumes are truly out of this world, you don't need to spend a fortune to get the experience. That's why we've chosen our favorite cosplay accessories available today to help get you started. From customizability to versatility to value, we've considered the most important factors in choosing our list. If you're in the market for some fantasy fixings, check out the super affordable pack of elf ears by FreshMe that are also fully customizable to match your skin tone and character design. On the other hand, if you need a staple that will work with lots of different outfits, you can't go wrong with the adjustable fashion gloves by Jisen. Scroll down to find more of our top choices.

FreshMe Cosplay Elf Ears

A fantastic fit

You'll get two different pairs of realistic, customizable elf ears in this affordable accessory pack.
Best Elf Ears

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You don’t need to break the bank to transform yourself into your favorite character. One of the reasons that fantasy characters like elves are so popular is that they only require one notable feature to make the look: the ears. That’s why we were so excited when we saw the two pairs of elf ears in this super affordable set by FreshMe. Whether you go for the short or long pair, each ear is super realistic and recognizable.


  • The silicone design makes it easy to customize both sets of ears any way you want, from skin tone correction to shading in more detail. You can even pierce them if your character calls for it.
  • We love how durable and reusable these ears are. Simply wash off any excess makeup with warm water and soap for a whole new look.


  • You may need to add some spirit gum or eyelash glue to keep the ears on for an all-day event.

Charmnight Women’s Fishnet Stockings

Stockings for every size

Spice up any cosplay look with this sexy fishnet set that stretches to accommodate virtually any body shape.
Best Fishnets

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The best kind of accessory can complete several outfits, which is why we recommend having several such versatile pieces on hand at all times. Fortunately, the folks over at Charmnight designed their pack of fishnet stockings with exactly this criteria in mind. You’ll get three different styles of these soft, comfortable stockings to work with any and every character you have planned.


  • Plus-size girls rejoice — these stockings don’t use the term “one size fits all” lightly. They really do stretch to fit all bodies, no matter the shape or size.
  • We love that these particular fishnets have reinforced toe areas. That means no more uncomfortable toe-slips.


  • The tights tangle up easily, so you’ll need to take care of how you store them.

Jisen Fingerless Costume Gloves

Dexterity bonus

These durable cosplay gloves complement a range of fantastic looks while keeping your fingers free.
Best Arm Warmers

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Whether you’re going for an elegant medieval flair or a punk goth edge, the right pair of gloves can tie together an outfit. And we love this fingerless option by Jisen because they can heighten both looks. Plus, with a built-in thumb for more movement and a durable ribbon for manual adjustment, these gloves are as functional as they are fashionable.


  • Feel free to throw these babies in the washing machine when you’re done wearing them. The ribbon will stay in place, and so will the threads.
  • Every arm deserves to be warm, or at least that’s what the designers at Jisen accessories believe. Their super stretchy design means the gloves will fit a wide range of arm sizes.


  • The arm warmers may need some adjustment throughout the day as they tend to slide down over time.

Anogol Cosplay Wig

Live through your locks

Make sure you play the part with this wig that can be styled and cut to match your character's signature look.
Best Wig

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When it comes to dressing up, few accessories are as transformative as a wig. A signature staple to many fantasy and anime characters, the right wig can quickly take you from amateur to professional cosplayer. Thankfully, the Anogol Cosplay Wig is designed to complete your look. You can choose from 11 different colors and style the wig exactly the way you want it, thanks to its heat-resistant fibers. Best of all, it even comes with its very own wig cap.


  • Unlike other long-haired wigs that are super hard to brush, this one is just about as easy to maintain as real hair.
  • This wig won’t shed its precious locks, meaning you’ll have the same full hairstyle every time you wear it.


  • The wig is pretty heavy, especially if you leave it at its full length.

Leg Avenue Women’s Petticoat Skirt

Play like the pros

This layered tulle petticoat will elevate the look of your character's dress or skirt.
Best Skirt

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Ok, we’ve all been there: we ordered the perfect costume, but when we put it on, the piece didn’t look anything like the advertised photo. When it comes to dresses and skirts, most photo models are wearing a petticoat underneath their outfits. To really show off your handiwork, you’ll want to lift it up, which is exactly where a versatile petticoat skirt like this layered, one-size option by Leg Avenue will really come in handy.


  • Whichever petticoat you order, you can be sure it’ll match your desired look, thanks to the as-pictured coloring of each one.
  • The two-layer design of the skirt means you’ll get just the right amount of fluff to lift up your outfit and give you a fun range of movement.


  • The skirt is slightly itchy on its own, so stockings are recommended if you have sensitive skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find the exact accessory I need for my cosplay?

With the wide variety of great characters out there, you may have trouble finding some of the exact pieces you need. Fortunately, here’s where a little creativity can help. Most great cosplayers design some or all of their own costumes, and accessories are a great place to start. Find a good base piece that fits your body and get busy with a glue gun or needle and thread.

Do I have to look exactly like the character I want to play?

Not at all — that’s the best thing about cosplay. Just because a character has a different gender or skin tone from you doesn’t mean you can’t be them. Cosplay is for everyone, and it’s more about fun than absolute replication, so don’t be scared to dream big.

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