The Best Beach Wave Curling Irons

The beach waves hairstyle is carefree, sexy, and fun, so it's no wonder why many of us want it for ourselves. Social media has only aided in making this hairstyle even more popular, leading many of us to try, and often fail, to recreate this iconic look. While beach waves may appear effortless, pulling off this hairstyle is a lot harder than it seems. Thankfully there are curling irons made specifically to help create those signature loose waves we all know and love. We've researched to find the best beach wave curling irons out there and put together a list of our favorites to help you get this style for yourself. Read on to find out more.

Bed Head Ceramic Curling Iron for Beach Waves

Perfect waves every time

Give yourself beautiful beach waves that'll last for days with this tried and true curling iron.
Best Overall

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Made of tourmaline ceramic, this uniquely shaped curling iron provides soft, silky beach waves without the worry of frizz or flyaways. This curling iron is guaranteed to provide results no matter what your skill level may be. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you are sure to see some stunning beach waves. Plus, it has 30 different heat settings, so practically any hair type can use this curling hair iron.


  • If you have long or fine hair, this curling iron helps boost its body and volume.
  • If you tend to travel out of the country, you’ll be please to know that this curling iron has dual voltage, ensuring it can be used worldwide.
  • We were pleasantly surprised to see that the beach waves can last for several days.


  • The iron gets very hot, and there is no exterior shell for protection, so extra precautions must be taken when in use.

Codiak Three-Barrel Beach Waves Curling Iron

Affordable and effective

This curling iron will give you that coveted beach wave style without breaking the bank.
Best On A Budget

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If you’re looking for a more affordable beach wave curling iron, this three-barrel hair crimper from Codiak may be just what you need. Since it provides uniform heat and better hair protection, the three-barrel design gets you beautiful-looking waves without you having to stress about it. No matter what the occasion, this curling iron helps you look your best.


  • Frizzy hair can make styling a chore, but this curling iron is excellent at taming unruly strands.
  • You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to use this curling iron. We found it very user-friendly.


  • Depending on your hair type, it may require up to twenty minutes of carefully styling under high heat for you to get the beach waves you are looking for.

Nuaer Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Wand

Can't get easier than this

Take some of the hard work out of styling your hair with this automatic curling iron.
Best Automatic

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Nuaer’s automatic curling wand is about as close to “hands-free” styling as you’re going to get. Manual curlers require some degree of precision and skill to produce perfect, even-looking curls. However, this automatic curling wand helps you get beautiful curls or waves every time. Since it’s so easy to use, you’ll achieve the hairstyle you’re looking for in half the time.


  • From grandmas to granddaughters, this curler should work for all ages and hair types. Even if your hair is damaged or coarse, this curler is up to the task.
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy for you to style your hair.


  • It may cause knotting or tangling if too much knotting is placed in the wand at once.

LANDOT 2 in 1 Twisted Hair Straightener and Curling Iron

A two for one deal

If you're looking to style more than just beach waves, you'll love this hair straightener and curling iron.
Best Multi-Purpose

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Having tools that can do more than one job is a great investment, and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with LANDOT’s twisted hair straightener and curling iron. Suitable for all hair types, this product is made with your hair’s safety in mind. With built-in heat protection sensors, your hair will be constantly monitored for moisture and heat levels, reducing the chances of hair damage.


  • The ionic generator may not seem like it’s working, but you’ll notice a reduction in frizz and an increase in shine after you style your hair.
  • This heats up fast, so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time styling.
  • We were impressed by how well the LANDOT could curl and straighten thick hair.


  • Curling or creating waves with this is more challenging than using a standard curling iron.

Our Tips and Tricks

The texture of your hair is especially critical to the longevity of your beach waves or curls. To keep your style lasting longer, you won’t want to wash your hair right before curling it. It’s better to wait several hours or even a day or two before curling it as waves and other similar styles actually hold up better in grittier, textured hair. Certain styling products such as mousse can also help to thicken up your hair if they work for your hair type as well. Spraying hairspray while you curl and after you curl can help, too, along with using a smaller curling barrel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to protect my hair from being damaged when using a curling iron?

Protecting your hair from the heat of a curling iron sometimes starts as early as the day before you use it. It can be a good idea to use a hydrating hair mask the day before you plan on curling or crimping your hair to avoid heat damage. But if that’s not an option, it’s always important to at least use a hair protectant serum or spray before the curling iron touches your hair. And most importantly, make sure you never curl damp hair, as this is when your hair is most vulnerable and likely to get damaged.

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